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Where is your Outrage ?


Sterilization of Detainee's in I.C.E. custody is one of the Biggest scandals in U.S. history !!! No one seem to be OUTRAGED !!!

Welcome back to another episode of theoriginal go of good game, and I am your host the original Guru, zero game as everybody during the day last episode, it was a very, very, veryoffensive, episode least to me. It was offensive. The subject matter wasextremely offensive to me. The topic was extremely offensive andunfortunately it's still offensive to me I mean I'm sorry, people I got to goback to this one more time. I am seriously seriously pissed. I mean I'm really pissed off about thiswhole situation that I'm just I'm at the point. I'm ready to get lockedloaded head down to Georgia and start kicking in some ice to tension, doorsand setting people free. That is how pissed I am in last week's episode. I discussedthat ice detention, center and Irwin. Georgia was sterilizing femaledetainees. They were taking them in for supposedly routine procedures, or you know checkups this, that and other, and then they turn it around and coming back andhaving his terecay done or their pelopians tubes removed or it and it'sjust who hold the fucking phone. Who gave you authorization to do thisshit because most of these women were all of the women did not speak anyEnglish and apparently the translator is not too good and Spanish. So it'skind of disconnect in the...

...communications is that some of thesewomen were saying that they did not fully understand what was being told tohim and what was going be the procedure done. One woman was told that she had asist on her uterine wall and it needed to be scraped off. She come back. Do took all her wholephilopator, I mean just how much file can you get when you do some shitlike that? And I'm sorry I just I'm wonderingwhere is the religious right, the religious left, the l, the religiousmiddle? I don't give a shit where you at, but I'm wondering where I all thereligious folks at because I'm surprised at your not down here by the hundreds ofthousands marching on this shit. I'm really surprised on that one. Thisis the ultimate form of abortion. You can't get any more abortive than thatto where you are aborting a baby before it. Even got conceived, that's myproblem with this before she even had the option of saying yeah, I'm gonnakeep the baby. Now I want to get in a bosh or whatever that option issurgically removed from her life for ever for ever and I'm not seeing the outrage thatshould be outraged on this situation, I'm not seeing it. I don't know. What'swhat's going on with you folks man, I mean I'm seriously, I'm notunderstanding. Why you're not pissed off why you are not highly offended bythis shit. I mean I'm extremely offended. I got nieces, I got adaughter, I could not imagine I cud just can't comprehend the fact this saymy niece and daughter decided to go on the Tiawa trip and they hit on down toMexico. They get stopped at the border.

They get arrested, stuck in a Mexicanjail and a doctor who barely speaks correct.English tells them they need to check up, bring them back. Talking about that, wegot to do a follow procedure or something and then take out the entireuterus, and then three days later pack em on abus and deport the ass back here, knowing that Dan. Well, I ain't goingto be to go back down there and complain or get any kind of justice,for what was done to me is just a you got fucked good, bye, that's where I'm at at this point as towhy I'm so upset and why I'm not hearing enough from people complainingabout this. I mean I. I don't see why women is outraged by this shit andspeaking up on it, whether you pro choice or or pro life, it doesn't makeany damn difference. Both sides should be pissed off on this l. This should bethe uniting factor between the pro life and the pro choice: People Right now.This should be the one thing to unify y'all that Jon should be joined inforces and going down to these ice attention, centers and demandinganswers, and they go to these doctors and whop their ass break his arms from the shoulder to thefinger tips. I'm sorry, that's just the way I feel, but that's me, you know,because somebody did this shit to my daughter or my niece. If they put yourass in a room covered it in concrete, took that roomput you in a submarine dropped your ass in the submarine atthe bottom of the fucking ocean. I will still get your ass. That is howserious this shit is to me. I don't give a damn I'm coming for your ass. That's just some evil shit to dupe, but it's all about them. Dollar bills.Y'All y'all, do realize that right get...

...all. This shit boils down to fuckingmoney. It always do everything does always boil down themoney. This might be a way of deterring the South American people from comingto America and, as they say, havin anchor babies. You know I really hatethat fucking turn, but this is what they use, and you know now we got thiswhite supremacist movement going on his gaining notice, popularity or whatever the fuck I meanpeople are now starting to pay attention to him. Be Ain't like theyain't. This is something new. They always been around. Just nobody paysattention to him till now, but now that they being paid attention to maybe it's time we started looking andrealizing that it ain't the South Americans or the Africans or theMuslims or the Chinese or whoever the fuck comino. This country is discus thegrief and strife and all that shit. It might be these white supremacist,causing all his headache and turmoil with the bullshit. Maybe that'ssomething we need to start looking into as a society. I'm just saying you knowit's getting a little bit too crazy out here and it shouldn't be, is supposedto be getting better and is getting worse. This Karen phenomenon is justreally getting getting carried away. It's too much siyou ass is now. Insteadof going over there harassing somebody in your neighborhood. Won't you findout if the do they actually live there I mean because the one where thegentleman was painting the black lives matter on the sidewalk for his houselived in the neighborhood for ten years. He owned this house ten years. He livedhere, not one time. Not One time to anybody in theneighborhood had bothered to introduce themselves to him to realize he livedin that neighborhood and is most black people who move into an all whiteneighborhood. We tend to not go knocking on doors to introduceourselves. You know, I'm saying:...

Go Knock on the door to introduceyourself. They look through the key hole. Some niggers at the door get thegun open up. The door is twelve gay sitting in your damn face, Mor fuck, apanic and bloom blow your head off didn't mean to just scared. That's the reason why we don't comeknock on your doors when we move in your neighborhood, because we scared toyou is just as much as you scared of us. You scared. We don't come down thereand Breaking Your House and rob you and fuck you and whatever shit. We sitting in the house scaredthe same. Damn thing. I just think that fear is being used as a control mechanismamongst our people, White and black, and they using that fear to control youand always go back to the same thing money. You keep the two sides fighting.You can sell them shit for centuries and you can sell them that it's a goodidea that they buy this garbage and crap from you, because it's it's goingto protect you from the other side or is better than what the other side goteither way. I go that's how they playing you, so I'm gonna leave that alone. I justwanted. I just had to go back to that issue. I'm sorry because that theysterilizing these women, they y'all. You all got to think that this shit iswrong and I'm thinking is how long before it is did now that we got this conservativeSupreme Court Justice who want to overturn row versus weight if rowversus way get turned over. How long will it be before they deem youunworthy to be a parent? Did you ever think about that? Lady? If you'll losethe right to choose, how long will it be before they decide that you don'thave any choice at all? Let's say you get caught in, you know caught up insomething that say your boss did and it involve some fraud and someembezzlement, but because you signed your name and approve this and thisthat and the other, and you might have, did it because you just I thought hewas such a good guy, even though you...

...know I was kind of questionable, butyou know you figured he you know he was doing. He knew what he was doing.That's why he's the boss and then you end up going to jail forit because they found you guilty of you know being just basically stupid how long before it is when they sitthere and judge you and say you know what you unfit to be a parent. YouAin't fit to be a mother, so if you go to jail for any infraction it requires you to do you know anywherefrom you know like say thirty days, then the state has the right tosterilize you, because your unfit mother, what if they do that ship forevery time a young girl get c p called on her, because she's, a young girl andain't, nobody taught her. How to be a mother she's unfit to be a mother, will takeher child and will sterilize her you'll keep on playing this ballshitting and the next thing you know the handmaid tail will become a fuckingreality in this country, maybe not to that degree, but it could end up as areality in this country, where you have no reproductive rights at all, which means men will be able to free tojust rape. You at will get you and pregnated, and you are required to havethe child regardless emotional trauma. Psychological traumamake no difference what you going to go through, it's all about the law. I just want you to keep that in mind,ladies, because this could be the next step in the game plan it could be. I don't know I'm not goingto say that I got some kind of insider information or I couldn't tell you ifany of that shit is happening. I couldn't even tell you the reason whythey doing this shit in the first place was to deter people from having anchorbabies. I can't tell because I'm not in the government, I wasn't in the roomwhen they came up with this plan. All I can do is look at the facts that ispresented before us and making...

...evaluation in a judgment there. Simplyby reading between the lines can tell you everything you need to know. Youjust got to open up your eyes in your mind, to see it, that's it that's all you got to do, butI would recommend that everybody take a look at this shit and think hard on it.Like I said, I do apologize for making a second episode on this, becauseusually I try to keep the stuff fresh and move on, but I could not leave thisone alone, because this is just too heinous. Some serious, satanic, evil, shit and nobody seems to be saying nothingabout it. They finally started mentioning it. This morning on MorningJoe, they may made a mention of his seeing and starting to make a fewmentions of it had a couple of senators who spoke out on it, a couple ofCongress, people who spoke out on it, but that's it. There is no big in you,know, investigation going into this practice in this program, and why arethese women missing their vaginas seriously? Y'All took everything out and just leftthe box. He came in and didn't even kiss him and say. Thank you tell him they pretty give em a partingift, something to make them think that they ain't just fucking cattle, becausethat's just how you treated them like they was fucking cattle and once again,how long? Ladies White Black Asian, whatever thehell, your nationality, is how long before these more fuckers adopt thatshit here in this country I mean we got two old wrinkly white men wanted forpresident anyway. Every time a lady runs for president,she don't never seem to get past the primary. So how long will it be beforethese motucas incorporate that shit and start rounding a up by the thousands? How soon before it be you too ugly, tobe a mother sterilizer, you too, stupid... be a mother sterilizer? How long before the mother fuck isgoing to start pushing that shit? You already got your wife supermacs alldown for that they already raising the flag, gottheir military style gear on and guns. They all ready to put you in check,because you know only a pure white woman should be allowed to havechildren. How long before all the non pure white women has to be Starlie. Sowe can keep the purity of the race. You don't see any of this shit coming. Doyou, okay? Well, I'm giving your heads up right now that was my heads up and Ihope you'll keep your hands up and your eyes open in your minds, alert and payattention to this shit because it may go down if you sleep on this, don'tsleep on it, so we gon in this episode, and I hopeyou learn something. I hope you listen to something and I hope you want tospeak something and we want to say thank you for listening. We really doappreciate it. I mean from the bottom of my heart and the staff. We really do.Thank you for listening. It is the highlight of our life. I really doappreciate it also. I want you to if you get a chance, go to the website.WWW, O g, good Gamo, you can leave a comment. You can alsolisten to US on other platforms. Bowl Horn allows you to listen to the O G, agood game without burning up any year data. You can call in to a specialnumber that allows you to listen to the show. So we are going to end this tonight andwe going to end it the way I always ended: love peace and her Greeks.

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