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Episode · 10 months ago

TX Has a Double Shit Show.. Abbott and Cruz !!!


The People of TX. are dealing with some rough times with the Weather / Covid / Economic downturn. Now on top of all that on the people's back's ! They have to add Two SHIT SHOW POLITICIANS !!! Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz are my "SHIT SHOW" of the week winners !!!VOTE THEM OUT ASAP !!!!For comments, Likes, Share : goto www.OGGoodGame.comCall in voice message : 716-562-6975Email me : OGZeroGame@Gmail.comLove , Peace, & HairGrease ..... OGZ

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, toa another episode of the original Guru of good game and with your host,the original guru himself, zero game. On today's episode we will be talkingabout the Texas Shit Show, and it is a shit show happening in Texasright now, so let's get into that. Welcome back, Ladies and gentlemen,to a another episode of the og a good game, which hosts theoriginal GI himself, zero game. Hey, look, I want to thank everybodyfor listening to the show. I want to give a shout out,a hug and some love to all it olds who stuck with me, andfor those who listen and not listening anymore, I appreciate you listening as long asyou did and if you don't find what you're listening for, please comeback. We'd love to have you listen again. All Right, on today'sepisode, we got to get into this, people, because this is just ashit show supreme. Texas is turning into the nation's biggest shit show.Shit show supreme, I mean they just went through some shit and now theygoing through more shit because the governor Abbot is a shit show extraordinariy. Deresenator, the cruise, or is they now calling them Ted cancoon cruise,is also another shit show of extreme proportions. So Texas is on a shit showtrajectory that needs to be knocked off its rails, off his course something. Yamathers, need to get up off your ass and do something, becausethis is some serious shit here. First of all, it was bad enoughthat Texas went through an unprecedented weather event...

...that they ain't seen in decades.Texas froze the fuck over. Now, for people like me who grew upin the north, with the snow, the blizzards and all that bullshit ona regular basis, what Texas got? That's an afternoon hangout. For us, that ain't severe weather, that's just US chilling out in the afternoon.We used to it, but for text is not being used to it.And for them to have warnings for the past eleven years, when the lasttime that should happened to him? Eleven years they have been warned that youneed to weatherize your infrastructure, your grid, your water supply, you need toweatherize it just in case this shit happens again. And what the fuckhappens? It happened again. Now we know about the people who died directlyfrom the cold, freezing of death, stuff like that. My question isis how many people died indirectly from it, those who did not have power toneed a ventilators or life support? How many of those passed away becausetexts didn't have any power, because these assholes did not want to get upoff the ASS, do they job and weatherize the damned state. Simple asthat. They could have weatherized that protected their people. Shit would never happened. And now they trying to make it seem like this wasn't no big deal, like nothing really happened. A wedding that bad, everything's going to beokay. We got this going on, Yada, Yada, Yada, Yada. But to me, y'all are a shit show all to yourself, andI would encourage all Texans to go to the ballot box and vote the shitshow politicians out of office and out of power, because Abbott the whole nonweatherization, not accepting the Medicaid expansion for the...

...people who would need medical help duringa situation like this. You got a pandemic, kicking Texas is ass,then you have an unprecedented weather event, kicking Texas is ass, then youthrow on top of that that the energy industry is taking a kick in theass because of this pandemic and the shutdown and everything that we going through.And you throw on top of that the economic downturn, of the depression thatwe're going through. It's all kind of shit that's kicking the crap out ofTexas. And what do they do to th on top of that? Idioticfucking governor who has no sympathy or compassion for any of his constituents. Hejust blow all this shit to the side like it ain't nothing. We stillain't her what they going to do about the infrastructure. We still ain't heardhow they going to help the people who were sitting in the cold and sittingin the dark and just now getting power and water back on. We ain'theard no plan. We ain't heard no kind of compensation, the restitution ofanything to them people at all. And now, to throw on top ofthat shit show this asshole, and I am going to call him an asshole, governor Abbot of Texas is a fucking asshole. Now, just because wegot three vaccines is coming out to the market. This prick is going toremove all restrictions, including lifting mass mandates in everything. He literally is tryingto kill Y'all the fuck off just so he can keep his bank account fatand those of his corporate backers or his rich backers. They trying to keepthe bank account fat on your misery. You're suffering and possibly you losing yourlife, but hey, long as we stay rich and we stay on top, what does the fucking matter? And that's exactly what they telling you.You don't fucking matter if it has anything... do with their wallet, andthey willing to risk your life on that. So I advise all Texas people towear your mask, even though this asshole is about to lift all restrictionsand just open the state back up wide again, even though y'all have,over recent couple of weeks, have been seeing a rise in new infection rates. Please wear your mass so it does not become a spike and pandemic again, which it looked like it's about to be with this asshole. So Isay good luck to all you Texans. I hope y'all make it through safeand sound, and I hope that y'all get to the ballot box and votethat idiot out. Now. The other idiot is your boys, Senator TedCruise or Ted can't coon cruise. The motherfuck it. It left y'all ina lurch during the pandemic. When the shit got bad, he cut andrun tail. That motherfucker took his ass to cancoon Mexico, Eighty five degreeweather, RIS countin hotel three hundred dollar a night fucking room so him andhis can be cozy and warm and comfortable. And I keep saying the same thingthat nobody seems to want to say. If you were so concerned about yourwife and your kids being in that situation, then why the fuck didn'tyou just let them go? And then you took your ass to the governor'sOffice of managine whatever, and got on the phone and start holering and screamingand custom some people out of bout. We need to get some power going, we need to get some shit fixed, we need some resources, this,that and the other. You Ain't do none of that Shit. Youhoped your ass on the plane, first class of course, paid for bythe American taxpayer, and you took your punk ass to can cool Mexico tolay on the fucking beach. As much as your former president hated on SouthAmerica and Talk Shit about them and call them rapists and drug addicts and theybringing disease and Lep the see and they're...

...criminals. And there he talked downa bottom like they was the scum of the earth. You take your assto their country to chill the fuck out and enjoy. That just shows aprivilege motherfucker taking advantage of people who are not privileged, because they rich,rich Cole and can set up and can cool Mexico and take advantage of apoor country and throw some money at some of the politicians and government officials toget their way and how to shit run the way they wanted. And that'sexactly what took place. Because if, Mr Cruz, if you were soconcerned about, oh, I wanted to be a good dad and I wantedto get my kids out of the cold and this, that and other,then why don't you take your ass to California? You could have went toFlorida and hung out with your boy donald trump at his moral argo fucking resort. How come you ain't go there? That would have been the most logicalmove you could have made. If you was going to dip out on everybodyduring a pandemic. You could have took your punk ass to Florida and gohang out with you boy trump and y'all could have been walking around his resortof Country Club or wherever the fuck that shit is, and Y'all could havehad y'all good time talking shit and pretending like y'all actually give a fuck aboutpeople. Will Not. You wouldn't had to, because you would have beenwith his private citizen ass on his private property, and Y'all could have actedlike the two assholes that you truly are, and both of Y'all are truly assholes. And then, on top of that, this prick, Mr Tedcancoon cruise, Mr Rich, Mr Privilege, Mr grew up rich because see whathe don't tell you as yeah, his daddy came from Cuba to America, but his daddy got rich in America. So Little Ted crews grew up rich, he didn't grow up poor. Then he go get a rich wifebecause he pretty much living off her money. So now he's Mr Rich. Butthis motherfucker who bent the Harvard or...

Princeton or yell or whatever the FuckIvy League school he went to, had the nerve to say that the otherside the Democrats have abandoned the working people, have abandoned the poor people. Excuseme, motherfucker. Wouldn't you the one who jumped on a plane andleft your people, not the united a citizen, but Yo people in Texas? You left them high and dry to go hang out on the fucking beachand can't cool Mexico with your kids because you was trying to be a gooddad. You could have took your punk ass to Alabama, to Mississippi,like I said, you could have just went down there to Florida. Itwas warm in Florida. You could have went right down to Marlargo, chilledout with trump kids. Would have been warm, been at the country club, chilling in the pool and all that other good shit. But new instead, you book a Flight First Class, pay for by the US citizens,and flew your ass down to Canco, Mexico, and more than likely beingpaid for by the US citizens. So we probably pay for the hotel andthe fucking flight there, and then you came back the day after, whichwe pay for again. In the fucked up heart about it is you andyour wife are both rich and none of the money seemed to come out.You'll pocket it's always the taxpayers money. If that ain't a shit show,I don't know what it is. So I'm going to leave it right thereand let y'all marinate on that. People get into this and get these twofuckers out of office. Mass migration of blacks and Hispanics to the south thetrajectory. We need to change this shit. So I'm encouraging all black people,all his spany people, all Asian people, all Jewish, all nativeAmerican, all Asian, even white folks who do not agree with racism andthese racism actors, actions and practices come with us. Lets us all migrateback to the South, become the major... block in those states and getcontrol of the Electoral College. Then we can start determining who gets to sitin the presidency, along would get get in control of who sits in seatsin the Senate and in the house, and we can end a lot ofthis jerrymandering, a lot of this race bating, a lot of this moneyin politics, a lot of these bigots, these these closet KKK members. Wecan get them the fuck out of office so they will stop making lawsand judgments and decisions on our lives. They need to go and we needto work at getting them the fuck out. So that is my motivation question forthis episode. I don't know what the fuck to call it. Many'all can make up something for me, but this is what I'm putting outto the people. We need to get these shit show politicians out of office, and I don't give a fuck if they Democrat, Republican, Independent,green, the rent to Damn High Party or whatever the fuck else party they'reout here. If you are as shit show politician and you only in thegame for your own personal power grab and your own personal gain, then youdo not need to be serving in any form of government capacity, officially orunofficially, and you motherfuckers need to go sit your ass down or go getgo to the private sector where whatever it is your virtues, your hatred,your idea is, your morality can be hidden behind the door and I don'thave to fucking watch it or deal with it on a daily basis. SoI'm going to leave it at that. This is the og of good gameand if you get a chance, people go to the website www dot oggood gamecom and sign up for the newsletter and the updates and we'll give youupdates about the upcoming giveaway we got, and also we're going to have acontest. For first time, we're going to have a contest for a beginnerpodcast kit. It's going to come with...

...a high quality podcast microphone USB andit's going to come with a pair of solid, high quality headphones. Sofor right now I'm going to leave it at that. And if anybody wantto contact me or you want to speak up on this shit showed is happeningin Yo town and Yo neck it was, give me a call. See Sixhundred five, six, two, six nine seven five. That's onesix five, six two, six nine seventy five, and you can alsoemail me as og zero game at gmailcom. That's og zero game at gmailcom.Please hit me up, let me know what you think about today's episodeor any previous episodes, and if any of you have any ideas for sometopics you like me to cover or talk about or just want to know whatmy opinion is on certain subjects of situations, feel free to hit me up anytime. Twenty four seven. You can call in number, you can hitthe email or you can go straight to the website and you can leave yourcomments, your reviews and whatever right there on the site. I would appreciateany of it. Anything. I just look forward to hearing from you becauseI love getting the emails and the response and this that and the compliments andall that stuff. Thank you so much. I just really appreciate it from thebottom of my heart. Y'All have a special place in my heart forever. So thank you very much. Now I said all I'm going to sayfor the day out of threw out some love and some hugs and some shoutouts. So we going to put this to an end on this episode. SoI'm going to end this episode and Y'all know I'm in this episode like alwaysin my episodes, and the way I end my episodes is with the samephrase always do love, peace and hair grease, and I'm out.

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