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Those that know how to Fuck


The final episode of the 3 part series " The 3 F's.... "Those that know how to Fuck " In today's episode I get into detail on the final part of the 3 F's !!! What it means to be one of Those that know how to Fuck, this is when it all come's together. Enjoy and make sure to come back next week for more Info-tainment "Raw and Unfiltered"

Hello and welcome back to another excitingepisode of the original Guru of good game, and I am your host, zerogame, or you can just call me zero G or zero or justZ, whichever way you comfortable with. All Right, on today's episode weare on to the final and third installment of the three F series. And, just in case you wondering, this your first time listening, what thethree F are. So let's go over them again. Well, the threeF those they get fucked, those that know how to get fucked and thosethat know how to fuck. And on today's episode we are going to finallyget to those that know how to fuck. Now I'm quite sure a majority isgoing to run up and go, Yep, that'sk me, I knowhow to fuck. You Ain't tell me nothing, but see, that's becauseyou thinking on this in a sexual manner, even though it is sexual, butthen again it's not, but then again it is, but then aget it really not, but then again it really is, but then againis really really not. So, now that we didn't get that out theway and established, let's get onto those that know how to get fucked.And what does that mean? Those that...

...know how to get fucked our peoplein general, who already know they getting fucked and they have finally accepted that. So they know how to get fucked. Because, remember, someone who knowshow to get fucked is basically just somebody saying that, if you don'tfuck me, at least I need to get some kind of satisfaction out ofit. So they are the ones that, you know, if you going tomake me work sixty hours a week, then damn it, you going tohave to pay me some overtime and, you know, possibly kick in alittle extra dollars a per hour or whatever in order for you to fuckme the way you trying to fuck me. That's those didn't know how to getfuck. They know how to determine that. A If I'm getting fucked, I got to get something out of it. Whether it's a nut,whether it's cash, whether it's goods and serve, this is doesn't matter.It's just did you not going to just bend me over, make me takeit up the rear and then walk on off and act like you ain't didshit? That warrants me to being pissed off about it, and that iswhere you get those that know how to get fucked, because they're not justgoing to take it. You know, if you're going to give it tome, damn it, I'm gonna take it the way I want to getit. So now those that know how to fuck. Now that's pretty muchthe first two categories, but with a little twist for the third in thetwist on the third part is basically that we say I'm someone who knows howto fuck, in other words that I know I'm getting fucked and I knowhow to get fucked, but this time around, Oh, I'm determininging who'sfucking me. See, those that get fuck they have no say, soulin none of it. Those that know how to get fucked, they atleast get to say how they getting fucked...

...and how often they getting fucked,in the way they getting fucked. You know, they going to make sureit. If I'M gonna get fucked, I'm getting something out of it.Now those that know how to fuck are basically just saying to those is tryingto fuck him, did know you not going to fuck me, and knowhe's not going to fuck me, and know she not going to fuck me, but that person right over there, now they gonna fuck me. Thatcompany over there I'll let them fuck me all the time. And that's howit basically gets down to. Those didn't know how to fuck. We justbasically stating that, a if you going to fuck me, I'm going topick who going to fuck me and how they fuck me and for how longand for when, and we're in the way they get they going to fuckme. It's not going to be there determination, it's going to be yourdetermination. In other words, that's more people who are self sufficient, completelyindependent. You know. They don't need a job to survive because they knowhow to survive on their own. They don't need a big fancy house becausethey know how to build a house and live in a house, or theyknow how to take previously made house and turn it into something better, somethinglovely, something that they want to live in, something that other people willdrive by and go wild. That's a nice ass house. I wouldn't mindbeing in that joint. I never thought about fixing the house up like that. Those are your know how to get fuck people. Apologize for that.Those are they know how to fuck people. I know how to fuck. personis someone who is self sufficient, Independent. You know, they don'tnecessarily need to go to your local store and spend a dollar to three dollarson a roll of toilet paper because they know how to actually make toilet paper. They don't need to go to the grocery store to buy, you know, fruits and vegetables and nuts and stuff... that. Why? Because theygrowing that shit in their own backyard or on their own little farm or theirown little plot of land or wherever they growing that shit at. So theydon't need to go to the store anymore to buy that shit because they gotit at home. See, those are the people that know how to fuck. They know how to fuck this system of oppression and consumerism to basically,I'm going to do the fucking and I'm going to fuck myself, if necessary, before I let any you fuckings fuck me. And if y'all gonna fuckme, then I'm going to say who fucking me, when they fucking me, how they fucking me, in the way they fucking me. And that'sa big deal because it put you in a sense of control of your ownlife, your own destiny, where you going, how things is going towork out for you. You not letting somebody else determine what works good foryou and what don't work good for you. You are at a position where youdetermine that shit yourself, no longer letting a government or corporation or cityofficial or even your fucking next door neighbor determine what the fuck you do,when you do and how you do it. That's the beauty of being someone thatknows how to fuck. I am in control of my own situation.I am the master of my own destiny. I will determine where I end upand how I en up, instead of somebody else making that determination forme. And that, like I said, ninety five percent walking around fall inthe first two categories, those that get fucked those didn't know how toget fucked. It is a very small percentage of those that know how tofuck, but that's hopeful because if we got those didn't know how to fuck, they can offer inspiration and insight for those that get fucked in those didn'tknow how to get fucked, because, see, those that get fucked willlook at those that know how to get fucked and they will transition to thosedidn't know how to get fuck because they're...

...watching their learn and they'll get someknowledge and they'll say hey, Y, I ain't fucking me like this anymore. I'm going to determine how you fuck me from now on. And thenthey move into the realm. Up those didn't know how to get fucked andthose that know how to get fucked, I said, they know who fuckingthem, they know why they fucking them and they know how they fucking them, but they get to determine the way they fuck them and determine they goingto get something out of this fucking. I'm busting a nut one way atother. So if you going to fuck me, Jack, you better putin some work because, damn it, I'm busting a nut. And thenthere's those who know how to fuck, because those that know how to getfuck will see the inspiration of those that know how to fuck and then transitiononto that level. Now what we need to do as a society is trickledown that knowledge. This is the first time you will ever hear me agreewith trickle down anything, because I just think that's a file ass fucking wayto do shit. But in certain circumstances it can work out exponentially great andthis is one of them situations. Those that know how to fuck trickle downtheir knowledge to those that know how to get fucked and then, in turn, they trickle down their knowledge to those that get fucked. Nobody getting fuckedit don't want to get fucked the way they want to get fucked. Sothere's no more just getting fucked over and under our current governmental and country situations, I think this is more than relevant today then it would have been twentyyears ago, because we got a idiot in the office who doing some idioticthings and making some idiotic moves that we all pay for in the long run. All that short term excitement and feel good shit he doing right now isexactly that. It's just some temporary shit... keep y'all from paying attention tohow file and fucked up he is. See, he wanted them people that. You got to tell him. Yo, you ain't fucking me anyway you choose. I don't give a shit how much money you get. I don'teven shit how important you think you are, because one thing I have learned inlife, and I'm speaking strictly from my own personal experience, how muchmoney you got, well, how important you think you are, or howmuch of a high society individual you claim to be, or royalty of thisthat. Another is one thing I have learned all throughout human history, nomatter how powerful or how big or how important you think you are or howrich you think you are, all that shit can be taken away with asimple good iron fist strike to the fucking throat, a snap of the fuckingneck, a crack of a fucking skull, a knife at the base of thefucking skull in the spine. All your shit can be ended. Amotherfucker take your ass out. So don't think that just because you got somemoney and you got a little fame or recognition and you got a little influence, or you running the city government or local government, of hell, eventhe fucking country government, all your power, all your greatness, all your this, that and the other can be wiped away with one simple strike totake your ass out. And only reason why I say that because I've seenit done before and I'm Y I ain't going to tell you on that one. If you want to find out about me, you damn show ain't aboutto find out it like this on here. So I will leave that alone forright now and we will stick to this subject. On this those didn'tknow how to fuck, you know, because that's more important than my pastand some of the file shit out and did is a youth that I don'twant to repeat or reiterate or even try... let anybody know it was meto did it. That was the difference between me and the other foods outthere. I didn't need recognition or juice to fame and none of that Shit. I did my dirt in the dark by myself, unbeknownst to anybody thatI was doing it or did it was me that did it. That's howI stay out of jail and alive all these years. But that's another conversationthat we will have on a later date. I will get into my past andI will get into a whole lot of shit that I've been through thatbrought me to this point in life, to where I have this kind ofinsight that I see in the world, and you'll have a better understanding ofwhere I come up with a lot of this shit. You know, thisain't just some random shit. You know, I ain't sitting around just making someshit up. This is some everything I'm going to kick on this showis shit that I have personally experience, been through, had firsthand knowledge ofwhen it was taking place. Even if it didn't involve me, I willstill there to see all of it go down, and I just want tolet y'all know that. You know. Anyway, that is pretty much itfor the those that know how to fuck scenario. You know. And onceagain, I would love, love to hear from you. So, ifyou get a chance, like share or comment on the show, please likesharing, comment, definitely comment. I want to hear from you and anyof your comments or whatever, I will be more than happy to read themout on a loud on the show, maybe even contact you to do alive interview. Loved to sit down and just kick it with some of mylisteners to, you know, think this. You know some of the knowledge isis worthy of you know, listening to or using or you know,just something. You want to hear it because you bord ain't got nothing elsebetter to do, even if it's that.

But I would love to hear fromyou. So this is a call to action to anybody who want to, you know, be on the show or just want to comment, andI will be more than happy to read your comment on the show. Andand I'm always looking for criticism, good criticism, constructive criticism, even youknow, criticism that maybe consider bad, just as long as it's not hateful. I don't do the hateful stuff. So if you want to, youknow, leave a comment and everything is Niggat is Nigga that fuck you.You Ain't. Hey, you entitled to Your Own Opinion, but I'm alsoentitled to not have to pay any attention to it. So don't be upsetif I don't spawn positively to your ignorant ass and negatively response. But Ido want to hear from everybody. I mean, I'll just I love talkingwith people, I love hearing from people, I love hearing what people got tosay and, most importantly, I love getting that knowledge from other peoplebecause, whether you believe it or not, folks, everybody is in Dowt witha certain level of wisdom and that wisdom is gained through experience, interactionswith people, your environment, how you live, where you live, thepeople you live around, all that plays into your wisdom and it helps whenyou can kind for sake with others and talk about it and, you know, share your wisdom and they share the wisdom and you end up realizing thatthis little bit of wisdom I had, that little wisdom, little bit ofwisdom he had. We put that Shit together and, Holy Crap, thatwisdom then now grown exponentially from them to little pieces. Now it's big wisdomand it can, you know, change lives and, you know, makethings better or, in some cases, make things worse. Depends on youknow what your situation is and how you... it. So I'm going toend this episode saying, once again, please like, share, comment.Go to our facebook page, original guru of the game, and like,share, comment, click on some of the links. Got A couple ofmore book reviews were going to be doing next week and we definitely going tohave some links on there for you to go check these books out place inorder, because you you definitely gonna want to get in on these books.You definitely going to want to get in on the knowledge that's coming out ofthese books. This is some good shit that's going to really have profound positiveeffects in your life. That's how good that is. I ain't going totell you a bottom right now because we going to do the review, butwhen we do the review, make sure you are back here to listen tothis review because it's going to be something that is going to explode your mind. It's going to blow your shit. You gonna be like, Damn,I should have read that book twenty years ago, five years ago, ayear ago, Shit, I should have been reading this motherfucker last week.And you going to love it when you get this knowledge, because when youstart applying this shit to your life, you're going to see changes. That'sgoing to happen and it's going to look like fucking magic. You can belike, Damn, miracles is taking place in my life and all I didwas make these simple, simple, tiny modifications on how I deal with Shit, and it's going to it's just going to be amazing. It's sometimes it'seven hard to explain it fully in words, but believe me, I'm going toget down and tell you the whole inside scoop on that one. Sowe going to end this now and I'm going to say love, peace andhair grease, like I always do. And please, if you got anycomments, criticism or just like to you know, throwing your two sense andmaybe get on the show, you can reach out and contact me at ogzero game at gmailcom, or you can...

...go to our facebook page, originalgurule good game, and you can like, share, comment, you can evenpost up some of your thoughts and ideas and will be more than happyto read them and like them and share them. Maybe, but that dependson what you put up there and what people think about it. What pleasedo. visit the page original gurule good gag on facebook and we would loveto have you people speak out for us or speak to us and and willend this with nothing but love. So take care, enjoy and until wemeet again next week, love, peace and hair grease.

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