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They Stealing Pu**y's Season #3 episode #1


Season #3 starts off with a very Offensive subject matter... I.C.E detention centers are Stealing detainee's PUSSIES !!!! Listen now for the full story.

Welcome back to season three of theOg of good game, and I am your host, the original guru azero game, and on episode one of season three, we will be talkingabout a very controversial government program that is taking place right up under your verynoses. They stealing pussies. That's right, the government is stealing pussies. Solet's get into this topic right now. Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, Igot to talk about this Cuz this is a this is a very unusualsituation. It is happening right now, and I mean just from the perspectiveof a male's point of view. This has got to be the sickest ShitI've ever heard of. This has got to be the sickest shit of anygovernment has ever done, and it once again bring us back to the slavementality that people that what I hate to say this, but what white peoplein America are still perpetuating. They still believe very they are the slave mastersand they are the privilege, they are the ones in charge and all thatother bullshit, you know, but this is just really fucking file, anywayyou put it at this is just file. All Right, here it is.I'm going to tell you this and listen. I hope that you getoffended as much as I am offended by finding this shit out or hearing thisshit. Now. I don't know how much truth to it is, butit has been reported on seeing and MSNBC, ABC, NBC, the Rachel MattI'll show morning Joe, the beat with our Melburg and Don Lemon andHallie Jackson and Craig Mel and I mean everybody on pretty much the cable newsstations have been reporting this story because this is some Heiness, heinous, maniacal, diabolical shit. And what it is is that a whistle blower. NowI'm not going to say her name because I don't want to put her outthere like that. She going through enough shit as it is now just byspeaking up on this. And let's be clear, as she said, shehas not directly seen any it is happening. She just reporting on what the victimstell her. Let's be clear on that. I don't want to makeno mistake takes. I don't want to confuse anybody and thinking that you knowI'm giving you inside information, because this is coming to third party situation.I'm hearing it from another source, but this is what has been reported.This is what the news have been reporting and this is what they are currentlyinvestigating. A whistle blower in a ice detention center in Irwin, Georgia,has reported that women that are in these detention centers, these, you know, migrants, immigrants, whatever you want to call them, you know,being people coming from South America looking for, you know, safety and freedom,which is what this country supposed to be based on, but that's awhole another conversation. Anyway, these women who have been coming here and arebeing currently held in these detention centers, they are stealing their pussies. Yeah, I'm going to say that just the...

...way. You heard what I said. I'm gonna say it again. They are stealing their pussies. I don'tknow how old most of Y'all who listen to me are, but if youever had the chance to listen to any of Richard priors stand up comedy specials, his albums are called him on TV, he always say that joke about ahis direct to me, that's where they scrape all the pussy out andlead a box that it came in. That's exactly what the fuck they doingto these women in the ice detention centers. They are stealing their pussy and leavingthe box that he came in. That is fucked up beyond any levelof being fucked up. These women are not even told that you going throughthis procedure and where they going to give you a his director me and andit's, you know, questionable about why these procedures are happening because so far, everybody looking over the medical reports and stuff, some other doctors are sayingwe don't see any cause for this kind of procedure to take place on anyof these ladies. Now, I don't know how deep that goals, Idon't know how truth to that story is, but this is what's being reported onall major major cable news networks right now and they've been talking about thisall fucking day long. So it gives me the kind of sense that theremight be some truth in this. And it turns out that the doctor,I can't pronounce his name, but this doctor was in trouble once before withthe federal government for charging for procedures did he wasn't performing. So he alreadyis a scanless, grimy motherfucker who would probably give you a fucking procedure orsay he gave you a procedure and then charge your insurance company for it inthe federal government for it. He got busted for that Shit and of courseyou know the good old settle with some cash and we won't sing your assto jail. And now he's contracted again by the ice people to do gynologicalcheckups on these detension DT detainees and it turns out that asshole is stealing theirpussies. This shit is so bad that the women in this in these detentioncenters call him the uterus collector. Did you hear that? The uterus collector. That's how many pussies he up in their stealing. And it turns outto these ice fuckers is so foul what they doing is after he didn't wentand snatched out the pussy. For whatever reason. Why that's still up inthe airs to what the fuck he doing is for, but I figure itis because he getting paid. But also think, because now this is anothervery known reported fact that take place in a lot of these ice detention centerswith these detainees, that a lot of rape has been going on in there. I'm wondering if this doctor, because it turns out that the person thatruns that facility. This fool has been keeping a calendar of all the women'smistrel cycle so he know when they on a period or not and see.That got me to thinking that why he doing that? When a judge toldhim it was illegal for him to do that and stop doing it, hewas still doing it and it got me to thinking. How many of thesewomen are being raped, end up pregnant and then they come up with somebullshit? You got to go in for...

...this, since you know, MrDirector, is up. She didn't have her period this week, she mightbe pregnant. Send it to the doctor. She go to the doctor not knowingshe pregnant. He telling them, Yep, you got assist you gotthis, you got that. We gotta do surgery, then bring them backand then scrape out the whole pussy. And now here's the most sinister partof this shit. After this motherfucking then ripped out your pussy, took outall your ovaries and Philipi and twos and everything, then the motherfuckers deport you. Is that some shit? First you fuck up my pussy, didn't?You kick me the fuck out with no medical treatment or follow up treatment ofanything, and I got all the inside my pussy missing. And you know, some of these ladies will still childbearing age. I mean they could stillhave kids and motherfucker took the pussy out, stole the Pussy. I mean howFil can you get that? You stealing pussies. I mean, Damn, damn, that's worse than fucking. I mean that's I ain't going tosay worse, because Shit, slavery. Black women had a much worse thanthis. At least these women got some sedatives and, you know, somemedication and something to deal with the pain afterwords and, you know, nicelysewn back together or whatever and bandaged up correctly. And Slavery, if yourass got pregnant without masses consent, these motherfuckers, if they don't kill you, they would have tied your ass up to a tree or poster some shitand cut the fucking baby right out of you. There are actually documented caseson where that shit happened, where the slave master got pissed that one ofhis slaves got pregnant without his authorization and cut the baby out of her fuckingwomb because, you know, she was trying to hide if as long asshe could. But then one's master realized bitch. You pregnant. Who toldyou to get pregnant? You my property. You get pregnant when I say getpregnant. tied her up, cut her belly open, snatch the babyy'all right in front of her. Yeah, that's some true life shit. Thathappened. That really happened. Check them slave journals and you will readsome shit that will if you ain't offended, you will be. And if youain't offended by this story, you need to be. And this bringsto another question. Where the fuck is all you anti abortion as people thatyou should be offended like a motherfucker on this one. This should be nolevel to the offensive nest that you should be taken to this shit. Youcan't get any more abortive than taking out the uterus. Everything. took allthat shit out, as Richard Pryor said. That's what a scrape out all thepussy and lead a box that he came in. That's exactly what thesemotherfucker has been doing. You, ladies, should be pissed the fuck off.Did some crusty, wrinkly, can't get no pussy, white motherfucking manis sitting there making this decision on women's Pussy on who gets the key,who gets the bear children and who don't? If y'all don't speak up now,and speak up highly against this shit, and I mean y'all whole, needto be out there fucking marching, as I called you holes. GETUPSET, get pissed, I don't give a fuck. If you ain't speakingup on this, then you need to get up off your whole ass andget on that stroll and with your sign or whatever and start protesting this shitas soon as humanly fucking possible. How...

...long is going to be before thisasshole in charge put in more of these a fucking anti abortionist judges who didn'tcome along and say this is the new thing now your ass go and getpregnant and you try to get an abortion. Then, after you had a baby, we going to have you. You going to be forced to geta his director me, so you don't get pregnant again. What if that'sthe way they want to try new birth control? Instead of worrying about thesegirls getting pregnant, let's just take off the pussy and they won't get pregnant. Do you see the foulness in this whole situation? There should be noman period period, making no kind of mother fucking judgments on whether a womanshould have the ability to give birth or not. Motherfucker, if you can'tshoot one out your ass, then you don't need to tell somebody else whetherthey can and can't. That is just to fucking male centric bullshit. AndI'm a man and I'm you would think I'd be on the men's side,but on this one, fuck y'all. If the men ain't standing up,going Yo, that's some fine wrong shit. You fucking up good pussy for therest of us, then you motherfuckers need to go sit your ass downin figure out who the fuck you is or what the fuck you about orwhat the fuck you stand for, because it people don't stand up against thisshit. This is the most file fucking country currently on the planet. Weoutdo all the other so called other countries with the inhumane rights they talk aboutthey do to women in this death another new waity treat women over in theMiddle East and blah, blah, blah. Fuck you, they ain't up thereripping out pussies. Even the fucking Africans didn't take the pussy, theyjust ripped off the click. Bitch I'm a fuck you going to get pregnant, but you just think going to enjoy it these motherfuckers where you can stillenjoy sex, but, bitch, don't ever think about having kids again.And the reason, one of the reason why I think they doing this shit, it's because these women are getting pregnant by these scumbag ass rapist guards andthey figure if she gives birth, that's an anchor baby and that baby's aUS citizen and you can't kick it out the country and in which term youmay have to actually let the mother stay in the country to take care ofhis is bastard child. That's just one of the things came in my head. Is the why they, you know, performing this procedure. They not eventelling these ladies. She come in to get her pussy checked out.She walk out with it missing. What the fuck? I came in witha perfectly functioning pussy, I could all I thought I was getting was anexamination. Next thing I know, I ain't got no pussy, and thenthe motherfuckers pack me on a fucking bus and shut me back to across theborder, not even so much as a kiss you on the cheek and tellyou you pretty that's fucked up, especially how many of them women actually wereraped and into up pregnant and then this motherfucker performed this siegre so to hegetting rid of all evidence that she was ever pregnant by one of them scumbagraping Ass Damn Detention Guards. Once again, every lady congressman, every lady senator, every lady businesswoman, every lady going to church, Y'all need toget organized, get unified and get to... in some shit. You needto get offended by this bullshit and you need to let them motherfuckers know youoffended by it. And if you really want to show, how often doyou are about this bullshit? Come November kick his ass out of office.There is no fucking excuse this shit should be going on and ain't no wayin the hell you going to convince me that bastard didn't know. He seemedto know everything else. They doing illegally to the South American detainees. Heseemed to know everything else. And you mean tell me he don't fucking knowthis? Get the fuck out of here. He know everything. He know what'sgoing on. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't his fucking idea.This way they can have no anchor babies. We're a in the anchor baby program. We're going to take away their uterus and their ability to have kids. In that way they won't be sneaking in America and having sex and thenhaving these little anchor babies. How many of those women, course, gromguards to have sex with him so they can have an anchor baby and stayin this country. See that motherfucker would actually think that these women put themselvesin that position to get rape so they can get pregnant, so they canhave an acre baby, so they can stay in the country. Because,you know, he's a sick minded individual. Like I said, the motherfucker gotno soul. And if y'all believe that shit ain't true, Google itand you will find out that the Romans knew about this shit way back when. They knew about him so much that they was considered as a second classof citizen. They weren't allowed to vote, they weren't allowed the whole public theoffice, they weren't allowed to teach their kids because these motherfuckers had nosouls, no sympathy, no empathy, no can passion, nothing, andit seems like we got a kind of an abundance of the motherfuckers working inthis administration, don't we don't seem like it's an abundance of the motherfuckers inthis administration. I don't know, maybe it's just me. Anyway, listen, if y'all offended by this shit as much as I am, please letme know how offended you are, all right, so we can we canpass this on and get other people to hear this and find out about thisso they can get offended to and then we can do something about this shit, because this had cannot be. We got to stop this shit as soonas fucking possible. China ain't even this fucking bad. China just tell youcan only have two kids. If you had one without getting government approval,then we'll pick you up, give you an abortion and send you back home, but at least they give you the opportunity to keep having kids, evenif the motherfucker was performing abortions. Damn, could you at least leave the pussythat was in there? You took all that shit out, baby andpussy all in one shot, motherfucker. You. Oh my God, ifany of Y'all believe in heaven and hell, then Y'all need to be speaking up, because these motherfuckers need to go to hell, and the only wayevil prevails is when good people don't do it damn thing. So get upoff your ass. Good people, speak up, shout about it, putit on social media, make it go viral. Call Your family and friends, call your fucking legislator and tell them you want motherfucking answers on this bullshit. A SA motherfucking P or we gonna vote your punk asside office.If you don't get some answers on why this motherfucker stealing pussies, then yourpussy ass ain't going to be in office. And that go male or female,I don't give forth what you is. This shit cannot happen. This shitshould not be happening nowhere on this fucking planet. Did somebody has theright to take a woman's ability to reproduce. That shit should not be allowed.That shit should not be stand for. We should not have any of thatshit taking place nowhere on this fucking planet, and if it is takingplace, then damn it. We need... unify, get together and putit into that shit as P as P as, whatever the fuck that sayingis it soon as motherfucking possible, get this shit done and gone. Nomore that bullshit. That's just filed. That's just evil. That's that's that'sthe devil shit right there. And I ain't even a religious motherfucker. Idon't believe in heaven and Hell and all that Shit, in the devil andall that crap, but for some shit like this to happen, I canhonestly say that all those motherfuckers in that detention center, any of these detensionsand is who willingly know this shit is happening, who facilitate this shit tohappen and who keep and cover up this shit from happening? Every one ofyou motherfuckers is a demon, plain and simple. You got the motherfucking markof a demon on your ass, or one crawled up your ass or something, but you are evil motherfucker and you need to burn for this bullshit.Seriously Burn. I mean this is straight up murder at a future level.I'm murdering all your chances of having kids in the future. I'm murdering everyone of your kids in the future before they even conceive. I'm murdering themalready. But y'all motherfuckers, want to get your ass up on your shoulders. When somebody get raped by the family member or some stranger and get pregnant, want to get rid of it. Huh, Huh. You're you're killinga life, you're taking a life. You're a murderer. You're a murderer. Of course. Do y'all feel that same way when that child grows upand become a psychotic killing motherfucking then murder one of your family members are andthen y'all, the same ones, be sitting in the court howling about thedeath penalty? Right, of course. If that woman had the option ofaboording that twisted ass child, it was forced upon her. Who knows,your family member might still be alive. Just some food for thought. That'sanother conversation, but right now this conversation is about the Staling pussies. Imean, damn, I heard of sneaking and getting you some pussy, butdamn, you going to steal the whole, motherfucker. You just going to takethe whole Damn Pussy. Ain't going to just leave a box he camein. That is some low life Shit, plain and simple. That's a lowlife. I don't know how low life. More can you get?But that was fucking low life. We steal in pussies. I just can'tget over that. They steal in pussies. It be different if they set thesewomen down with a translator to speak thing language and explain exactly the reasonwhy we got to perform this seizure procedure. That ain't happening. It's check up. We found something pussy missing, then deported, so you can't saynothing, nobody. And One woman had her philopian tools remove when it wassupposed to Ben only removal of assist. Did what? And even on herPhilopian Tube? It was on her you during wall. It was a littletiny sister. It was posted, been removed, and now question is,did she even have assists? Or was that this doctor's way of performing asurgery and getting paid for it? And since the last time he got bustedhe was charging for procedures he didn't perform, I guess he figured well, Iperformed them this time, motherfucker, so you can have to pay mefor him. Whether or not I was supposed to perform him as a differentstory, but I performed them. Give me my money. See what?See the evil of money. See How fucking evil money and see. Yousee the evil it will make people do to get it. I'm bring,I'm a coming. I'm a swing back around on that subject and I'm tostay on that when. Y'All going to hate me for that one, butI'm dead serious. Money is the root of all evil. It makes itturns angels into demons, playing and simple. But anyway, if y'all want tospeak up on this, go to og good gamecom. That's my website. Please go there. Go to og...

...good Gamecom and send me a voicemessage to voice your opinion and how offended you are by this shit. Oryou can go to the contact page where you can hit me at the contactbutton at the top and you can send me a direct message on the contactpage, I would appreciate it if you did, where you can sign upfor my email listing. I can give you updates on new episodes of theshow, plus some private episodes that are not going to be public. Ido have a few episodes that are not public. They are private and youknow touchy matter. You know some of US little hard core. I don'twant to put off too many people, but if you want to check outthose private episodes. You got to get on the mailing list. So pleasego to og good gamecom and click on the contact button and just put inyour email address us and putting your opinion on what you think on this subject. I need to hear from people on this one. I don't care whereyou act, anywhere around the world. Speak up on this one, becausethis shit may be happening to you soon. How long is before your government thesize over population is a problem? So we going to randomly start pickingoff the poor women and removing a you just can fid can figuring that all. Well, since they're poor, they should not be able to afford totake care of more than two children. And after they have two children,we come in and snatch your wife up and taking in and take out heruterus. Now you could get rich and dinner motherfucker year later, but toolate now right. This is some shit. We got to make sure they don'thappen because this will destroy the human race if these motherfuckers can have theirway and start picking and choosing who get the right to have children and whodon't. This is going beyond abortion. Okay, I'm not one for abortionseither, but I'm also a person who do, who does, believe thatit's a woman's choice, not mine. She and I'm not the one walkingaround with nine months. I'm not the one that got the water break.I'm not the one that's got to go into Labor. I'm not the onethat's got the sweat and huff and puff and push this motherfuckers aside, somethingthe size of a watermelon out the opening of a quarter. I'm not doingthat. I know how much you're strain and pain I put in when I'mjust pushing out a Turd, let alone trying to push out something the sizeof a watermelon or a loaf of bread. That's a hell of a push outthere. Like I said, to open in the size of a quarter. That's a hell of a stretch. So I give ladies props for thatShit, because that takes some real strength. Did we don't have. I don'tget fuck how strong men like to walk around and puff up they chestthat kind of strength. We don't fucking have that. We can't do thatone. That one's as some serious shit right there. That's some pain foryour ass. But I need Yall to speak in, speak up on thisone. Please call in speak in whatever I need y'all to speak up onthis one, because this is some seriously file fucking shit. And once again, if you are having data issues with listening to the show on your cellphone or your iphone, go to our website, og good Gamecom and youcan click on the button where it says call into the show to listen,and it's on the bullhorn platform. You can ease. Also go to theplay store APP store and download the APP and it allows you to call inthrough the phone line and listen to the show and doesn't burn up none ofyour data. So that means you can listen to all the episode HOS withoutburning up any of your data because you got unlimited calling. So give ita try tell me what you think of... Like I said, youcan also leave a voice message on the website og good gamecom. It'll beover to the right side of your screen. It will say leave a voice messageand you just click on the button and you got thirty seconds to speakyour peace and send it on and I will get it. I might evenplay it on the air if I can get enough of them. You know, I want to make sure that you know I get the right ones,because I've been getting a lot of Shitty ass responses. You know I mean. Listen, if all you want to do is send me a message totelling me how I ain't shit and how you can't stand my ass, youmight as well keep that shit to yourself. I'm dead serious on that one.You might as well just keep that shit to you. So, becauseI'm not going to play it, I ain't gonna respond to it, I'mjust going to read it and move the fuck on. But if you gotsome constructive criticism, you got something the way I can improve the show.Maybe I can prove the way I talk on the show or my topics.I'm all ears. I'm open for please hit me up. Let me knowwhat you think, what you think I should be doing, what you thinkI shouldn't be doing, what top is you think I should be covering,what top is you think I shouldn't cover? Let me know. I want towork on it, I want to improve it, I want to makeit better for everybody this listen and once again, I'm going to end thisthe way I always in this and y'all know that because that's just what Ido. I want to say everybody be safe, be careful and ladies,protect your Pussy, whether you an ice detention center or whether you out herein the public land. Protect Yo Pussy, and I mean protected from file dicks, ugly dicks, nasty dicks, stinky dicks, dumb dicks, especiallythe dumb dicks, because the dumb dicks usually end up becoming the stinky,disease dirty dicks. So make sure you protect them pussies from them dumb dicks, because a dumb Dick will turn you into a fucked up pussy and thatain't good for nobody involved. Anyway, y'all, take care. Where areyour mass all right, keep your masks on. When you out and you'rein a crowd or whatever, put your mask on, not for your safetybut for everybody else's safety. Just wear your masks so we can mitigate thisdamn covid nineteen pandemic and get this shit up on out of here so wecan get back to normal life and enjoying each other's interactions. Okay, besafe, be strong and stay blessed and, as usual, love, peace andhair grease, and I'm out.

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