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Original Guru of Good Game

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The Pimping and The Hoe episode !


The Pimping and Hoe episode. Pimping has been around since Adam and Eve and Pimping is still going Strong today. Which one are you The Pimp or The Hoe ?

Welcome to the original O good gamewith your host the original Gooroo back to another, exciting episode of theoriginal Guru of good game. Your host, zero G or you can call me zero gain.You can call me zero. You can call me Ze. Call Me G. Call me Z G. I respondto them all once again, like all we start off the show is I want to give ashout out, and I thank you and much love to everyone who listen like sharecomment. I really appreciate it hope You keep on listening, liking, sharingand commenting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart or listening andcoming back to her be talk, Shit and speaking of talking Shit. I gotsome shit. I want to talk to you about today. Oh my goodness, all right, thetopic for today is pimping. Yep, that's right. I said Pepin P, I mP. I N G Hempen and reason why I'm talking about Peppinis because Peppin is actually the oldest profession in the world, notprostitution, even though you know one go hand inhand, but bottom line is you was pimping before you was hoing and Pippin is still going on to thisday, and I don't mean the same kind of...

...peppin that you thinking about you know:Woman Standing on the street corner, Sawing some booty jumping in and out ofcars, blow jobs and backseat bangs. You know that too is still taking place, butwhat I'm talking about is the way Pippin is actually applied to damn neareverything in life and peppin goes back way back. We talking way way way backbecause the first pimp- and let's get this straight- the first pimp was a woman, not a man right. Let me repeat that the firsthemp was a woman and not a man and the reason why I say that, because who was the first one to convince a man to do somethingagainst his best interests for their own self game eve? He pimp that pussy the Adam and madeAdam bite that apple, because Adam had the option of sayingno, but let's be real here. We know why Adam went on ahead and bit that Apple.It was because you know he thought eve had a good idea or whatever this. Thatdoes it, because of. If you read the way the Bible speaks Adam and he were dumb asses until Eve,but the apple and then she got smart and she knew exactly how to manipulatedumb ass Adam to bite an apple, but he had the choice he could havemade. The choice said: No, I ain't Goin to do it. I ain't supposed to do it. Wewere told not to do it. You can fuck up if you won't, but I'm not, but hefucked up. He went on he head and bit that Apple. Why? Because she put thatpussy up in his face bite that apple boy and the next timewe do it. You gonta really know what this shit mean. You can really know howI feel you know and ad went along... I'm not saying that in a way thesense of saying that you know women are, you know the ban of all man's existence becausethat's bullshit, I really don't go by the religious thing, but I just wantedto make a point. So I refer to religion just to make that point that you know,if you look at it first one was a woman pumped Adam right into going in she,because in order for you to be a whole, you have to in yourself have to be apen, and I say that in the sense that youhave to make up in your mind that you going to hold yourself out, so you are your first first pimp and then you know get out here on thestreet. You know, however, you trying to get your hole on you run into somesituations, some bad people. You know you get. You know some bad tricks. Youknow you figure hey. I might be safer with a pen, a matter of opinion andpersonal choice way. I look at it like I said I got nothing against any womanout here. Song a pussy go head. Is Yours you can sell it, you can hoard it. Youcan hide it. You can give it away. You can throw it out in the street itwhatever you want to do with it. It is yours and nobody has any right or anykind of legality to tell you what you shouldand shouldn't be doing with Yo Pussy. It's yours do what you want with it. You know because I abscriptus to theyou know the Richard Prior theory, you know, is to can't understand. You knowwhy women upset, considering y'A, got all the pussy and half the money. WHATMORE CA JO WANT!...

Yeah, I know that's fucked up, but itis the truth. Y'All do have all the pussing and half the money, Shit andmen. We plan catch up, we always been playing catch up and we goin continueto play catch up as many of these more fuckers out here. Think they doing it,which is the reason why men took over the Pippin role in society whenoriginally it was a woman who was a pen now think about that. Let's look intothat right now. How is it that a woman was a pimp first? Well, let's get ridof the Adam in thee scenario and let's go a little bit further and let's goyou know where we got hundreds of thousands. Maybe millionsof people walking the planet now you know and we develop in societies and Kingdomsand all that other shit, that you know we read about in the history books andall of that, so the first pen would have been awoman who's. Maybe you know dealing with a situation where there'swar going on. You know living in a town where the soldiers come through andthis that and other and because of the evil king who don't want to feed thepeople and hoard the money and hitting with undue taxes and this that andother and they suffering and going through some hell or you know,opposition soldiers come through. You know girly, Hungry Shit or home hungry,because let's get real. Homosexuality did not just start in the twentiethcentury that shit go way back in time. So let's be real on that and I quitfucking around anyway home or home girl hungry. You knowsoldiers come in, you know, you might have a you know, dear a bore, or maybeyou know caught a couple of rabbits or some peasants and some fowls or someshit. You know I'm saying and she she mighthave got in her head or he might have gotten his head. You know what... no fucking Horny. I bet. If I givehim some of his ass, he gave me some of that meat and went over presented the open. Youknow the offered to the Maffei wait a minute. I give you these two rabbitsyou going to take me back, then you know: Bang, Bang, Bang, we don't get iton. Oh Shit, fuck at here you go these tworabbits. Look, let's do this and that's how pimping got started likesay it goes way back and it never stopped because you people don't thinkthey getting pimped right now, but you are getting pumped right now, as wespeak everybody out here and going through a pimp hole situation. Theyjust don't want to admit it. Madonna told that, shit years ago, when shesaid the music industry is like a pimp whole industry that labels, the pimpand the artist is the hole and, as she said, if I'm going to be pimped in ahole and I'm going to be a high paid well paid hope. If you going to pet me,you going to pay me to be hope, and you ain't going to pit me on the shore you know, and to this day you know yougot some situations in the music industry where you know people got taken advantage of, they gotpimped out by the label. You know they made all the money gave him chickenscratch and Change Nice car, a couple o little pieces of jewelry and some gearo. where and you know some crumbs make them feellike they doing something, and then, in the end, once they wasn't making thatmoney. Just like a pip do dismissed, they will dismiss a hole in a minuteand go on out an look for a new stallion on going to the stable and that's pretty much the recordindustry. But that's pretty much any industry. You in nowadays period at allof them. You know I don't care what you went to school for to learn you stillbeing pimped, because if you got the answer to somebody else and they to onemaking all the money and you getting a paycheck you getting pilp so thatwarehouse job you want you being pipped.

You hold that corporate job you sitting behindthat desk sixty hours a week typing in that shit, hoping to get this. You knowproject done and get this client and make the boss Real, happy guess whogetting paid the boss and guess who getting pimped you, you Gettin you asspipped by the boss, because only one is doing. The peppin is the one sitting atthe top, even the bosses. They think they. You know big time pepping, but they ain'tnothing but an assistant pill because they don't want this. NotActually you know running shit, they think they running shit, but man theyain't nothing. But you know an assistant pim. They get to. You know tell a coupleholes: what to do. You know hit them with the whole lugsand and maybe slap him with the pimp hand every now and then, and you know,get to walk around with their chest puffed out, while they, when they flyagain jewelry and strutting around like a peacock, because they big shit, butthey still getting pimped to because they got somebody else to answer to and when it comes down to it. Who Doyou have to answer to the mother fuckers that print money them the ones who pippin the rest of us?Why? Because they printing the money that we hoing ourselves out for so whothe big pimp in the game who the big PIP in the game? Not thatmy fuck on the street corner bragging about all them? Thousands of dollarshis holes, making not the one swinging on the pole, bragging about all themthousand dollars dating mad because they swang on the pole. Not the motherfocus behind a microphone spitting a lyric, so they song talking about howthey making eight millions of dollars not to my fuckers running up and downthe field or up and down the court or smacking. A ball around who thinkingthey I'm the Big Shit, because I'm doing my thing, I'm making millions ofdollars, not even the more fuck is out... this. The BIG ASS corporationswere two three hundred billion dollars:Chump Change, chump change, it's fourteen fourteen fam corporations. Fourteen corporations did own the entire banking industry onthe planet and that is ran by seven families. The bankers are the pimps. They thereal pips in the game because they got all the fucking money and all of us ishoing ourselves for it. I mean: Let's be real about this. Youknow everybody a whole shit I hold for many years. You know it's called my job whenever you got to get up off your assgo somewhere else under somebody supervision and direction and do asthey tell you to do for a set amount of time, and they willpay you for your time. You a home period so before you, people start running outhere and once again, using that word whole so loosely and Erigations, yourfellow citizen, you might want to look in the mirror and realize that you arehold to you. Gettin pimped, just like they getting pimp only difference, issome people willing to accept a I'm a hole, but at least I know I'm a home,you are Holdin, you don't even know it at least mil and me. Knowing I'm a HoleI get to set what I'm getting you know how I'm going to be hold. You are holdand don't know it. So they hold you any way out and you don't even know yougetting hold out because you just think. Oh well, you know it's requirement ofthe job. If I want to get that...

...promotion, if I want to get recognized,won't want to be partner. I got to do this. I got to do that. That's just then putting you out on thebigger stroll and bring them back, bigger, bigger dollars, plain and simple. They took you out of one stroll, tookyou off the low stroll and put you on the high stroll. You know, and that's all that is so we all holing, we all get in pent and that's just the way the shit is but but don't have to be. That way, because you know I made a decisionyears ago was shit. If I'm going to be a holding guess what I'm going to bethe pen. If I'm going home, I'm pimping myself,fucked hat ain't, nobody pimping me! No more! I will pimp myself and a lot ofthe ladies who working on the street and even you know the fellows justworking on the street realize you know what I might be selling Pussy, but Idamn show don't need to be selling it for this sorry and gratefulsadisticmotherfucker over here. I'm taking all his abuse verbal mental physical,emotional then come back and give him all the money only for him to ridearound the fancy car, a nice clothes eating good and then go get anotherhole to do the same thing and then, when he feel that I'm not worthy to being his stableanymore. I get kicked out to the fucking curve and I don't even get adime to leave. Just bet you get out to needs a pip be yo own temp, pepyourself, Shit. That's the way to game run nowpimp ye self. You Said who going pip, we you know who you going to trick onand who going to trick off on you and you set your own prices and then thatway, you keep all the profits for yourself. If you won't be a hole, beyour own pem, don't let somebody else keep peppy and that's why you get a surge ofpeople who go out here to start their...

...own business, tired of getting pickedby somebody else. If I'm going to be a holding damn in I'm a pip myself,because even if you start your own business, you still hope you know stilla pimp hole relationship just that now you pimping yourself, but you still gotto hold yourself out to who makers of that money who print that money. You still got thehole yourself out forward. If we still have to use their money for resources,goods and services, then we can always keep on holdingourselves out for it and that's just the way the shit is. So I bring that to everybody'sattention and hope that people will think about looking in a differentdirection. You know you know, like I said I have no animosity or hatred towards the hole. Ilove it. I think they're, great wonderful people, they just beenmisunderstood it and misrepresent it, especially in them damn movies with thekiller. Temp, Oh good God, I'm so sick of those the killer. Pent movie like that superfly remate. I ain'tgoing to even get into that, because that was just that was just wrong on somany levels and try to bring back to killer pimp drug dealer. You knowscenario it you know come on. Just just stop just stop. We don't need no moreof that, because people need to start peppingthemselves. If you going to be a hole, be your own pen, don't let somebodyelse pep you, because they going mistreat you on the Pimpin and I'm going to in that right therewith that, and I hope that y'all get something out of that and enjoy thatlittle bit of tid bit of information, because you know that's good game straight up right there, that's allgood game, so you all need to use that utilize. It put it in your mentalroller decks or you can just ignore it. Disregard it and tell me I'm fully.Shit is totally Yo choice and it's what I believe in freedom of choice, makeyour choice. Every moment that you live.

You have the opportunity to make a goodchoice or a bad choice, and that's good game. Hopefully work for youanyway, on the future episode I'm going to give up the secret to good game, andI'm gonna tell you all how that shit works an I might like it now. You'llgonna like it, because that shit is awesomeness. What gave me my superpowers that I will today so I'm going spill the beans and let you all knowabout the good game, technique and high what it is and how you get it, how it'sa part of who you are inside. You comes out every time so put that down for future reference thatyou all going to get down on that good game and we go in this episode and next week's episode. We Gon kick on the subject of the Cockoperator and what does it mean and are you a cock operator or are you livingwith a cock operator and we going to give you the definition of what a cockoperator is pretty self y Planat. But I'm quite sure most people are thinkingabout it and a sexual thing, even though it is, but it is even though it kind of is, but it kindof isn't it is. But it ain't and I'll explain that to you all nextweek on the next episode of the original Gooroo of good game and onceagain, please go to the website O g, good, Gamecock and scroll down, and youwill see the Lee voice message and please leave a voice message. We loveto hear from you and looking forward to playing some of those on futureepisodes. We finally got the new equipment in and it's a learning curvegoing on right now, so please be patient. I willl be posting them sooneror later, and we going to have some...

...guests coming in possibly for the nextepisode so we'll see, and I hope that jog come back and listen and once againgo to o g good Gamo scroll out to the middle of the page and look over toyour right side and leave a voice message and that is og good Gamo. Youcan like sharing comment right from there and you can also listen to thefirst season and any other previous episodes right from the website, and Iwant to thank you once again for listening and showing some love and, asI always ended the same way, I always do peace above and hair grease and I'mnot a.

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