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The Pick Up Artist Scam.


The So called "Pick Up Artist" program is nothing but a Scam to get your Money. But Ladies can use this scam to their advantage !!! To leave a Voice message goto WWW.OGGOODGAME.Com

Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen, toanother episode of the original Goru of good game, with your host zero game,how y'all doing to day, I want to give out a shout out and some love to all ofthe listeners who stuck with me for all this time. Listen to me talks smack. Ireally appreciate you hanging around and for those that used to listen andno longer listening any more. I appreciate you stacking around for aslong as you did, and I hope did you come back some day. So, if you're notfinding what you're listening for out there come on back, I would love tohave you back part of the listening group anyway. Today is going to be kind of a different little episodetoday, because today today's episode, it's for the lady, that's right, ladies!I'm dedicating this episode specifically to you. It didn't startout that way, I'm be honest about that. It didn't start out that way. Actually,it started off on the pick up artist or the guys full of crap, and I know thatit's not politically correct or anything like that, but I really don'tgive a shit, because these guys are full of Shit and they really playing alot of men for their money, mostly, but more importantly, they teachingthem shit. That really don't work. I mean it works to a certain extent, butit's got to be a certain type of person that it works on. You can't use thisshit with every woman. You see you walking around up and down the street.The Shit just don't work basically is their way of getting money from lonely,love, starved, horny individuals and that's basically what they are any mandat attends any of these seminars, which is basically a sales presentation,but they marketed as a seminar you just getting God for your money. That's allit is because the majority of the time that Shit doesn't work. You know theyhad the V H one and they had to pick up artist show, and you see the guys who'ssupposed to be these great pickup artists and they take this group ofnerds and Geeks and dorks and whatever they want to call them nowadays andthey take them out and they teach them their super secret. Women pick uptechniques and this that and the other and they taking about the looking inthe eyes and the dressing like a peacock to get attention. And then yougot to come with the fresh pick up line. All that is just bullshit, because welater come to find out that mostly ninety eight percent of all realityshows and fate. So the pick up artist wasn't no different, so any of thosegirls that you saw these guys picking up, they were plants. They either workfor the studio or were hired by the... To pretend, like, oh I'm, justso infatuated with your cool pick up artists techniques and guidelines andall of this, but it's all bullshit, but it does have a place in the realworld today and the reason why I say that is because these guys are stillpaying for this shit. They still got these books. These courses, theseprograms. Now the Shit, is all over the Internet. I mean it's just everywhereon the Internet, with some kind of pick up, women or some super technique,that's going to have women drop drawls and they gonna want to fuck you thefirst die at night. They meet you all of this shit and it's all bullshit,it's just to get people out of their money. But here's the thing pick up.Artists techniques works better in a woman's favor than it does a man'sfavor, and I'm going to break that down to youright now see the way I look at it and, ladies, I would recommend that youtake my advice on this one, because it's going to give you a leg up, notthe job, don't already have a leg up, because you, ladies, I mean Shit. Youknow women can always find a man just willing to get down. You got to do,walk out your front door, walk around the block a couple of times youguarantee to find at least one just going t want to come through now. Hemight not be the one you want to come through, but he gonna want to comethrough. So you'll have a leg up already, but this one gives you anunfair advantage in the love and dating scene that men just won't have. What I'm talking about basically is is simply this any kind of pickup BookProgram Course: Seminar Whatever it is this supposed to teach men how to pickup women. I would recommend women read that Shit. I know you thinking like why the hell,what I want to read some information about how to pick up women. I am awoman. WHY THE HELL! I need to know how to pick me up exactly the point,exactly the point: How to pick you up see if you already know what they'relooking for as far as when they go out trying to put their little pick uptechniques to play. If you already know what they going to do and how theygoing to do it and how they going to come at you, then you can actually makeyourself available to all of the so called pick up indicators, the thingsthat these guys tell them, that that indicates that she's open that, in thecase that she wants to talk to you that in the case, she might like you thatindicate this. That and other whatever the bullshit is because bottom line isnone of that shit works either woman like you or she don't like you. Sheusually know within the first thirty seconds of after meeting you, whetheror not you somebody she gon, fuck or not, because that's basically all whatthe dating scene and going out trying to meet people as all about findingsomebody to fuck. You really ain't finding somebody to play scrabble ocars with. So let's be real about that...

...too. But if you ladies know ahead oftime by reading the Shit, knowing did he going to come, say this,knowing he's going to try to eases way over to you that way, non Shan, litlehe's going to try to look this interest or he's going to try report by you know,matching your body language and matching your speech pattern might eventry matching your breathing yeah, that's another one. They tell you bob,you match their breathing and you breathe the same time she breathes andthat creates rapport and and attraction and Yatayaman. Okay, because Iresearched this stuff a little bit and it's all crap. I actually went to oneof them seminars before and you know it was a free ticket. It was least it wassupposed to be in a little free Summin. It was free ticket and you know tellsyou how to pick up women this that and the other now honestly that ain't, whatI went there for. I went there because at the time that this shit was really hot and all over TV andall these Corny, as does these weird ass- looks walking around with the socalled pick up, artists techniques and program and whatever it was. I saw thatI just I wanted to see how many men attended and, at that time, that thiswas happening. I had an adult entertainment in business that I wasrunning where exotic dancers, we were you, know, setting up parties book and Private Events Bachelorparties stuff like that. So I figured if I go to one of theseit'd be a great place to meet potential clients, because I mean you're in here trying tofigure out how to get sex or how to get a woman. So what better place to go andfind a bunch of desperate men with money. If you won't spend it on this littleprogram, then a man spent a couple of hundred with me and I have a couple ofgirls in their button booty naked shaking ass, all in your face, and thatwas the reason why I went. But it turns out. I learned a little bit more thanjust that because, as I'm sitting there and I'm listening to this guy- and herunning off this crap about picking up women and getting intotheir minds and their emotions, and this that and the other and then ofcourse he wants to demonstrate his techniques. You know the approach, the conversation and thenthe closing and this that and the other. So what do they do? They bring in someextremely attractive woman to come in and played the you know the woman thathe's going to pick up and then he walks up and does his little techniques andthis that and the other and you know and then she's all responsive andeverything and no and then he turns around see. That's how you do it.That's how it's done! That's how you pick up women Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Now these guys applauding and shit likehe did something great, I'm sitting there. Looking like. I know you foolsdid not just fall for this shit.

Okay, she works for him, even if theywent pick somebody up off the street more than likely they paid that personto come in and and and of course, even if they picked you up off the streetand say, could you come in and help out with the seminar? Of course, thatperson is not going throw in the full rejection or push you away. They gonnago along with the program, because you know it's part of this little seminargoing on. They don't want to look like somebody to just fucked up the wholeseminar, so they'll go along with it and they'll make it seem like all ofthis shit he's saying, is great and its working and they'll smile and they'lllook all interested and giggling everything. It looks all good, but it was all an act. It was a scamjob and these gentlemen they're applauding they're thinking that okay,maybe this shit might work for me, but that just you know, shows you whenpeople are desperate, they tend to want to believe things. Even though, in theback of their mind they know it's all bullshit and it I probably won't work,but you give it the benefit of the doubt. You try it anyway, because youwarn Y and you hoping that this will cure your honly, Harniss and loneliness.So you know you pray on lonely Hornyment, the actual course itself after they go through the whole seminarsales pitch, then you know hit you back with the two hundred and fifty dollar program,the advanced technique, five hundred dollar program and the goal package,which was usually about a thousand to fifteen hundred, and then there was thediamond package. Oh my goodness, you get this when you guaranteed that youwill score on your first time out and they'll help you, along and they'll, beyour wing man and go to a club with you and help. You pick up the woman thatyou want to pick up to have sex with and all of this crap that usually rananywhere from twenty five hundred to eight thousand dollars and the one Iwent to it was eight thousand dollars for the diamond package. Now I automatically knew this duke wasfull of Shit, but that's not what I went there for, and you had a few guys who pay for thegold package. They dropped that fifteen hundred dollars. You know most of themwent with the two hundred and fifty dollar package, but still for a booklet and a three ring binderwith some other notes and stuff in there in a journal, and that seriouslywas two hundred fifty dollars. Then the more expensive package. You know: FiveHundred Dollar, one that came with the audio, so you can listen to them inyour car and on your disman and you can listen and learn, and this that and theother and then there was the more expensive package. You know the goldpackage which came with the DVDs all and you can see the technique live, andthis is happening and they go around and they show you how they pick up thegirls, this that and the other which,...

...once again, if you watched any of those reality,shows they're all staged they're, all fake, all of it. It's all a scam job to getyou out your money, that's basically what it was now like. I said I wentthere for a different purpose, but as I'm watching these guys getting sold onthis crap and then they bring out the really extremely attractive young ladyto come in there and play pick up e and he was to pick up her and he was goingto go pick her up and then he uses little pick up techniques and whateverit is, that and the other and she's all Giddy and excited in this that anotherand then afterwards she explains what it was that attracted her to him, andhe was confident- and you know he knew what he wanted, and he said the thingsthat you know that excited me. I mean, of course, she gonna say all that Shit,that's what she getting paid for. She getting paid to make it sound like Iwas just so swoon and swept off my feet. Then I'm going to fuck him be rightafter we leave the seminar. That's the way she portrayed it now for all. Weknow that could have been his damn sister or his wife or held his actualpartner for all. We know just helping the sell. Is these bullshit ass how topick up women programs, but the reason why I say you, ladies, should listenread this crap go online and you know youtube you'll find plenty of videosand you find plenty of blogs and other people with their programs. Hell. Youeven find some podcast with this bullshit, I'm not trying to hate on them, but I'mjust saying it's bullshit, but the reason why I recommend at the ladiesread this stuff. Not only just so, you know how to set yourself up to bepicked up by the guy. You want because now, if you have in trouble, trying toget that one guy that you want- and it seems like you know- you moves ortechniques just ain't, getting the tension that you want from him, thenread some of this shit and figure out what it is that he might actually betrying to do and the reason why he ain't stepping forward because he keepfeeling like that. The opportunity isn't available for him simply becauseyou not responding the way. The techniques told him to respond now. NotSaying did he reading any of this shit, but more than likely, he probablydidn't got some little information here and there I mean day Bumbard the hellout of your email. With this shit I mean: Don't buy some dumb, someexercise, equipment or some dumb bells or kettle ball, and anything like thator some test, tossed her own supplements or something to help buildmuscle, don't buy any of that Shit Online. I mean well buying on line butexpect to get a surge of how to pick up...

...women crap coming in your email box,because you know they team up with these companies a D and sponsor to youknow the work out, supplements or the something to help, prove your musclemask and just that and other, and make you stronger and feel younger, and thisand vitality and energy, and all that yeah. These pick up technique. Peoplestuff like that they'll buy email lists from these people and then they'llbombard the shit out of you with this crap. That's actually how I found outabout it. I was buying some creating for muscle pumps. You know help buildmuscle and I placed the order a couple of days later, I'm getting bombardedwith all of these pick up. Women pick up techniques for guys over fortywho wants to date, young girls and this that and other, and it was all crap. Itwas just all bullshit. It was just the way to try to get me to pay thirty,nine. Ninety five for this one, forty, nine, ninety five for that one. Seventynine! Ninety five for that one O ue and ninety nine, ninety five for the nextone, and I'm not spending my money on that bullshit. The only thing youreally need is confidence and who you are and to carry yourself as a gentlemanthere's a confident gentleman. That's all you got to do be confident in whoyou are and what you bring to the table. Do A self evaluation fellows anddetermine what it is that you bring it to the table and be confident aboutthat and you pretty much what you'll get the luck you looking for, but yougot to also know where to go fishing at because if you fishing in a muddy pineand get mad that you ain't coming out with a fresh water, trout, well you'regoing to have to ask yourself. Maybe I'm fishing in the wrong pine, stopgoing to the local hole in the wall where the Lushes, the drunks, the holeshanging out at because all you going to get is a one night, sloppy fuck to behonest, and it might not be that good and you might wake up in the morningwith something. So just think the type of lady you looking for and concentrateon, where places that she might be at instead of going to them places wherejust any random hole going to be up and there trying to get drunk for free. Now. Back to the ladies, another reasonwhy I highly recommend already this shit is so you can safeguard yourselfagainst them fools thus coming at you with that, because a lot of times youwill get fooled. He'll come with them techniques, he'll sound, like he's agreat guy like he listens like he's concerned about your thoughts, yourdreams. He looked to see WHO's Inter beauty in you is going to sound allgreat and Dandy, but it's all just the line of Bullshit running on you to getyou to drop your draws. That's all it is, but if you read this shit you'll beable to determine whether this fool is a legitimate man coming with somelegitimate goodness about itself and being a real gentleman about thesituation and might actually be a good...

...match for you or is just anotherfucking fool who in went and read some shit and now he's coming alongpretending to be somebody that he really ain't that you ain't going tofind out about till after you fuck him, because soon as you fuck him soon asthey get that draws soon as they tap that ass, it's almost guaranteed his true nature,going to come out afterwards because he got what he want. So whether you wantto still give it up to him or not it don't matter. As far as he concerned,this shit work I'm about to go out and get me another one, and I'm gonna keepon getting them because I'm the bad motherfucker. So I just want to throwthat out there. The Jar lady should read this shit, learn this crap thatthey trying to pull. Then that way, you can safeguard yourself against theseassholes, using this shit and playing this manipulation game, because that'sall this is a manipulation he getting manipulated out of his money to buythis shit and then this dude is trying to manipulate you and to get you outyour drawers all manipulation. So I say for the ladies: Get ahead of the game:read this shit go online. Watch them corny videos check out some of themlogs go to some of them websites long as the shit free, don't pay for thiscrap and check that shit out and see. What's being said about you and seewhat is being told to these men on how to get with you, because I'm not going to lie some ofthe stuff in there is based on some serious psychological tracts and stuff thatpeople in the psychology field have been practicing and doing for years.Some of the stuff is actually from there. That's what I said you got to becareful and know who trying to run game on you and who ain't and anyone whoreading any this pickup shit they running game. It's just the game tothem. They trying to play the game, even though there might be thepercentage of that truly genuinely have a hard time meeting women and justwant to meet somebody that likes them, that they can like back and thenpossibly become a relationship and nothing wrong with that. Not a damnthing wrong with that, so I'm not knocking using this shit to get theright woman in your life, but then again, I'm not endorsing this shiteither, because I know it's nothing but about manipulation and how tomanipulate you into thinking that Oh shit, I looked up. I got a good man. Igot a good guy this that, in the other and then weeks months down the line youfind out, all you had was another asshole and then you mad it yourself,because now you start thinking. What is it wrong with me that I keep attractingthese assholes get a leg up on some of his techniques and these bullshit theyusing then that way when the asshole come at, you you'll already know he anasshole because you'll be able to figure out. Oh, he ain't doing it butrunning some old pick up artist techniques and shit down everything hesaid. I read in this pick up artist... where I saw it on this pick upartist, youtube, video everything he doing is the same shit. They said thisthat another and you can protect yourself from these damn fools and quitgetting caught up with this bullshit they running. So I hope that helps youout and I hope you'll take that to heart and I hope you'll listen to someof this shit and read some of his crap get get a handle on it, get a leg up beinformed and in the now then that way you know when the ass hole is comingwith some bullshit and you can stop him dead in his tracks step back player. I ain't got time foryou, cheap pick up artist, technique, bullshit to fuck out my face, and Iguarantee you, you will waste a lot less time on unworthy individuals,because God knows here's plenty of them out there on both sides of ill. Becausemy recommendation is this: If you are a man, then you need to start readingarticles and books on how to pick up men. So you know what the ladies is readingso then, maybe you can create yourself to be that type of man that thesetechniques work on, and you end up with the lady that want you did an you wanther and for ladies read the stuff that tells men how topick up women same thing, so you can set yourself up to be the lady. Didthis stuff works with, and you can pick up the guy that you want, instead ofjust some ass home, manipulating you and the thinking he is the guy that youwas looking for and that will solve a whole lot of relationship, headachesand problems when you have an idea ahead of time, whether somebody coming legitimate orthey come in with some bullshit, because they all running game- and theonly thing you have to do is recognize the game before the game recognizes younow, I'm going to end today with that. On that note, and I'm going to alsothrow out there, please people if you have any opinions or any thoughts youlike to make a comment or you like to speak up or even, if you just like toreview this episode or the podcast in general, please go to W W W T, O g goodgamecock over on the right hand, corner of the screen. You will see a blue tabto sis send a voice message. Yes, we really incorporated to send in thevoice. Semester works a lot better than that other service I had, but anyway,please go there. If you want to leave woice, some message leave a way, amessage: If you just want to leave a comment, you can comment. If you wantto leave a review, you can leave a review and it would be just fanfreakiness if you all did that. I really appreciate it. So we gonna inthis episode and we hope that you got some knowledge anda little insight or you just had a good...

...time. Listening all works for me andI'm going in this episode. The way I always in my episodes, I know I'm goingto end this episode. Don't you the way I always do. Love Peace and hair grease a.

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