Original Guru of Good Game
Original Guru of Good Game

Episode · 1 year ago

The O.G. of Good Game will be back 7-15-2020


The O.G. of Good Game is oven a 2 week break to setup for a "Live Broadcast" July 15th Starting at 1pm.... Goto Send me a message to get the Call in Number for the day of the Live Broadcast..

Welcome to another episode of theoriginal Goo of good game. I am your host, the original guru himself, theold G, zero game, and I want to thank you for your likes. She loves yourshares, your comments. I want thank you for all that Shit. That was beautifuland I really appreciate it and I...

...hope you all keep doing it because Ireally like it and guess what y're the Og of good game is going to be on atwo week: High Atis again, yes again, I'm sorry, but it just has to happenthis time and we will be back on July, fifteenth that's going to be a Wednesday ya'll,starting at one P m. We gonna do a live broadcast. That's right! You heard itright here. First, on the O G O good game, we are going to do a livebroadcast in two weeks on July, fifteenth, which happens to be mybirthday, and this is a present to myself- that I want to give to myself.The gift of conversation with my audience live on the air and I want to kick you withyou and talk with you and we going to talk some shit. We gonna have a goodtime. We gonta celebrate, we gonna...

Laugh, WE gonna joke. We going to talksome shit, but all in all, we going to learn, speak and then go out and livesome truth. So I look forward to everybody showing up on July fifteenthfor the birthday party. It's going to be epic. The live broadcast of the Ogof good game. Where you get to ask a question or just present, your commentlive on the show, Tokyo, Shit Tell Yo, shit, speak Yo shit and we going tohave some good fun anyway, I'm going to end that right there, and I just reallyhope that I get to see all you wonderful folks and that'll, be it forthe O G, a good game and remember: weeing Tive Romo live broadcast righthere from the studios of the original guru of go Dan with your host old jesgo. So I look forward to seeing you July fifteen one PM START TIME.

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