Original Guru of Good Game
Original Guru of Good Game

Episode · 2 years ago

The O.G. of Good Game Update


The O.G. of Good Game is getting a remake and an Upgrade... Starting next week the show get's an All New look and an All New Attitude ! Be sure to return next week for the O.G. of Good Game 2.0...

Welcome to the original guru of good game. I am your host, the original guru himself, zero game. I want to thank everybody for listening. I want to thank you for sticking around as we go through this journey in this podcast industry. I really do appreciate all the love, the likes, the shares, the comments, the reviews. I really do appreciate it and I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you so much and I really do hope that you stick with me on this journey. And I also would like to say is that we will be coming out with a new episode start next week, Thursday, seven pm a regular time. We're going to skip an episode tonight because that did it done. The original guru of good game is upgrading to two point Oh. So when we come back we will be totally upgraded, reset up, new topics, new format, well,...

...same format, just new structure. We don't put together so it's more flow and it is going to be great. I hope that you all come back for the REV it and we don't have a new logo. We going to Redo a lot of the website elements. Now we finally got a lot of that stuff finish and we going to put it up live. We're going to have a video site coming up to where you can upload your videos and share them with the community and we going to have a new we going to Redo our youtube channel. That's going to get updated and upgraded. So we going to look forward to everybody coming to checking that out and we going to come out with a whole new segment. It's called learn your truth, know your truth, speak your truth, and that's going to be the new segment coming up. Plus, we going to get back into that cock operator and we will be coming back next week with the second episode in the three part...

...limited series. So please stick around because you're going to want to hear the second episode in that series. You really going to want to hear this one, and the third one is going to be even more dynamic, so stick around for that. And we got a bunch of new topics that we going to touch on and a lot of things is happening to day. We also have a program that we're going to come up with, one how to protect ourselves and how to revamp our communities to better serve those that live in the community. You definitely don't want to stick around and listen to that and you may want to join in. But, like I said, when I give out information I'm not expecting anything back. I give it out freely out of love and I hope that you take the information and use it in the best way you can in your life. I don't want no credit for it, I don't want no residuals, I don't want you to pay me for it, I don't want nothing for it other than to see you use it and have a better life for it. So I'm going to end it there and,...

...like I said, we are going to have a short this is no episode tonight. I'm sorry. I really do apologize for that. But, like I said, with the revamp, the updates and the upgrade, you're going to love the whole new concept in the whole new structure of the show. Please come back next week because you're going not going to want to miss it. So I thank you once again. Then I'm going to end this the way I always end all my shows, and that is love, peace and hair grease. Until then, BES.

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