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The O.G. of Good Game LIVE


Welcome to the O.G of Good Game Live B-day Broadcast

Welcome to the live broadcast of the original guru of good game. I'm your host, Oh ge Z, and I like to thank you all for showing up and welcome to our first ever live broadcast, as we go live on the air. You hear that? Ask My doll. I can't edit that out. His loud mouth probably going to be barking throughout this whole episode. So just sit back, relax and bear with me, okay. But anyway, how's everybody doing? I would like to give a shout out to all of our listeners, likes, shares, all those who downloaded, all those came to the show. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much and love having you on board. Anyway, today I want to kick it with whoever want to call in, and you can call in a live to this show right now at seven six two two two eighty one sixty nine. That is seven one, six two two two sixty nine. So I hope y'all call in and we can kick it a little bit and talk some Shit. So, anyway, what's going on with everybody today? It is a nice hot day out today. The Sun is up. Is Feeling really good. Wish I could go to the beach, but you know all this social distance in and the lockdown. You know, I'd rather be safety and sorry. So I'll sit my ass in the house with the AC on, enjoying this cool air while I'm about to light up something fantastic. Yes, that's right, I said it. I'm about to light some shit up. You better believe that I'm about to get my smoke on. It's my birthday and I'm going to fucking enjoy and I hope you'll enjoy with me. So, if you got them, roll them and puff them up. Anyway, I'm going to kick off this episode by throwing y'all a little music from my playlist. Hope you like it, but anyway, here is a little old school jammed. It probably a lot of you young fuckers don't know about but these old fuckers, y'all, know a whole lot about this. So let's kick it. Okay, I want to apologize for that. That was a little audio hiccup right there. That was my baddy, so I'm sorry for the dead air. That was my fault, but we gonna get it right this time and we going to play this little old school jammy jam for you. See, if anybody remembers this one, because you know I remember it. But that just shows my aid. So anybody around my age will know who this is and you know, probably going to jump up start dancing. Dangerous take.

She could cause a part of Yay. I'm a bitch, been a bitch. Still that Bitchello be that bitch. Last close on me, bit fake booties, bad bitch. Still something cash. It be like Bla. I'm a father everythax. I would never true on the Nigga if I had him rich. That's my trash. Shoot to play for you back, I'm say and recorded with your Etcher bottom showing. I keep my Nigga's private.

So was a p on showing bathing with your bitch is really getting kind of born. If they ain't about the money. Did you know? I'M gonna ignoring. I'm the shit pose too much. True, I'm still a bitch. Shit. I'm say. You stupid. Any big still, because he back. Gonna don't let the NIGGA wot spell chase. That tastes like sugar, but ain't shit sweet. I was just kicking a little music. That's what we playing around about. To get a blaze on in a minute, but we don't have some conversations and later on about some of this other shit we're going to talk about. Like what at the top is I'm going to get into some man Shit, you know, some man of conversations, because it's some bitch mode. Then out here, and yeah, that's exactly what I said. Something y'all out here going to bitch mold and you'll hold a bitch bold quick and I'll need to be a shaming side. Need to stop that bullshit. But saying that, need to up grade your bullshit and quit gold in Bitchual, because something I'll act like bitches. Yeah, I said it. Get piss getting at out don't came a fuck. That's just the truth. Some of Y'all running around here crying and bitching and moaning and wine and burst little bitch. Not The saying that Gett doesn't flip the script either, because you do, and it falls on both sides of the track. You know, too many people running and going in the bitch mold and they shouldn't be going in the bitch bold. They should be going into thinking like a cheap mode, but most im in the bitch bold. So we're going to try to help me out with that Shit. Maybe a little bit later on as we kick this birthday live broadcast off throughout some of that crazy shit y'all like to listen to, but I'm about to throw some crazy shit. I like to listen to. Me proble. We gonna fucking trip out listening to this, but you know what, I don't give a fuck because I like it all he is. That's a white for you. Try to listen to the words, basins, but it might a little bit. And here we go this world. We don't. They got guns. Way I go. Where I got its size? Challenge Stranger. Well, Challenge Stranger.

We pack. Damn, listen, we care motion my so blowers, chairs, flowers and ca prows and chips will blow the please. What strange? What Challenge Stranger? What shut stranger? So we dont strange, John, where I go? Where I told you, I listen to some crazy shit. Excuse me there, I'm kind of getting my blaze on while I'm chilling here with y'all. So what is up with everybody else? You know what, we're going to make a few phone calls in a little while, but right now we just sitting here kicking it. See what's going on how's everybody doing? What's going on in everybody's world? Mine's been a little bit hectic, little bit crazy, little bit off, a little bit on, a little bit up, little bit down, but life goes on, so you keep living and try to just flow with everything that goes I mean, we...

...spend more time fighting shit and fighting against shit then we do just flowing with Shit and wondering why Shit is always out of whack. You know, it's a lot of negative energy this being passed around, floating around, pushed around. People are always in a negative mindset because we we bombarded with negative shit on a daily basis. Don't believe me, go to facebook and just scroll down your timeline and see how much negative shit pop up, how many negative ads, how many negative stories? Everything's negative, you know, and we start pushing that negativity where it starts spreading and it almost comes like a virus. Hate to say that, but that's the you know, the truth of the way is coming. We need to spend less time being negative and more time being constructive. Whatever having happened to constructive thoughts? You know, people used to think about ways to be constructive and do constructive things. I mean, look at all the stuff that we created in human history, thinking constructively, compared to the shit we thinking now, and that's sad. But you know, we got to work on it. It's going to get better, hopefully. Don't know how, even though I got some ideas, but don't seem like a lot of people want to hear that. I don't know. You know, it's just my thoughts, basically. I put it that way. You know, there is an opportunity for us to create something much, much better, but that's dependent on if we willing to do it. And I mean I'm simply saying ten percent of extra will power towards something beneficial for everybody, not just Joe Specific Group, not just your friends, not just your family, not just your race, not just your neighborhood, and I just know ethnicity or religious background. Just a ten percent of will power, that's ten percent effort put in for the benefit of everybody, would magnify itself so much that we could actually eliminate poverty, homelessness, starvation and all the other bad shit. This taking place. This happening around the world, not just here and good old us of A. Right now. I know the rest of the world looking at the good old US surveying thinking what the Fuck is wrong with them people? It's not the people, it's the president, playing and simple. Something fucking wrong with him. Something was always wrong with him and nobody paid attention to it when they elected him. I didn't vote for his ass. What the way in the world I was going to vote for his ass? I mean, he's a reality TV star and they tend to kind of get this confrontational mindset and they always trying to perform for the camera, trying to one up everybody, trying to keep the, you know, the controversy going so they stay relevant on the show. Now you do that for ten, fifteen years and that's your daily routine. Eventually some of that is going to start playing in his psychological profile, on his you know how he operates on a daily basis, and that's exactly what the fuck happened. We got a reality star President who acting like he's a reality show and not actually a servant of the public, and that's the thing he doesn't seem to understand. You are not king of America. You ask whole you are a public servant. That means Yo punk ass works for us and not the other way around. You work for the American public, the people, the voters, all of them, regardless of whether they like you or not, you still work for him because they're the ones paying your salary. It Ain't just your voters paying your salary, because if that's the case, then shit man. I'm expecting some, a lot more money back on my taxes in the fuck y'all been given, and I think that should be something we need to sue for. Is it legal that we can suthe for a return of our taxes and we unsatisfied with the President or the one that we didn't vote for? Him, should I have to pay the taxes for I should be a recovered government, but far as his expenses go, only the ones who voted for him. That's the way we should work that shit. Start hurting these motherfuckers in the pocketbook. They might start acting right when they get in office, but long as we fut in the bill for everything and they get to act like they just, you know, untouchable, then they going to...

...act untouchable. So I say let's cut out that Shit. Put these motherfuckers on check. I recommended everybody, if you being going to a public office or public position or whatever, everybody should run a campaign to be elected. No more disappointment Shitt and then we get a bunch of assholes in there that we appointed because I wanted them on mighty. Know, a lot of these positions need to they need to run and elect, a campaign and let the people know who you are and let us vote your ass in whether we want you in that position and not, so you can stop fucking us over. That's just my thought, you know, especially with the Supreme Court, I suggest every person running for the Supreme Court got a campaign, just like you running for the presidency, and if we should get to vote who we want as our Supreme Court justice is. And not just that, I mean local judges have to run and campaign and Shit like that for City Court, Family Court, Small Claims Court, all of that Shit. If they got a campaign and get elected for the position, then the same thing should happen with any state, federal or Supreme Court justice. All of them should have to campaign. We should know who the fuck it is going to be sitting over me passing judgment on whether I committed a crime or not, or whether something applies to me and not, or whether you know something. Should be a law that protects me or not. Too many races assholes is getting positions because they being appointed by another racist asshole. Just my thoughts, something you know y'all might want them all over and think about. If anybody want to call in and kick it about that, the number is seven, one, six two two two eight, one, six nine. In the mean time, I'm about to drop something on your ass because, like I said, I'm over here get my jam on, getting my pufform and a little while about to get my drink on. So right now I'm about to get my book me on and I hope y'all like this one, because this one is still relevant to this day. Everything you hear in this is going to be relevant right now. Listen to the lyrics, because a lot of this shit is relevant right here, right now. Lead at right check this out. It's like a jungle. Sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep going under. It's like a jungle. Sometimes makes me wonder how I keep from going under. You fucking glass everywhere. People pissing on the stage and know they just don't care. I can't take the smell, can't take the noise. Got No money to move out. I guess I got no charge rights in the fun room, rots in the back, junk gets in the alley with the Baseball Bat. I try to get away, but I couldn't get far Cuz a man with the touch of Po possessed my car. So push me, cause I'm close to the edge. I'll try again not to lose my head like a drunk with sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under standing on the front stoop, hanging out the window watching all the Cogo bar roaring as the breezes blow. Crazy lady living in the bag, eating out a collage bill used to be a pack accept. That's the tangle, skip the life and danger. was that all print to see the lost of senses down at the pink show, watching all the creek so she can tell a stories. took the girl's back home to it. That was that old school...

...shit. Grand Master met email in the various vibe message. I said a lot of them, Larry, still apply today. Shit. They apply even more now than they didn't. fucking pass and certain how screwed up shit is. How screw up these politicians our cottage school us up, screw everything over. We really need to get a new system, because this system, seriously,...

...is not working correctly way it should be working. least, is not working for everybody. So I recommend the people that this system is not working for come together and agree on coming up with your own system that works for you and everybody that you apply it to, and not just wanted. These only works for a certain group, Wi only works with certain people. I believe that if we all got together and work on the things that we agree on, the things that we different one we don't agree, or put that shit to the back burn and set it to the side. Make that a little data, make that your own personal bullshit. You need to deal with the Shit we can agree on, all the shit that we say that we agree that is the shit that we need to sit down figure out how we don't come up with a plan of action and work on just that Shit. And they arrested his bullshit to the side, but just a minute least until we can get a stabilization of our economy, of our society, of our environment, because we keep on fucking up this environment. Seriously, there's really not much money going to do for you, except something we might use to eat your home if it get that fucking bad, and it's getting close. We getting close to that Shit. I'm not an official tree hunder, that's what I like to call us and stuff like that. I'm not out here hugging the tree and stuff, but I am environmentally conscious about the ship that happening and I do realize that there is some serious environmental hazards that we are responsible for and that we are accelerating on our consumerism based on this economic system that's not really work out for everybody involves. Like it's only set up just for the those who, those who kind of like were set up in the system from the guineas. One thing I always said you can never beat somebody at the game if they on was writing rules for the game and deciding look pieces and look position you play, you will never be a bday game. The only way go win the game. Let's come up with Y'all, with regulations and in play your himself. Anybody else to play here? Everybody play or equal in the game. Sticking this lopside one way set up designed those that's a I'm just going out there anyway. This is motion. I told you, I'm I'm having a good back to old school one more time on your ass. I don't know if y'all remember this, but I know some of the people that I ran with. They did remember this one. So y'all get your but get your butts out to see the star booking this. I think. I think, say yes. All they try to take it as they that I'm to small, cool because I don't get upset. I kick the whole of the big and I laugh without a mic, just rattle. Then I had all the Rins, I had whatever. Then I make another one, this the opposite and answer the frock staring. I need a crate of Mi. I been for Nickotine, but I don't need a cigarette. Know what I mean? On waging, wepping up the stage in doing the sound amazing, because everyboms made in custos slow and addiction magnetize by the mixing. For just duck in the mights of train. No Kainos rock gradually away in the coast with going side. But the sick guys he ate tracks to slide on microphone from spread the word, because some ends eat ffect a smooth operator of the way. You come blackly put back to the poss. I gotta have it. They can't strong it. Still he got it up ascription and the height for trone. That's though, when I feed for a microphone and like heroin, the base kicks, I need a fix, a...

...stave and I might get a mixing. I'll put you in as is in the state, up unaway way. It's the we animate us a minister for microphone with the weapon are Sassinating that the people make steppers this for me that you never see when I feeding for a microphone under my scooter or worse than the Gremlin pop and I start tremblings the spaces as your flies. But I think setting sails from the stark side by Anemis next set me. This is what it has to be done many because if I call my Nigga, Jim get in and is inherited. It was in the family. Them Bros the bull back. If I carry a full packs now don't want to happen at all. This is a cap off and keep the stage. Step Ball needs to gentleman, to see a pastime, hobby is about to be taken to the Master Bass. I kept my l see you can, yes, because the rappy one and to dope something you can't smke more than don't. You try to move away, but you can't go more than cracked up. You should have backed up for both the act up. Need to be more of this backed up and he entertained. I gotta Talk To Chamber One and I'm the remainder. Your eyes and hold just grown and I'm a hit with the blowing down. Before you go give remember your seeing the finger of a microphone, the microphone, micro microc of the mic the micro Micron s. That shit was hot for as my shit today. Listen, don't nobody seeing me, all right, because I'm just this. I'm having a party of my house. This shit I'm playing and I'm listening to seriously. So please, no buddy shit soon as I ask, please. I'm not this is not a radio station like that. This is my personal podcast and I'm just kicking it and I'm having a party. Today is my birthday and this is the Shit I'm jamming to. So I just want y'all listen. You know I want to listening. Will be listening. Not Cut this mother. Anyway, I'm still keep my jam. It's old school day and I'm really thinking he's old school shit's. Here's another one. See If y'all remember this. Some of Y'all gonner listen, probably going to break a hip, trying to do some of that shit for back in the old days. But you know, that's all you'll you trying to do this shit. I'm serious on now. If you don't try to do some of the dancing to me what they used to do this shit, that's all you can break it. It seriously, straight up, and I was willing sting. I was doing this shit. So I couldn't do people going, people want to go, because I don't...

...know the way. I think and that's the way, the way, that's the way, short listening to get taught in the way. It is success is. Don't make you class. You won't be sad. That's the way. Is Why you search the school the ways do not because already the same, because it's I hope you hear. My Dog Park backward. Some reason he liked this song, and I mean kind of dancing around. So parking ship. But we have a good time anyway. I'm still chilling here. I'm about to go and make a run, so probably don't cut this short for the day out of here. You know, I'm saying some crazy things.

I'm just push it und no, but I am going to cut this short at just a little bit for two o'clock, but I'm planning on coming back wide. Anybody still around? I will probably, I don't know. I might, I might not. It depends on if I'm sober at that point. I don't know if y'all really want this to a drunk dude on the microphones learning words. Yeah, that might not be fun. Anyway, I hope you'll have good time hang out me. I just wanted to, you know, and buy everybody and for my birthday. You know, something shit with me. You know, if you don't stop whining at me, I'm about to get the spray bottle on your ass. Sorry, good dog, and you still still school house with so I'm just hanging out right now, right now. Okay, everybody about to start shaking the ASS. Now, so this shake ass off. Back in the day it applies to too, bag. So shake your ass. Check this where out. This is all to the a lot of inside out. Just one reason. The House, the day, all night, the place when the crowds like this operating, the raptures all over me like white, white, size and color. But what you get without out? If you want, want the step so bad, they got don't come out an all right, we'll cut this machine.

Just don't getting on my damn nerves anywhere. I'll try. A good time hanging out with me. I'll enjoy it. Cousin party probably ain't going into some time Sunday afternoon, afternoon, Sunday night, sometime around that area. But as I'm now, so Holla at you later. Peace, love and he a Greece.

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