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The Iran Conflict and The End of the 2 party political system


The Iran / USA conflict and why it's not over yet !!!The need to end the 2 party system in politics.

Hello and welcome again back to theoriginal guru of good game. I'm your host, zero G, and thankyou for returning. I'm sorry we had to be out for a week.We were, let me see, we were doing software updates and upgrades.We upgraded some equipment. You know, we want to bring out a betterexperience and we want to bring this podcast to the next level. Now ontoday's exciting topic, we are going to discuss this crap that is going onwith Iran, and I believe it is time to end the two party politicalsystem. So first we're going to talk about Iran and whatever this bullshit goingon now. I don't usually do too much in the political arena, onlybecause it is is so fucking Grimy, and I mean that. The politicsis extremely fucking grimy and anybody that's going in there with a pure heart andhonor and knowing the difference between right and wrong, they ain't going to staythat way, because that's just how grimy that shit is. So we goingto leave getting into politics out the question, but we are going to talk aboutthe politics and on today we going... talk about and then the twoparty political system. But first we going to go into this Iran Bullshit,and let's talk about that for a minute, because now, over the last fewdays, everybody been jumping up and down screaming war with Iran, we'regoing to war where this, where that? And our president did something extremely stupidfor a short term game and he's not paying attention that. The Iraniansis playing a long game. He playing the short game. They're playing along game. So whatever he think he got away with in the short termis exactly that. He got away with it in the short term. Thelong term is going to come back and bite us in the ASS. Personally, myself, I think that they're going to do what Russia did, exceptagainst trump. See, Russia went on this you know, underground back doorhacking, helping him win the election campaign, bullshit that they did, and theygot him the presidency. Personally, myself, I think I ran issitting back. We going to show a little, you know, aggression,you know, not enough to really do nothing major, but we going todo some shit just to let them know did. If you come over herewith that bullshit, we will fire back, and that's pretty much just anybody onthe planet. I mean Shit, you shoot it me, I'm shootingback. If I got something, shoot back at your ass with. Playingis simple. Whether the public think I'm in the right or wrong, I'mnot going to stand there and just okay, shoot me I was in the wrong, go ahead, blow my head off. Yeah, right, no, you're going to pull out your shit and you're going to fire back.I mean that's just natural human survival instincts. But what I think and ran,you know, like I said,...'s the long game. They shootoff the missiles and get everybody all excited and discombobulated and confused and little mayhemgoing on, and then they pull back and, you know, say hey, we made our point, you know, and then our president come out likethe sucker that he is. In all we beat the ASS. Ain'tno better than the fuck with us. We America, who tough bastards?Yeah, whatever, bunch of fucking bullies is with Americans starting to look like, and I hate to say that because I'm an American, but damn it, we look like fucking bullies. And he's worse is it's one thing tobe a bully and can back up your bullshit, but this assholes a bullyand can't back up a damn thing. He is an easy ass whooping,if it at even in his younger days, his best days, his s trumpis a punk in an easy ass whoop. You can easily whoop hisass. He Ain't no fighter, he never been a fighter. He justa privileged gold spoon in his mouth asshole who believes it because he talked toughand he got money, that makes him tough. Know, that just makesyou another asshole with money in a smart ass fucking mouth. Did in thereal world, we'll get the breaks beat off your ass, and I wouldbe one of the ones who would beat the brakes off his ass for astupid shit that comes out of his mouth and his attitude. But that's me, so I don't want to take that to anybody else to do that.I'm just speaking on what I would do if I ran into a twenty,thirty, forty some year old trump and he started popping bullshit and thinking justbecause he got money and he can run his fucking mouth, that I'm supposedto bow down and kiss his ass. Man, you ain't met the rightpoor person yet. Well, you don't know any poor people because you don'tfucking associate with us. But if you ever came down to the poor neighborhoodand found out how much they don't give...

...a fuck about your money, ordon't give a fuck about your name, or don't give a fuck about yourfamily or how you grew up. Then you'll get a real understanding of whatthe real world is like and not that dream, fake privilege world you livein that you think is everything. So I just wanted to put that outthere because he's a punk and I think with these Iranians, going to do, they going to play this punk, he gets to tout his you know, we bad, we tough. I killed dude. All they did wasblow up some facilities as no big deal, right. That's because they already gotthe hackers doing a fucking job and probably working the hack the shit outof the American elections right now to guarantee the Yo punk ass don't go backinto office, because you just basically fucked up everything. You pull the troopsout of Syria, left our allies, the curs to, just left themhanging. Fuck y'all. Y'All, do what you got to do, andthen watch them get slaughtered by the fucking Turks in Air Tuan, who lookedlike he might be going to jail his damn self, or at least heain't going to be an office much longer, because don't people pretty much sick athis punk ass? So he's out, but in the meantime he's acting likea fucking psychotic dictator and rolling through, you know, just destroying Shit Cuzyou know we wants to be saved. Blah, blah, blah. Mofucking y'all got nuclear missiles. The curred rebels ain't got shit with someguns or whatever the shit. We supply them, and you seriously want usto believe that they could just come in and take over your whole fucking country? Yeah, right, bullshit. Sell us on something else. She hadlying ass piece of Shit, but let's get back to that line piece ofshit we got sitting in an Oval Office.

What I think the Iraneans is goingto do? They going to hack this fucking election. They going tohack it in favor of whoever is an opponent to trump. Then when thatperson getting the office, that's when they going to come back to the negotiationtable, except this time they going to be in a position of power andthen they going to require that we drop all these damn sanctions in order forthem to come back to the new lear agreement and probably either reinstate the agreementthat was already there or try to negotiate another agreement to where we can getback to some sense of normalcy in the world. So, as far asI'm concerned, hack away and get this piece of shit out of our fuckingOval Office so he can stop fucking up the country and the rest of thefucking world. Because the short term financial games did everybody touting all the economydoing great under trump. Bull Shit, bullshit. We said the same shitunder Bush. We had the fucking bubble. They said the same thing under Obamaand then you had all bunch of rule areas and small areas and midwesternareas that suffered like a motherfucker and then they gave trump the presidency, thinkingbecause he was touting how he's going to come into the heart land and thesesmall towns and I'm going to bring it back and I'm gonna bring back myfam manufacturing and I'm gonna bring back the coal industry and the steel industry andI'm gonna Bring Back All these industries and your small areas is going to thrive. They doing fucking worse under trump then they was under Obama and Bush combined. You Got Farmers, family, farmers who had a farm and they familyfor a hundred fucking years, get an auction off of pennies on the dollarbecause of his terrif war. You didn't fucked up all the farmers in theMidwest, they fuck, they screwed.

And then you think cause you gavehim some fucking welfare money. Did that supposed to appease them when they getin a percentage in what you handing them compared to what they was making whenthey were selling their own shit and doing their own thing for themselves? Sowhy would they want to take a short for Yo crap when they had thebigtime shit running for him? But Hey, this is just how y'all roll,this is how you do your thing. So you know, Y'all voted forhim deal with the consequences. Personally, myself, I want to punk outof office. I really, really do not like this president and Idon't think he's a president. I just think he's an asshole. It gotlucky with the help of Russia and now it's time we need to turn thepage, move on, get this races piece of shit out of office,not in. Touched on that and I just wanted to clear the air onmy personal views about the president and this bullshit he putting us through and allthe other crap he putting us through. Oh, one more thing, andthis is got to be said. Now they keep gooding on TV talking abouthow all wage increases going up under trump. The only problem with that statement isit has shit to do with trump or any of his fucking policies.It doesn't have a damn thing to do with the tax cut, you know, because now you didn pull one point five trillion out of the government,you know collferce, so that means did all of us work in people.Oh, I taxes going up this year, y'all. Can y'all look forward tothat shit? You going to be paying more to cover that one pointfive trillion permanent tax the rich got in that temporary tax you got because yourtemporary tax ended in two thousand and nineteen, and now y'all back to paying theregular taxes, but you won't pay...

...if some percentage more to cover thatrich people tax cut. Hope Y'all enjoying it. I just had to getthat out there because the thing is the reason why wage increases happening in Americais the states did are democratically control, or body Democrats are who are whateverway you want to look at it, because they have instituted an increase inthe minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. That's the only reason why he cantout did wages has increased and they got a shit to do with anyof his policies or his tax cuts or any of the dumb shit he beenrunning his fucking mouth about, talking like he did great savior. I don'tknow what the fuck is. Problem is he got a Messiah Complex and youknow, we need to get his ass out office. We don't need noMessiahs and over office, but he's sure as hell think he is one,so we need to get rid of his ass a sap. Now, asfar as the two party political system goes, personally myself I think both sides arefull of Shit. The Republicans are some uncaring, soulless assholes in thefucking Democrats is a bunch of whiney ASS punks. The Republicans bully in theDemocrats cry. So we got the Republicans running around trying to bully you intotheir position, bully you to vote for him, bully you to follow theirpolicies. And then we got the Democrats running around crying to get you tovote for crying to get you to go for their policies, crying to getyou to stand behind them and see that's...

...just bull shit, because both ofthem corporate paid. I mean it's very rarely you can find member in eitherparty they ain't got serious corporate endorsements or payments or beholding to some kind ofcorporate or donor, big name, big time, big money donor that theyare near kissing, you know, doing their bidding, all the while lookingat us and trying to sell us a bunch of bullshit, because they constantlyblowing smoke up our ass. Or is, my friend like to say, pissingon my head and telling me is rain? And I think it's justtime that we need to end the two party political system and I think weneed to come up with an alternative, and my idea for an alternative isthe INPE, a no party affiliation, the no party. We are notaffiliated with Democrats, Republicans, independence, green, none of them. Butwe are an inclusive party, which means the NPA takes members from all politicalspectrums and we have one ideological goal in mind, the upgrade of the qualityof life for everybody, not just those who can afford it, not justthose who live in our community or our constituents, but for every fucking body. And I don't mean just in the United States. I mean we puta policy together that allows people to upgrade their quality of life. That's someshit we can export around the world with unlimited unlimited potential for profitable game.It's unlimited, we mean there's no limit to how far it can go.I mean imagine an entire planet of no poverty. Earth would be a fuckingparadise. Nobody starving, nobody homeless,...

...nobody hungry. All them fucking warswill seem to melt away under that scenario. If we can get that to theplanet, it would melt away. They would be gone. Nobody havea reason to be in conflict. If I'm happy, my family happy,we got a place to live, we got good food to eat, wegot clothes on our ass, we got all the comfortable creature comforts of homeand I ain't got to go out here and rob, steal, lie,manipulate backstab to get it. The wars would end. Nobody would have areason to be in conflict with one another unless it's on some religious or personal, you know, differences you might have, but that can all be, youknow, worked out if we sit out and have a conversation with oneanother. So I just wanted to put that out there. We need toend the WHO party political system. They need to stop having dominance in ourpolitical system. We need to add in more inclusive political parties. That bringsin everybody, gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, bisexual, black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, would fucking spots, I don't give a shit. Man, woman, children, child, adult, teenager, all of them inclusive. Bring them all into the under thefold of the MPA, the no party affiliation coalition, impact for shortand and it will have an impact on our political system in this country,and then we can truly truly create the American dream for all those to comehere and want the American dream and it not just be something this only tothe privilege in the select few. So just had to get that out there. I'll hope some of you take that in effect, and what I wouldlike now is anybody with any opinion or your views on the Iran situation,but more importantly, on the political situation,...

...with ending this to party political systemand if you think having a third, more equal political system. You knowthe impact of no party affiliation coalition. If you think that's a good ideaand you want to kick in and get it started to help pop thisshit off, do you know what you got to do. Email me atog zero game at GMAILCOM and I look forward to hearing from anybody. Butplease remember like, share and comment on all episodes and on this podcast.Tell me what you think. If you think it's a good podcast or ifyou think is shit, let me know. I'm always open to criticism. I'malways open to advice. So I'm going to end this episode with myusual saying love, peace and happiness and all y'all, take care and Ilook forward to talking to you next Thursday at seven PM. And I'm out.

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