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The Good Man Guide Series


This episode is all about what is a Good Man. This series we will define what is a Good man, how to spot one, and how to get to know one.

Hello everyone, and welcome back toa another exciting episode of the original Guru of good game, or the ogof good game for short, however you want to pronounce it. It isokay with me. I really don't mind either way. It's fine. AndI just want to say a shout out to all of the people who havelistened. Thank you for getting me over that one thousand mark. I doappreciate it and I just want to send y'all all out a big hug andshow you some love, because I really do appreciate that and I hope youkeep on listening to me and I hope we can get to another thousand.And for those who listen and then decided not to listen anymore, I appreciateyou listening for as long as you did. You know me talking Shit and Ireally do thank you for sticking around for as long as you did andI hope you find what it is that you out there listening for. Andif you don't and you feel like you want to come back and hang outwith me and listen some more and shoot the shit, please do. Iwould love to have you back, but if you don't want to come back, Hey, I wish you the best of luck in life and I hopeyou find what you're listening for. Okay. Today we gonna get into a topichere that is near and dear to my hurt and it's an interesting topicbecause it kind of reflects a some what of my character and what I usedto be. When I'm going to say what I used to be, onsay what I have become is more to the point on that one. Well, not so much as more. What I become is what I've always been, but I've come to accept what I've always been, even though I wasridiculed, made fun of, laugh that and just basically put down for beingwho I was. It was really hard times growing up, trying to liveup to other people's expectations of myself instead of me living up to the expectationsI set for my own self, and that was a really trying time,but I learned overcome things. You know, you get older, you start tolearn, you get experience, you get wisdom and then you realize thatthe only opinion that matters is the one that you have of yourself, becausethat's the only opinion that's going to actually manifest itself in your brain and takereal hole to actually developing you into that person that you want to be.Now we got that out the way. Now we can get into this topicthat is kind of near and dear to me, and the topic is.Well, before I explain what the topic is, let me tell you howI got to decide to do episode this week on this I was watching andepisode of Jerry Springer. Was a rerun episode, but I was watching itand there was a girl on there. She was on the show to meet, I guess, her crush or her man crush Monday, or whoever thefuck he was. Anyway, it started off when he was asking her questionsabout the guy and she was explaining, oh, he's a good man,he got a job, he got his own car, he ain't got hisown place, I like the way he dressed, his swag. Okay,if that's what you consider as a good man, okay, I guess that'swhat it could be. I don't know. For a woman that does not seemlike that's a good man, for a gold digger does, but fora real woman they don't. Well, at least for a good woman thatdon't. We need to start definding them to good woman, real woman.Okay, there's big difference that we going to get into it on a laterdate. Anyway, the episode was that she thought she had a good manand he come on out and they played a little game and you know allthis stuff, you know, flirtation, and they had two big dice andthey was rolling them and everything and all...

...of us. And the thing thatstruck me kind of strange was she was adamant about him being a good man. He's a good man, he's a good one, I can't let himgo. He's a good until a girlfriend he had for a few years,did he live with, came out and try to whoop ass and that broughtme to this topic that I just had to get out because it's Kinda somethingdid I, you know, I take personally. And the thing is thatI decided that I needed to come out with a topic on good men andI was thinking about calling to the good man guide series, and it's tohelp not only men who are good men have a voice in the world andbe recognized for who they are, but it's also for women to recognize whata good man is for you. See, there's the most important part of thattopic. What is a good man for you? Now girlfriend. Herdefinition of a good man was all superficial car, job, crib, apartment, whatever, stylish clothes, and for that he's a good man. Atno point in time, when Jerry was asking her, well, what makeshim a good man, did any time she came out with anything about thecontent of his character. And I think that's what you ladies are missing outon when you sitting up here trying to decide what a good man is,and then you're not really making that decision for yourself. Most of the timeI hear women talking about a good man is based on superficial things that themedia, TV, radio, entertainment, all that shit out there has convincedyou that these are the qualities of a good man, and they're not.I mean Donald Trump got a car, donald trump got his own place,Donald Trump got a lot of money, donald trump even got nice clothes.But is he a good person? Hell No, Hell No. He cheatedon every woman he's ever been with, every wife he's ever had. He'scheating on them, every single one of them. There's not one wife didhe put the ring on that finger that that man has ever been faithful to. And the reason why I bring that up is because one thing is I'mreally getting offended and sick and tired of women on social media whining about thereain't no good men, can't find a good man. Good man don't existno more. Oh, we the fuck out here. I know I'm one. I've known that for years and I always tried to downplay it because itwas always, you know, he lame, he boring, he is he that, he ain't exciting, he ain't this, he ain't that. Yeah, because I'm not out here getting in the stupid shit. It seemed likea good man to a lot of women out here. Is it a motherfuckeris in jail or getting out of jail or doing shit that will get himput in jail, or sleeping with your friends, sleeping with your family membersor sleeping with a whole bunch of other women? Did you have no ideaabout but he a good man because why, he got a car, he gota job, and you mean he got some money, he had hisown place, he I he dressed Nicey, I like his swag, as theysay, but look how you play yourself, and that's exactly what's happening. Y'All playing yourselves because y'all basing a good man on a fantasy and nota reality. And then the sad part about it is that I don't thinkany of y'all know what a good man is. So how you going tosay there's no good men if you ain't never met one, if you ain'tnever dated one, if you ain't never been intimate with one, then youhave no idea what a good man is. And he you keep chasing after thesame kind of man, expecting him... be a good man from thelast one, and then you get the same thing over that's insanity. Doingthe same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. That's insanity, and unfortunately a lot of women in America have decided to go insane andkeep trying to date the same type of do because this is what you want, not what you need. I got an episode on that. Y'All needto check that one out. If you are lady, you need to figureout what it is that you need in that man and not what you want. So you want a car, you want a good paying job, youwant a nice apartment or house, you want him to have stylish designer nameclosed. But does that make him a good man? Or does that justmake another asshole with materialistic stuff? I'm just asking and I hope to Y'allwilling to answer, because I'm just really tired of keep seeing how y'all keepwhining about there no good men. I saw this thing on facebook some yearsback and it made a lot of sense because it was kind of an unusuallittle memory, emmy and Irid Fuck Y'all pronounce that, and it was apicture of Christopher Reeves, you know, the guy that played the first supermanmovie, big blockbuster movie that made superheroes become popular, and they showed thescene where he was opening up his shirt to tie on, had the hat, the glasses and he, you know, getting ready to you see the bigessl on his chest and it said women always want Superman, but walkingright past Clark Kent, and that kind of brought me to this topic when, you know, I kept saying all of this ain't no good man,these men ain't nothing but community Dick. They Dick for everybody. Ain't noloyaltyd's brothers, ain't loyalties, men ain't loyal they out here for everybody.Blah, blah, Blah Blah Blah. And it still brings me back tothe same point. Why do you keep going after the same type of Man, knowing Dan well, Youre going to get the same type of results,mentally or emotionally. Is fucked up with you? You got some low selfesteem where you got an emotional issue, you got daddy issues or something disroot it is keeping you going after the same type of man and getting thesame type of results? Or do you believe in your head that if youlove him and if you show him your loyalty and you jump through hoops andyou do everything he want to do, he going to say she's a goodone and I can't fuck up with her and I'm going to lover and bewriting just that. You think you're going to changing? Yeah, you ain'tgonna Changing. You Ain't gonna Change Him at all. The only thing yougoing to change is you going to make him worse than what he was,because he know if he can go out here and do all his dirt andyou're going to sit there witting talking about you will you know a relationship takeswork and you got to fight for yours. This that another why are you fightingfor somebody that ain't fighting for you? That is always perplex me about women. Y'All constantly fighting for a dude that ain't fighting for you. He'snot fighting for your love, he's not fighting for your affections, he's notfighting for your attention and your loyalty. He ain't doing none of that.All you want to do is keep you around. Is the main piece,while he got six, seven, eight nine side pieces and you allowing himto do it. So why the fuck would he go anywhere? Shit?She allow me to fuck around with all the bitches. All I got todo is come back say baby, I'm sorry, I love you. Theydon't mean nothing. It was just sex and then Bami back together. Orshe forget about the whole thing. Then she want to go beat up thewoman who don't know nothing about her, or even do the he even hada woman and vice versa, vice versa. Let's get this straight. Okay,we women be pulling that shit too. The only difference is y'all got consequencesbehind y'all doing that shit. When you got a main dude and five, six other dicks on the side, you got a consequence on on yourend, because fuck around and break that...

...condom. But that motherfucker don't workthe way as supposed to, or y'all got drunken, got caught up inthe moment and one was not used. You will be on Mari Povich whilehe with the little yellow envelope, hollering he is not the father. Let'snot pretend like that ain't happening. All right, before we start pointing fingersback at each other, but I'm just bringing this up because I really thinkyou need to figure out what's a good man for you and not keep goingwith this generalization of what a good man is. You need to determine whatis the characteristics of his content that makes him a good man for me,because what a good man is for you may not be a good man forthe next woman, and what may not be a good man for this womanmay be a perfect man for you. But you got to sit there anddetermine what it is about the character, the content of the character, thatmakes them a good man for you. And fellas do the same fucking thing. Stop going after the freak, the whole, the slut broad and thinkingyou got a good woman because you're going to put her in check or putit down and be or she just addicted to the Dick and she gonna dowhatever you want, this, that and other all, always remember, nomatter how big Yo Dick is, somebody going to be born with a biggerone. That's just reality. Get over it, live with it, movethe fuck on, whatever you got to do. That's just reality. ButI want to keep this series going because I want to get more interaction amongstmen and women, and I specially want to hear from women about what itis that you consider as a good man, because I want to help you beable to find the good man so you can get through the Sea ofassholes, because there's plenty of assholes out there and there is enough good menout there. You just have to identify them. And that's what this isgoing to be about, helping you identify the good men this out there,because I guarantee you, every woman out here, if you know more thanfive men, there is more than likely one good man in that five mangroup that you ain't paying no attention to. Youtube busy chasing after the asshole becausehe swagged up and he's exciting and all that other superficial shit that evena good man can acquire. He can develop them saying traits and skills,but you got to let him know that's what excite you, that's what turnyou on. Now, he ain't gonna do that for somebody this not goingto appreciate him for the man that he is and willing to, you know, put on a persona to keep his woman happy, because that's what agood man would do. He wouldn't come to you with the fake persona.He come to you as a real man, as a good man. And then, in Y'all dating, relationship, courting, whatever the fuck you wantto call it, you established to the brother what it is that excite you, what it is that you like, and then he can adopt some ofthem traits. I don't expect him to turn into the bad boy running outhere robbing liquor stores and selling dope on the corner and going to jail andshooting guns and shit. He may never do that, but he can takeon the dress, he can take on the attitude and the persona that youwould like. Hey, as long as he plowing your ass down in thebedroom, then shit, all the other ship is acquirable. It's something thathe can develop to satisfy you. Now, remember that goes both ways. Soif he willing to do that for you, then you need to meethim halfway and come correct on your own for his behalf, and see alot of that is not happening and that is why so much conflict between menand women in this country and women finding it hard to find a good man. But we are out there, but you have got to know how toidentify him. You not identifying a good man, you just identifying demand thatyou think you want and not finding somebody that you need, and that's thebig difference. Get Out of the Terry...

McMillan Romance novels, whatever the fuckshe writing, and all them other lifetime shows and get off of that crap, because ain't none of that real. That's all something somebody wrote up andyou can't use that as a guideline to determine what is a good man andfell the same thing. You can't use the stuff that you read and allof that, you know, playboy, penthouse or whatever you reading and thinkingall women is that and Y'all got to get out of that. Got Toget out of it. Can keep watching the rap videos and think that everywoman out there who got a big booty a small waist in the pretty faceis some fuck freak slut that all you got to do is Brag about yourrap career, grab your Dick to show how big it is and Bam,she and their riding on your pole. It don't work that way. Andif you do meet a woman and that's all it took for you to gether to ride on your pole, then brother Sir, friend Man Homey AceBoon Koon, take your ass to the clinic the next fucking morning and getyourself checked out, because you might have some shit that they can't identify orthey might need to study it in order to clarify what, what exactly itis. So just keep that in mind. Those are just some of the thingsthat we need to get on because before I get deep into this seriesthat I'm going to do on the good man guy, we have to establishwhat a good man is not first, and that'll be the next episode,the next episode when we come back with the original guru of good game andthe good man guy, we going to speak on what a good man isnot, so you can stop delusioning yourself and thinking that's a good man,because a lot of y'all is seriously delusional. You really are. You looking atsuperficial characteristics and applying them to good man traits, and that's not evenclose to how that shit worked, and we going to get into that ona deeper level. I just wanted to kick it on this to let youknow about this series and I'm gonna do good man guy. It's going tohelp you identify the good man and it's also going to help the men outhere identify the good man traits they have in themselves and work more on that, becoming dominant in his personality and character so it'll overpower the non good mantraits, because we all got that. And that's how I had to learnto be a good man, because I had them characteristics. They were alreadythere. The traits was already there. I was doing a lot of themand didn't realize that's what I was doing. But unfortunately, in the state,in the city and did I grew up in, if you weren't abad boy out here causing all kind of trouble and Ruckus, then you werelame, you were a nice guy, you were all the shit. Thatdid not attract a woman, and I'm serious on that one. They leastthat's what it had them to me. Now, I can't speak for theother brothers out here, but that's what happened to me. That was myexperience, and it wasn't until I got out of high school and I actuallystarted living up to who I really was and stopped trying to be somebody thatI knew I can never be, because that just wasn't in me to bethat way, is when the world opened up to me and the good womenjust started coming out the fucking woodwork. I mean it was like roaches toa Jelly Donut, sitting in the middle of the floor. Boom they wason my ass and I you know, and for me that was kind ofunusual because I never had that kind of attention. But it wasn't until Igot older out of high school, left the city I was in and wentsomewhere else. I went to the south. Yeah, that's right, I wentdown to the ATL and I had got a different perspective from some ofthe women that I met down there who were actively outseeking a good man becausethey were good women. And, needless... say, I had a lotof choices, but that was the problem. I wasn't a player type. Iwasn't going to be lying to this one while I'm laying up in thebed with that one. I wasn't trying to take all these numbers in,I wasn't trying to get this little stable of women to compete for my attention. I just wasn't going to do that. And the reason why I wasn't goingto do that because, while I'm holding up, look, I can'tmarry all of them, Kenna, I can only marry one unless I joinone of them poligamous colts. And yet that ain't about to happen because youknow you, your man is not on that religious bullshit in no way,shape or form. So that wasn't going to happen. That was a nonstarterfrom the jump. But the way I looked at it, these are somegood women and there's some good men out there. They missing each other becausethey wasting their time trying to get me to pick them. Is the mainone. I just felt a little, you know, more responsibility to bea little upfront and a little bit more righteous about my shit. You know, I made my choice for the one that I wanted to spend my timewith. It didn't work out the way I wanted to. She portrayed herselfas a good woman and then flip the scripting. decided a good girl wantedto go bad and she went bad and last thing I heard she was acrackhead hole somewhere up and down Olympic Avenue. That was last thing I heard.Now, how much of that is the truth? I don't know.I said I am seen her in years, but that's what I heard, becauseshe decided that the drug dealer was more exciting and more fun to bearound than me and that's who she ran with. You know, she wantedto experience the bad boy lifestyle and, you know, the excitement and thestreet life. Yeah, well, she got a crash course on the streetlight, because I didn't heard some things that she had to do to gethigh, and some of it included a pit bull. I ain't going tosay what with entail with the pit bull, but that's what I heard. Well, actually I saw a photo, but I didn't want to bring thatup. It is what it is. Anyway, we going to keep thisgoing because I believe this is a good topic dead a lot of people,especially women y'all, need to hear this shit, and I know I'm alittle bit raw, unfiltered and sometimes I'm even a little bit harsh on thewomen, and only reason why I'm a little bit more harsher on the womenis because you are our mother's, you are the mothers of our children.You are the child's first teacher in life and it is imperative did you havethe right information and the right situation in the right environment so that you canteach that child correctly? Now you got a man putting you through all kindsof stress and headache. He running around, this woman, that woman, yougoing through all jump through all these hoops trying to catch him and catchher, and man, that's just too much stress and that's too much negativeknowledge for a child to receive at such a young age. I want themto have a healthy mental idea of relationships, not this twisted shit that a lotof us is dealing with and going through right now, and there isa lot of us. Watch more twenty something years, Jerry Springer, twentyfive years, and they can show you did it's a lot of twisty shithappening out here and it doesn't need to be that way. We need towe need to get that shit right. So, now that I gave youa little bit on the beginning of the good man guide. Like I said, we going to get more specific and the next week's episode of the GoodMan Gude, but right now we just wanted to give you an idea ofwhat the show is about and what it is that we trying to accomplish.And mainly we just trying to give good... better game and trying to givegood women game to get to the good man. That's what the good manguide is all about. Now I can't speak for the good women because I'mnot a woman, so I can't do that, but I can speak forthe men, or at least about men, to the women, because I'm aman and this is what I know, and hopefully you ladies will listen tothat and you get that knowledge and you'll learn speak it, live thatgood man, good game truth. So I'm going to end it right thereand I hope you enjoy listening to what I had to say and I hopeyou come back and listen some mo I really do, because we don't getsome serious deep thought into this one, and it might help a lot ofy'all, especially you ladies, because here's the thing that I want to leaveyou with before I go a good man in different parts of the world islooked upon differently compared to hearing the US. A lot out of those women fromSouth America did walk couple of thousand miles to get to America. Ifyou ever get a chance to speak to some of them, and I've spokento a few, because when I lived in in Lant I work with alot of them doing construction stuff like that. You meet a lot of people workedin couple hold tails, warehouses, just that and other and most ofthem spoke really good English. You had the few to have to think accentand made it difficult to kind of understand what they were saying, but youget the gist of what they was talking about. And the thing that I'velearned is that a good man in South America is more popular than the badboy is here in America, and the reason why is because they got thebad boy everywhere, the fucking car taels. That motherfuckers is in the thousands andnot so much working directly for the cartail, but you got thousand motherfuckerto work indirectly for the cartails. So for them women, to find agood man or a good guy is more important than the rich narco or oneto work for the narco. They all got good money, they're all pocketsfat. They appreciate a good guy good man more than women in America appreciatea good guy good man, and that's one of the reasons why they wascoming up here, because they trying to get away from the NARCOLE's, thebad guys, the assholes that they have in abundance down there, because thedrug trade is interwoven and pretty much all of their society and it's making hisway to being interwoven pretty much in all of our society too. But welucked up. We got a little bit better control and the government pretty muchdon't put up a no bullshit like they do down there. So we justwanted to touch on that. I hope you understand where I'm coming from nowand we going to get more into it so you can understand anymore where I'mcoming from. And I'm going to end this episode and if any of youget a chance, please go to og good gamecom. That's www dotoge goodgamecom, and from there you can listen to any of the episodes, anytwo past episodes. If you sign up, you can like, share, commenton any of the episodes. Now, unfortunately, the voice recording thing isnot working the way it's supposed to, or something about flash player, andmaybe that's just my system. So it might work on yours but it'snot working online. I'm just letting you know that right now and I'm workingto rectify that problem asap because, like I said, I'm not sure ifit's just because my system is a little old and since they discontinue and supportfor flash prayer on some of these browsers, that might be the problem. Idon't know. I'll have to check into that, but I am goingto get that salt, that that issue...

...solved, probably over the weekend andI should have everything back up and running no later than Tuesday or Wednesday andnext week, depending on if I got to do all this myself or ifI go out and hire somebody to do some of the work for me.Haven't got to that point yet. Still thinking it out, but that's whereI want to leave this episode at. And once again, if you geta chance, called to www dot og good gamecom and you can leave acomment in the comment sections where it says contact us, and there will bea comment box and put in your email, write your comment. Hitsin solid takesand once again I appreciate everybody for sticking around listening. Thank you forsticking around to endo this episode and, as you know, the way Ialways end it is love, peace and head Greece, and I'm out.

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