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Original Guru of Good Game

Episode · 1 year ago

Podcaster Trailers Wanted


Hello Fellow Podcasters.... I'm looking for Podcasters who got Trailers that would Free Promotions of your Podcast. Send me a 30 second Trailer of your Podcast and I'll play it on "The O.G. of Good Game" podcast for all my listeners to check out your show. Any Podcasters that is interested please send your "30 Second Trailer" file to: OGZeroGame@gmail.com or goto www.OGGoodGame.com and click the contact tab and message me you would like to be in the episode.... Thank you all Listeners and Podcaster for making this a Great community....Luv, Peace, and HairGrease.... OGZ !!!

Welcome back to the original guru of good game. This is your host, the original guru himself, zero game. Listen. I want to give everybody a big shoutout, love hug pound. Just want to show you all the appreciation that I have for you for thanking you so much for listening for as long as you did and as a token of my appreciation for everybody who listened, and even those that listen and don't listen anymore, I still appreciate you listening for as long as you did and if you didn't find what you listening for out there, come back listen again and I love to have you back. So, as a show of appreciation to all of my listeners out there, I'm going to put together an episode coming up and it's going to be...

...basically a podcast trailer episode and I want to show some love to all of the great work is being done by so many podcasters out there that I want to give them a platform to highlight and showcase their show and let you know what's going on and how they show it. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a casting call out for all podcasters out there, and what one is to send me a thirty second trailer of your podcast, talking about it, telling how what you're doing, what you about, what it's about and how people should come check you out and show you some love. So I need any podcaster out there to put together thirty two trailer and send it to og zero game at gmailcom, or you can go to my website, www dotog good gamecom, and then you can just go click on the contact button and contact me through my website and I'll be more than happy...

...to edit it into an episode and it's going to each episode. I'm probably going to do this maybe once twice a month, depending on how many submissions I get. I would like to start off with once a month and move up to twice a month, and I'm going to feature different podcasters trailers and I hope y'all like them and I hope you find something else did you enjoy listening to and check them out and listen and who knows, you might find something that you enjoy better than my show and I'm not mad at you if you do. So all podcasts out there, hit me up asap with your thirty two trailer. Give me an overview of what you're show is and what it is about and who's the people in it, and I'll be more than happy to give you a shout out of love for your show and I will play your trailer on the Og of good game to all my listeners. So...

...that's going to do it for this episode. That's only because I'm trying to get this podcast trailer things set up, but I just wanted to let everybody know what was coming up and I wanted to make sure that you got to hear from me firsthand, the Og himself did. I'm going to be playing the trailers of other podcasters out there to help promote their show and show them some love, because it's really some great shows out there and I want y'all to listen to him, and I hope you do listen to him, but did some really great shows out there and we trying to get the word out and we trying to build up to podcasting empire and we wanted to stretch fine wide and we going to show nothing but love in the podcast community, and that's what I'm doing, showing nothing beloved for the podcast community. So listen back in once we get that episode up and running, we will let you know when it will air. So please keep your ears open and for all you podcast is out there, once again, send me your thirty second trailer...

...to my email address at og zero game at gmailcom. And you can also go to my website, www dot og good gamecom and you can click on the contact button and send me a quick contact message to let me know you want me to put your show on the air and I'll be more than happy to do it, and I'm going to put together a thirty second trailer if you decide to return the favor, I appreciate it. If you don't, it's no big deal. That wasn't what I'm doing in the first place. So I'm just doing this to show y'all love, because I listen to some really good podcast out here with some great shows, and I want to share that greatness with everybody else who willing to listen. So that will do it today for the Og of good game. Short episode, I know, but don't worry, the love will be coming back next Tuesday at eleven am and we going to kick it about how we can improve our community healthcare system.

You know, I've been having some thoughts about how we can improve access to the vaccine, access to just standard healthcare and, you know, just general checkups and stuff. So we're going to come up with a preventive care using shipping containers as check up locations. Get looked over, get your blood pressure check, get your heart rate check, you know what I'm saying, just the basic things find out if anything might need to be further investigated. So you need to go to the hospital, but this way we going to call it preventive maintenance. That's what we need in our communities and they would make grate locations to administer vaccine when you need to do it in a large scale situation. In the fact that they're made of shipping containers means they can be lifted in transported to whatever area they are needed. So we don't get into that next week and I hope everybody tune in listening and if you got any thoughts on that, you want to kick it about it or you think it's...

...a good idea or if you think it's bad idea, hit me up and let me know and you can call in now as seven six five, six, two, six nine seven five. That one six five, six, two, six, nine seven five. You can call seven and leave a voice message and I'll be sure to listen to it and possibly play it on the air, and that will do it for me. So I'm going to end this episode. Were always in my episodes. Love, peace and Air Greece.

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