Original Guru of Good Game
Original Guru of Good Game

Episode · 1 year ago

O.G. of good game update


Check out The O.G. of Good Game at it's new Date and Time... Starting 12-1-2020 New episode of the O.G. of Good Game, Tuesdays at 11am EST. An All New Website with all new feature goto WWW.OGGOODGAME.COM... See ya in 2 week... OGZ

This is an official, the original GooRoom of good game update. Ladies and Gentlemen, if Ye are shutting downThursday night at seven P M, that's right, you will no longer be able tocatch the old go good game on Thursdays at seven P m. In two weeks we will becoming back on December first Tuesday, at eleven, a M that'll be our new timeTuesdays at eleven a m. will you catch all the new episodes of the originalGooroo of good game? In the meantime, while you're waiting, you can go to www,og God gamecock and check out some past episodes and enjoy the first and secondseasons, and when we come back, we will have fresh new topics with fresh newepisodes and a fresh new website for all loose features, and we look forwardto seeing your back in two weeks. So don't be late. Two Weeks December,first eleven am new episodes only on the og of good game.

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