Original Guru of Good Game
Original Guru of Good Game

Episode · 7 months ago

No SEX Relationships - How do you Define it?


No Sex Relationship ! How do you define it ? How do Deal with it ? How do you Survive it ?Today I answer some of those questions, but need your answers to these same questions ! Maybe you have a question that I didn't cover, you would like an answer to. Call in your with Thoughts or Answers : 716-562-6975You can Email me : OGZeroGame@Gmail.comYou can goto the Website leave a voice message : www.OGGoodGame.comNext Week on "The O.G. of Good Game" --- Hook-Up Sites Review !!! Don't spend a penny, until you check this episode out first.Until then "Love, Peace, and Hair Grease ! "OGZ"

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