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Money The root of all our Problems


On the Season #2 Finale' "Money the root cause of all our current and future Problems" And an Simple Solution of Revolution !!!!

Hello everybody, welcome back to anotherexciting episode of the original Guru of good game, and this is your host, the one and only original guru of good game himself, zero game.But you can call me zero, you can call Me Zero Ge, youcan call me Z, you call me Zg, you can call me theold Zg, you can call me just Z or just G, I don'treally care. I respond to every single one of them and I once againwant to appreciate everybody for sticking with me and listening and for the likes,to shares, the comments, that reviews, the subscriptions, everything. Thank youso much, y'all. Really just don't know how much I appreciate itand I wish I could explain it better in the words, but I don'tknow how to put a hug into a word. So I would love togive every one of y'all hug for being fans or listeners or Patrens, whatevery'all want to call yourselves. I just really want to say thank you.I really do appreciate all that love Y'all showing me. So we are goingto get in today's episode, and today's episode is a little bit different.It's kind of on a little twisted side, but it is a much necessary andneeded subject to talk about, and this subject is money, the rootof all evil and mental health. Oh Yeah, I know I'm going toget deep on your ass on this one, but you know what, because thismoney, we deserve to get deep on it, because that shit ain'tno good money, has never been no good money. Is the slave chainsthey put around your neck, the invisible. These are invisible slave chains they putaround you know. This what I want everybody to do when the nexttime you go online or on your phone and when you just have a fewminutes to read something, I want you to go google the Willie Lynch doctrine. Now, I know that those from that racist era of slave trade,especially during the Jim Crow they keep saying that all Willie Lynch was a mythology, Willie Lynch never existed. Yeah, if you trying to cover up youryour violent, murderous past, yeah, you're going to say some shit likethat. That, I mean, that's only natural. People trying to,you know, defend their character and their family legacy in the name of theirfamily. Of course they going to say some shit like that. Did Ooeating ever existed? This was just a mythology. Now, the thing aboutthe Willie Lynch Doctrine, and incidentally, this is where the term lynching camefrom, was from Willie Lynch. But you know, as they say,he didn't exist. This was all the mythology. Yauda, Yada, Yada, Yada. Okay, I'll listen to you bullshit on a later date,but I believe the fucker existed. And the Willie lench doctrine says that youshould have the old slave pitted against the young slave, the light skinned slavepitted against the dark skinned slave. If you keep this up, then youwill keep control of the slave for hundreds of years to come. That's whathe believed. So that's why he constantly Pitt with well, shit, whythey pitting us against each other right now? The young against the old, delightagainst the dark, the woman against the man, the man against thewoman. Keep that conflict going. Remember Son Zoo. One of his greatestmilitary strategies always was I recommend everybody read his book the art of War,but do read it. And one of his greatest military strategies was to divideand conquer. We still use that shit... military conflicts this very day.Right now over somewhere overseas, we trying to divide two factions up so wecan kick the ass because see, if they unite, then Oh man,it's too many of them. You know, be hard ass fight to beat.You know, we might not win, but if we divide them and they'resmaller than we go kick the ass first and then when they see howbad we kick the ASS, the motherfuckers over there may not fight as toughor it's hard to defend themselves against us after we you know, they seewhat we did to them, so they might even bow down and accept ourbullshit, or they'll just fight until we just wipe them out. Then theywon't be a problem anyway. That was the Willie Lynch doctor and the reasonwhy I bring Willie Lynch up in the first place, when it comes tomoney, is because the entire slave trade was nothing but about money. That'sall it was. It was money a lot of people. All they weretrying to get slaves do their labor. Exactly the point, Labor which youusually get paid for. But if we go get us a bunch of Niggas, we ain't got to pay him Shit but a whip, tell him togrow their own vegetables in the back of the little barracks and here's some entrailsand some leftover shit that we ain't going to eat off the pig of thecow that you motherfuckers can have. So that's what's left over and that's whaty'all gonna do with it. But I bring that up because, I said, Willie Lynch, it was all about control and controlling their slaves so thatthey can get that free labor so they can build that wealth. A lotof people in this country who come from money come from slave made money.That money did you so comfortably sit on and living your lavish privilege lifestyle?You got all that, your ancestors got all that wealth on the oppression,the mistreatment and the abuse of black people, of slaves, slave labor, whereyou didn't have to pay them to work, because wife folks weren't goingfor that. Who came from England and all over and was coming to thiscountry. You was not about to put them on your plantation and had themworking out there picking cotton and picking tobacco for free. They wasn't going todo it and you knew Dan well, you couldn't do that to a whiteperson because they wasn't going to go for that Shit. So you came upwith your idea, Hey, let's just go get some slaves. They cando the work, we can get paid, will be wealthy. What more couldyou ask for? So the reason why I brought that up in itscontents of the money, is because first that was the first half of theWillie Lynch doctor. Now, later on you'll see that the paradigm shifted duringthe freeing of the slaves and it was known that the European model of slaverywas different, and it went something like this. With physical slavery you haveto house the slave, feed the slave and close the slave, and thenyou have to discipline, plan the slave, using the most harshest of disciplinary actionsto keep the slave in place. The URINPIAN model was to switch fromchange to finance, to where you control the money that the slave gets andlet the slave go out and pay for his home, pay for his clothes, pay for his own food. In this way you can control the slavewithout actually have them to have possession of...

...the slave. It will be this. The best slave is the one that freely volunteers to be a slave,and that's how they are controlling us because right now, in this world thatwe live in and our society and our culture and our economic our global economicsystem, it is God. It is the only God, and people willsay you crazy saying some shit like that. What's wrong with you, man?Money Ain't no god. Done this say in Your Bible? Did youthou shall not worship false gods? Idolatry? Ain't that what they called it?Idol worshiping? Show me how to fuck y'all. Not Worshiping money.Right now, y'all got TV shows bragging about hum with you all the lavishshit you can buy with your money. It was called lifestyles that are richand famous. Now is called most expensivest, and I don't even think that expensiveis is a fucking word, but I guess it is now. Butthat's what the new show is going around seeing how you can spend this moneyin how much shit costs and all of this shit to live to the richlifestyle. That is idle worshiping. Any fucking way y'all want to try toread justify it or redefine it, is still comes down to the same thingthat you worshiping something that ain't even alive, a piece of paper with some inkand some numbers on it. That's all the hell it is, andY'all worshiping it like it's a God. And you don't think so, youdo? You think I'm wrong on this? You think I'm maybe just a crackpotfucker is making up some crazy ass shit off the top of this herey'all going into the conspiracy theory now, crap, even though money is aconspiracy in itself. But that's a whole nother conversation we can have on alater date. But right now, for what I'm talking about. Money isour God. How many times you heard a preacher so I need money todo the Lord's work. Please give freely and your donations to the church sowe can carry on the work of the Lord. Yeah, yeah, tellme, I am and that Shit right now. How many of them TVangelical preachers we did now known? Did Woo? They got busted on someserious shit, didn't they not to mention that them having sex with children orhaving homosexual sex when they on TV and on the pulpit preaching about how allall those homosexuals and people that indulge in that kind of as they say,abnormal behavior will burn in the eternal flames. Uh Hell, how many times wedidn't hurt them? fucking say that. And then they get busted because theyup in the hotel room with some methane and fetamine, bent over atable with a buffed out massage therapist ramming the asshole out. But they're notgoing to burn in Hell because, why? They carry the Bible around and preachthe word of the Lord. You See? Do you see the howthis shit is getting on, twisted and fucked up? How to very religionthat's supposed to free us from slavery is the one that's helping to keep usin slavery over this piece of paper that we call money. We slaves toit, we worship it. We freely became slaves to it and we freelyworship a false god, idol, a symbol, an image, piece offucking paper, and we out here worshiping it like it's the greatest thing thatis ever happen to mankind, and in reality it is. The worst thingthat ever happened to humans on this planet was the interjection of money into ourlives. That shit ain't nothing but pain and anguish. It creates abhorrn behavior. Look at what people to do to get it. I mean we gotchildren murdering the families they parents, sisters, brothers, try to collect insurance money. We got husband's killing wives, wives killing husbands to get the insurancemoney so they can get paid and lived...

...a good life. We got ourchildren ten, Leven, twelve, thirteen years old underground prostitutes. Did youdon't even know they I'll here selling ass for five, ten dollars, pairof sneakers, gold chain. Some of them in poor neighborhoods is so desperateto just have anything of any value coming today life. They out here sellingPussy and booty for hamburger, for some groceries to go indifigerator, to coverthe rent in this rat infested, run down, roach infested piece of ShitAss apartment that they sell an ass for so they ain't sleeping on the streetcorner. But then I know all of Y'all who living in a nice homein a nice neighborhood. You know it's your fault. You like that.It's your fault that you didn't have a better life. It's all your fault. You blame the victim. That's always been the problem with this country.Blame the victim. Is the victim's fault as your fault. Woman out heredressing like that, you get rap that's your fault. Young man out heredress like that, walking around hiphopping and be bopping of you get shot bythe cops. That's your fault. Blame the victim, all the while worshipingthe all mighty mother a fucking dollar, the Almighty dollar. To See,money doesn't really do shit. Can you put money on your plate? NEATthat Shit? Can you take stacks of money and build you a fucking housewith it that will protect you from the elements? If a bear running atyour ass and about to swipe half your ass off your take out that knotof money and throw it out and see what happens. Money doesn't do shit. Money doesn't put the seed in the ground. Money doesn't make the groundgive up new trients for the sea for it to grow. Money doesn't makethe seed grow. Money doesn't make the seed sprout. Money doesn't make itturn into a plant. Money doesn't make it produce fruit and vegetables. Moneydon't do none of that Shit. Money don't do a damn thing. Moneydoesn't make your clothes money didn't build your house. Your car is not madeof money. You can't take stacks of money and build a car and drivearound a fucking town in it. You can't test stack up money and makea heavy earth moving equipment and clear out some land to build homes or putout a fire. Can't do none of that shit with money. Money can'tdo none of that Shit. All money can do is go from one fuckinghand to the other. That's it. That's all its purposes to go fromone hand to the other and to say, if I give you this piece ofpaper, you either give me that good product or service. Now,if that ain't a con job of the highest proportions, then you people areseriously sleeping and somebody need to slap your ass awake if you don't see this, unless you just delusional and you don't want to see it, because that'sthe only way you can see it. Either you sleeping because they didn't gotyour ass lulled in the mind and constantly dreaming about an American dream that theyprojecting your brain, or you just in a delusional motherfucker who just don't wantto admit reality smacking you in the face on a daily basis, and that'sthe honesty guy true. That's why we need to get off this money game. We need to create the People's crypto currency. That is our role toeconomic freedom, and we start dropping these fucking central banks and these federal reservesand tell him to go fuck themselves. We are no longer going to bewilling and dealing in your slave chains. We don't take yo chains off ourneck and we going to live free now. If you want to be part ofthis economic system, you better come correct. If you don't, thenyou better step the fuck off. So that's just the way it's got.The role playing and simple because, like I said, money creates abhorrent behavior. It is would make us do dumb...

...shit because we have to get itin order to pay rent or mortgage, pay lights or gas, pay forfood, pay for fuel, pay for clothing, pay for medical expenses andhealthcare expenses. The only way we can get that shit is chasing that fuckingdollar bill at cheap ass, little piece of paper. That's what we chasing. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves that we devolved this far down towhere there is no honor anymore amongst our people. When it come down togetting that fucking money. People will do damn near anything to get paid,anything, and some people are willing to walk bare foot through hell. Ofcourse, you may not make it to the other fucking side, you know, barefoot through hell, more than likely you won't burn the fuck up,but hey, you think you're going to get paid, so you won't doit anyway. That's how fucked up our society has become. That's how fardown we devolved from honorable people to abhorrent animals, consuming like wild locusts,with no direction, no wisdom, no knowledge, no nothing. We juststrictly on instinct consume as much as we can, quickly as we can beforewe die. That's messed up. That really is messed up because now,through this system, we have homelessness, both adults and children, starvation toentire regions of the planet. You know, whole countries of starving because they ain'tgot no money to buy shit. But they got plenty of land togrow shit, but they got the buy the seeds from the rest of thesegreen motherfuckers out here who don't want to help. Their idea help, we'regoing to send you some bags or rice. Okay, that that's all they said. I mean, I know Y'all was waiting on me to say someother shit, but that pretty much it. They send them bags of rice,and that's supposed to help this country at homeless people. Instead of sendingthem bags of rice seeds and vegetable seeds in the equipment needed to farm theyland, you send them a bag of rice. Send them over container loadsof rice. Come on over and get a SCOOPA rice and they fill upa bucket of rice and they go back and Bour it in some water andsit there and eat some rice. Nothing else, just rice, and that'ssupposed to be was helping these people. See, that's just another way ofcontrolling the people. Better do what the fuck we tell you. We won'tbe bringing you no rice. There's always been in this saying, and myfather told me this when I was really young and we was out fishing too, you know, and he sitting there and he wanted to give his littleboy some wisdom. Looked over at me, SIS son, I want to tellyou something. You always remember this. If you see a starving man andyou give him a fish, he eat for that day. And ifyou see a starving man and you teach him how to fish. He eatsfor a lifetime. That's what my father told me when I was really youngand I've always kept that in my head, which is why some people you knowdamn, and you don't do. You know, you don't really giveout money to people be asking for money. Ain't that I'm trying to you know, like I ain't. Don't care about somebody on the street and,you know, hungry and begging. But some of them already know they doingit for drugs. Ain't doing it because they hungry or ain't doing just theydoing it because they trying to get high, and I will not contribute to Yogetting high. I got my own get high habit. I need tosupply, so I'm not about to take away from my habit to help youwith yours. Do like I do, do your shit and then pay forit yourself instead of asking somebody else to give you some money to pay forit. I only do marijuana, I mean grow my home, you know, pick me off a couple of buzz...

...and I'm straight. I don't haveto bear for nobody, nor I have to get money to go getting uh. You know what I'm saying, and no, I'm not selling. Soanybody ass I ain't selling you shit. Grow y'all just like I did,and we going to leave it at that. Far As that conversation about marijuana.We might pack it up later on another episode, but we don't leaveit at that anyway. I just wanted to emphasize this cryptocurrency maybe our future. We create a community base currency, because it is perfectly legal for usto create a community currency, and we spend that in the communities that welive in. And how we give that that currency value? By switching allover to alternative, natural, renewable energy. We put in an energy production projectand we let that project produce energy that we feed back into the gridand either they give it to us and they pay us the retail value incash, or they give it to us in credit. Either way it go. That's what we back our money with. So we never over extend ourselves,we never underplay ourselves and we have complete control of our currency. NotSomebody else beca see the Federal Reserve. They can stop printing money anytime theyfucking feel like it. Ain't Shit we can do about it. A bitchwine and mown. That ain't a really good way to go. Is it? Yeah, I ain't think so. I ain't trying to do that Shittyand that's why I recommend it. We come up with our own currency,of community based currency, to people's currency, for the people of the people,by two people in control by the people. Let them motherfuckers come tous with hat in hand and giving US offer to get our currency, insteadof us on bended knee asking for employment so we can get their currency justso we can live. Far as I'm concerned, it shouldn't be no costfor necessities of life, shelter, food, energy and clothing. You should nothave to pay for that Shit. Now you want to intern access,cell phone service, big screen TV's all that other extra shit. You're okay, I can see that. But for somebody to have a place to live, heat to keep on warm, light so they can see in the dark, water so they can quench the thirst, food so they can satisfy the hungerand clothing so they can covered a naked ass everything else, then that'sa want, and then you should go after that your own self. Orwe should have put it in a way that makes it attainable for everybody ifthey work at it. You know, I want a new flat screen TV. All right, I'll go work for this community manufacturing system or building alocation and I'll work and for every ten TV's I help manufacture, I getone. That's fair and that would be fair for everybody. You know,equal opportunity across the board. Nobody gets an advantage. Everybody has the sameopportunity to do what everybody else do or to get or to come up,or whatever you want to call it. Everybody has the same opportunity. That'sthe way we should roll that shit across the board. Equal Opportunity, becauseI want you people to remember one thing is I'm about to end this episoderight now, but this is the one thing that I need y'all to rememberand always keep this in your brain, the front part, and also fileit in the back part, so and you not concentrated on the front part. That's subconsciously that sucker kick in when you just out and about on yourdaily life. But remember this if you can, if you got to getthis fucking tattooed on your ass so you always remember this. But always,always, always, always fucking remember this... thing that I say to you. If you disregard every fucking thing else, I've ever said on any of myepisodes, but remembered this one very important and significant quote. You cannothave rich people without poor people. Did you hear me? Let me sayit again. There can be no rich without poor, because it's everybody rich, then there's no poor, than nobody's rich because everybody is equal. Sothere is no rich. So you have to create a poor class of peoplein order for you to look down and say I'm rich. You can't haverich without poor and I hope y'all take that to heart and always remember youcannot have rich people without poor people. Rich people need poor people to existso they can live rich. That is just the reality of the situation.So always remember that and once again, I want to thank everybody for listeningin and for those that don't listen to me anymore, do appreciate you listeningfor as long as you did and I hope that you come back and ifyou don't, I hope that you find what you're listening for. But forthose who sticking with me, I really do appreciate you sticking with me andI want to give you a love shout out. For everybody didn't like listen, shared subscribed reviewed anything. I do appreciate it and if you get achance, go to the og good Gamecom and you can even leave me avoice message or you can send me a direct email message right from the website, and I do appreciate it and I hope that everybody, and I meaneverybody, find what it is they looking for in life and get that happinessin that stress free lifestyle that we all striving for, and we going totalk about that in the future episode. Also, I want to mention thatthis will be the last episode of this season. So we are ending outseason two with this episode. We will be back in two weeks with thepremiere of season three. You know how I'm going to in this? Yeah, I know. I'm going to in this same way. I'm going toalways in this because I really do mean that and I hope that you findit. Love, peace and hair grease. I'm out.

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