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Mobile Preventative Health Care Facilities.


This is my solution for Health Care in the Poor and rural areas. Use Shipping Containers as Mobile preventive Health care locations and Vaccination distribution. What are your thoughts on this idea? Also this can work any where in the world !!!!Let me know your thoughts contact me:www.OGGoodGame.comOGZeroGame@Gmail.com716-562-6975

Welcome, Ladies and gentlemen, to aanother, exciting episode of the original Guru of good game with yourhost, the o g himself, zero gain to day on the O G of good game, mobile, preventive health care,satellite locations, preventative health care forcommunities and rural areas that don't necessarily have a health care facilityor a clinic that they can get quality, preventative health care. We don't getinto that right now. Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen, toanother exciting episode of the original grow of Good Gait. With yourhost, the original guru himself, zero... Listen, I want to give everybodya shout out of love and thanks for listening to the show, and if we'resticking with me as long as you did, I really appreciate it. Thank you so muchand I hope you keep on listening and rolling this journey with me- we'll seehow far it goes and for those that have listened and don't listen, any morelisten. I appreciate you listen in for as long as you did. Thank you very muchfor listening and if you don't find what you're listening for out there andyou want to come back love to have you listen again. So, let's get in today'stopic and that is mobile, preventive health care facilities. Now we going through a serioussituation with this coved virus. Before we get into this, I want to make shortan I let everybody know that we are now Wednesdays at noon iswhen the new episodes of the original... of good game will drop will beevery Wednesday at twelve noon. This is now the permanent home of the Ojo good game every Wednesday at noon just wanted toget that in there and let you know that we found our permanent home, and thisis where we're going to be at from now on until the show ends. So I hope youstick with me and I hope you enjoyed a new time and date and hope it work outfor you, that's only so you can listen moreanyway. Let's get into this topic today, we are talking about mobile, preventivehealth care facilities. Now we going through a serious littlesituation with the coved pandemic, twenty eight million infected over fivehundred thousand dead and counting and that's some serious shit, but we need to start working better at howwe administer preventive health care...

...and health care period to our citizens,and that's a real fundamental thing that we need towork together as a collective community. Instead of all this by partisanbickering and back and forth- and you said he said she said- you tweeted- Shetweeted he tweeted enough at his bullship seriously enough. People are dying andYo'all sitting here, playing this little back and forth Grade School Yard,I'm mad at you, you mad at me. We goin to go back and forth B s put it to the side for a minute andlet's take care of our people. Now. One of the ways we need to start takingcare of our people is preventative health care. We need to prevent a lotof these ailments in conditions that arise from long periodsof time of not addressing certain health conditions that you need to orjust to know what going on with you.

If you sick or if something's, notworking right or you feel in a certain way, it helps to be able to nip thatshit in the bud before it becomes a problem, not a problem that we have and mostworking class communities is not enough available facilities that we can go tofor preventive health care, see back in the day, and I remember this toodoctors used to come to your house and check up on you and make sure you areright or if you get sick, they'll come through the crib check. You out. Lookyou over determine whether you need to go to the hospital or whether it's justsomething mild that you can eventually ride out now see that's that doesn'thappen anymore. We got to blind money on that one because you know as moreand more doctors we're getting hit with law suits by the unscrupulous people. They decided. He I ain't doing how secalls I'm get sue for it. I came there... help you now, I'm not God. I cannotwave a magic stethoscope and everything is better. Certain things is just whatnothing I can do. The idea of preventative health care is to preventhealth conditions before they get back now. The problem is, is that we don'thave these facilities in our communities. It cost a lot to buildthem or it cost even more to try to lease the facility, and you know howthese commercial real estate guys is they greedy as hell, and they going tocharge you up the ass so solution, especially in ruralneighborhoods and working neighborhoods or poor neighborhoods. Let's just bestraight up and poor neighborhoods and the ghetto or the trailer park,whatever the fuck, you want to call por the best way to do that is to turnshipping containers into mobile preventive health care facilities. Theycan be run by registered nurses or head...

...nurses, and they could do the thingsthat mostly get done when you come in for a check up. Take your bloodpressure. Take your heart rate, your temperature check your breathing andthey can compile that and keep a record of. You know how you doing if yourblood pressure was high this week it was lower next week. You know you cancome back in daily for check ups and assistance. They can help withmedication, helping you understand your prescription, medication and here's themain thing they could administer vaccines. So we wouldn't have this confusion thatwe go on on right now. Basically, left over from the previous shit showadministration, because he just left everybody out to dry said fuck. It doit for yourselves. For those who, like that Shit, showadministration how that small government worked out for you, becausehe wasn't administering a damn thing as far as the vaccine or even protectiveequipment. So how that small government... out for you didn't do too wellanyway, getting back on this subject with these containers we can designthem so that their off grit containers or they can be on grid solid panels, battery array, charge, controller setthe whole damn thing up: Drop it right in the neighborhood mobile preventativehealthcare facility right there you can connect to the satellite or whateverand transmit data and information. If need be, you can plug it directlyinto the grid system, but all in all they can be lifted andmove were needed and whatever part of the community they're needed, and since we got so many of them, damnthings sitting in a junkyard. Oh, we got plenty and they can be left once they droppedas a permanent preventative health care facility and people in the neighborhoodand go there for I'm not feeling okay,...

...they can get a quick check up. We can, since the zoom thing is bigtime now, you can do live. Video calls with doctor at a local hospital and inthat way, report directly live video to the doctor. You can even turn thecamera on the page and had a doctor take a quick look and say you know whatcan't really tell from the camera. But I'm saying some things that concern meschedule appointment and have them come in and in Bam. pointment can be made, thengo and get checked up, and we can prevent a lot of the high cost asassociated with diseases and ailments that afflict us by preventing them frombecoming a serious problem by catching it before it does andthat's what these facilities would allow in the community and in thehealthcare industry. We can catch a lot of the stuff before it get bad, treatit to where we can get it under control and in some cases I actually reverse itand cure it.

Simple Solutions: You can retrofitthese shipping containers to actually have the freezer on there. They canhold the vaccine and you can have mobile transportation from say a main hospital facility wherethey do have the ability to store the vaccines and then just like over or door dash or skip the dishes.Whatever the delivery services is, you can hire some hospital staff for people who want to make a few extradollars doing vaccine deliveries and they just hit up these locations asthey report in need it and you can have vaccines boom on the spot to theselocations within thirty minutes. So, even if you run out you put in a quickor online order, however, you set up the system and then they can be pullingthem stagging them, throwing them in the truck.

Don't drive it here within thirtyminutes, because, right now the logistics is what's causing the delayand vaccine getting to these pharmacies. And then the problem with thepharmacies is: is that there's only so many of them in so many areas, becausethere's none in the port and working poorer communities? Ain't, not I'M! Inthere we got to go away the hell outside of our community. You find thepharmacy is going to do that and transportation time. Sometimes it'sjust not convenient, and sometimes it's just not possible, but you can rollthese shipping containers in semi drop him on a location, empty lot parkinglot. However, you work it out as far as the community believe me in the poorcommunities you're going to find an empty lot to drop a couple of them.Suckers in this is a way you can actually have home health AIDS have alocation that they can work out of in that community. So if they're doinghome healthy and they feel like one of...

...their clients- is not looking too goodor maybe they came through and noticed that they was flushed or Pale or look like they was hot or sweatand got a fever or something you know you might just a look like you're, notfeeling good. Well, you know what let's going down here. Just ispreventative health care facility. Nurses can check them out. They live video conference with adoctor who can oversee the examination and then have live streaming. Datacoming right to his screen and he can look at the broad pressure,the heart rate body temperature, whatever else that he might need tomake a determined to say you know what how that person come in and because you have these locations,which act is preventive health care maintenance, making a lot of easier formts to know where they need to go to get to whoever they need to get to.

That's just my thought on it. So people,let me know what you think about this- give me some feedback at www, O g, goodgamecock. You can email me with any of your comments: REVIEWS IDEAS TO O g zero game at Gailo. You can alsoleave a voice mail. You can call me at seven hundred and six five, six, twosix, nine seven, five, that seven one six, five, six, two six nine seven five give me call leavea message. Let me know what you think, we'll take you from there and possiblyput you on the next episode or follow up when we do follow up on this one,because we definitely going to do follow up on this one. So keeplistening, keep coming back. If you go to the website, www og, good gamecock,you can subscribe right there on the site and you can get in foling updatesand will let you know on all the new,...

...exciting things we got coming so signedup, and you can get all that info coming to you and believe me, I'm notgoing to over load you with a whole bunch of damn emails. Only once newthings is happening, or only when I'm giving you updates. That's it Wen gonnago crazy on you, so I want to say that everybody please be safe out here, make sure where you mass social distance and wash your hands. Sowe can get this covin thing out of our lives or at least get it under control.So we can get back to somewhat of a normal life and, more importantly, sowe can stop having people die from it, and that should be the most importantthing. We don't want nobody else to die from this virus and we should all workto make sure that that don't happen. So I'm going to in this episode rightnow. I do appreciate you all listening and thank you for letting me throw thislittle idea out there to you. Hopefully... all see some merit in it and if yougot any comments or any ideas or any way to make it better or just to tellme, I'm fully shit hit me up so dat. I do it for me for this episode,and you know time for me to in this the way I always go missing. Y' know I'Mgonna end this love peace and hair grease and I'm out a.

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