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Love and Fear the two most powerful Vibrations in the Universe.


Love and Fear are the two most powerful vibrations in the universe. They also make us all do things that are good for us and bad for us. This episode I get a lil deep on this one, with alot more follow up to come.... goto for future follow up's on past episodes.

Welcome back to another excitingepisode of the original go o o game. Your hose, the original group himself,Oh gee, but you can just call me, be original, go room, zero game! You cancall me zero. You Call me Z, G, Zero G, Z, G, whatever just long as you call meI'll respond to it all how we doing to day. I just want to give a shout out toeverybody who stuck around with me all those who listen like shared comment. Iwant to thank you so much for all of it and for those that decided that theydidn't want to stick around for the journey. I appreciate you stickingaround as long as you did. I hope you find what you're listening for and ifyou ever get a chance come on back. I'M gonna. Have you back so today's episode, we are going totalk about love and fear, probably more about the fear than we are to love,because pretty much mostly all got the love thing down, or at least you tryingto welcome to the club I'm still trying toits never ending journey. It's always going to be out here trying to find thetrue meaning of love and trying to find love and places that normally you don't find love. So wehope that we going to find this love that we looking for, but one thing isfor sure we damn sure found all the fear that we wasn't looking for it's justthere and is waiting on us and it's fucking with us. So we going to break that down a littlebit today and, let's start off with this love, you know, love is probablyone of the most powerful vibrations in the universe. It pretty much makes upthe universe. Now we call it love now I don't know about any life on otherplanets. I do believe that there is, and they may not call it love and mightbe called something different. Who knows one day we will find out eitherwe will prove that there is no other life in the galaxy or we will find lifein the galaxy. So we'll see what happens in the future. Hopefully, we'llknow that answer before we all hit eighty ninety or before we all as theysay, get called the glory or called home or call to the upper room, one of them. But let's see what happens now, a lot of people that I havenoticed in my lifetime have a very confused definition of whatlove supposed to be, what love should be and what love theywanted to be, and I think that's was causing a lot ofconflict within relationships. Is that we don't understand what it is. We loveand don't love.

We use the word freely and we throw itout there all the time and do people actually honestly understand what thatword means the real definition of it. I tend to think not, and only becausethe way certain people act when it comes to that issue and some of them they kind of fucked up in the head andthat's just the reality of the reality. That is a lot of fucked up people outhere, walking around with a fucked up mentality, a fucked up attitude and theactions are completely fucked up because they reflect howfucked up they are. We can say that's life, but that's justa little bit generalizing it in pacifying it too much when we get into certain issues when itcomes to love like take lust, for instance, a lot of people confuse lustwith love, I think just because I got that goodnut or just because I want that person so badly, that I must love them andthat's just a delusion, lust and love or two different things just like want desire. Those are different things, but we tendto associate those things with love. You know I want somebody bad enough. ILove Them. I want this car bad enough. I love this car. I want this house badenough. I love it and same thing with desire. I desire this person, so itmust be love. I desire this car or this house or this job or this lifestyle, soI must love it when in reality, that's not love. That's obsession twisted sense of reality because yousteadily going after shit that actually doesn't mean anything. We don't put emphasis on the love wehave for t individuals, we put emphasis on the love we have for things,inanimate objects, shit that ain't alive and then, when we do put lovetowards a person, is always conditional and is based on certain things or acertain attitude or a certain way. They Act. Then we love them, but if theydon't do what we want the way we want how we want when we want, we don't lovethem any more hill, we borderline hate. Now we got that out the way and westarting to get into this hate thing. Hate is not real. That's why I'm getting into this fearthing right now, because fear is, is the second most powerful vibrationin the universe see we all get to believe that hate is a real emotion when hate is amanifests, a mask for fear, and we got to understand that what wefeel is a vibration and it's not a fun,... don't think hate. You feel hate,you don't think anger. You feel anger, you don't think resentment, you feelresentment, you don't think N V, you feel and resthouse are all vibrations.If we start to understand that the human mind, thoughts that we come upwith is energy. Energy produces vibrations and those vibrations go outinto the universe and they make things happen or cause situations or actions to takeplace, because those vibrations are vibrating out in the universe, becauseour whole universe is a vibration. Let's get that straight right noweverything vibrates in this universe, including the universe itself, evenvibrates. So when we look at our minds producing vibrations, these feelingswith our vibrations, you don't think you love somebody, you feel love forsomebody. You don't think excitement you feel excitement you don't thinkhappy! You feel happy! You don't think joy, you feel joy, see those arevibrations and when we understand that their vibrations, then we have a betterunderstanding as to how they affect us on a physical and metaphysical level,because we don't pay attention that sometimes our feelings and ourvibrations causes reactions and actions within our worldand that's something that we need to concentrate more on and emphasize more,and I think we can get a better handle of controlling bad emotions or negativeemotions that we push out and then we can produce more positive emotions andhave a more positive income in the society that surrounds us. That's something we got to work on, butthat fear thing fear is the number one emotion when it comes to negativity.It's always fear. You fear that this person going to whip your ass, so youget angry at him. You fear that your old lady or your old man is fuckingsomebody else, so you get angry and you come up with hate or you animosity orresentment towards the other person. Even though that other person may notknow nothing about, you never knew you exist. It was your significant of theirspouse, husband, whatever fuck. You want to call him that we're deceivingthat person and believing that they felt something for that person, andthey deceived you by telling you nothing about the other person. Butthen, when you find out, the usual reaction for humans is to go after theother person. If a woman suspected her man was cheating and she caught him inthe act, she don't go start slapping and scratching and beating on his assfirst. She goes slapping and scratching and try to beat the woman's ass, andthat's her fear that this woman is...

...doing something that I'm not doing thisattracting my mate to want to be with this person now. Are you going to leaveme for? If you fucking around, is the sex but, and you you know your mind-will start trying to fill in the blanks, especially when you're dealing withsomebody who won't give you a direct or correct answer. So your mind fillingthe blanks and it's just those all kind of shit in your head and makes you go a little bit apeshit a little bitbetty a little bit crazy. You know, whereas my uncle used to say batshitcrazy, and it will make you do that- that is the power of fear. Fear is more real than hate anger,jealousy animosity despitefulness. All that Shit is all derived from fear when you fear youproduce additional emotions or mask emotions to say: Well, I'm not scared,I'm just mad or I'm angry or I'm upset or I'm disappointed. All of those isjust fear. All of those is just cover. UPS, for fear, fear is the true enemythat we face. That is the true plight of humans is to conquer their fear or,if you can't conquer it at least recognize when you are fearful ofsomething and then be able to direct your actions or reactions. If that's the case on howto deal with that fear and how to deal with the situation that you end mostpeople respond and deal with fear in the most unproductive way you can.Think of so we need to work on ending our fearof life. The thing is, we fear, because nobody wants to die and we fear death. So in that fearing of death, we try tolive as much life as we can, because we fear that it's going to come to an endsome time, so we over indulge. We overdo we get carried away, because whybetter do it now before die and we scared to die fear will prevent you from going to thedoctor and getting a check up fear will prevent you from saying that, Oh thisdiscomfort, I'm feeling is nothing is just you know, you're make an excusefor it, because you scared it's going to be something serious that could belife threatening and we feared that we don't have the resources to deal withthat condition or that ailment or that sickness. We just don't have theresources to properly treat it. so that's what scares us from going tofind out if we sick, if we fucked up, if we need help and that same fearapplies to our daily lives on how we live, how we interact with one another.We fear letting somebody else know the truth about us and fear that they mightgo out and tell somebody else, and then you get embarrassed or ridiculed orinsulted. So you mask that fear and...

...turn it into hate anger and it justmanifests abhorrent behavior, because we fear got to learn how to control. That fear.I mean we all have fear every one of us is not a matter of whether or not youhave fear or you fearless. Not all of us can be Batman, the man without fearand all of that Shit. All of us have fear all of us. Every single one of us.The quest should be how to control yourself, in spite of fear, that's thetrue battle right dear. How do I control myself? In spite of my fear,they allow myself to move forward and push him on, even though I am fearful.That's how you overcome fear is t you face it and then you you challenge itI'm on to challenge my fear. I'm scared to death, but damn it I'm not going tolet that prevent me from moving forward for moving upward for moving on and alot of us. We do let that fear hinder us. We stay in bad relationships because wefear of being along or we fear of not getting any love in, or you knowaffection all that other good stuff to come with a relationship. So we stay inbad relationships. We go and put up with a whole bunch of shit that wedon't have to, or we shouldn't have to, because we fearful dat if we leave or we kick that person to the curvethat nobody else is going to want us, nobody else is going. Love is the waythat person did or if you want to call what they do. Love because you know ifthey disrespect you and they mistreat you that ain't love. You know that that's possession that'sobsession as I'm that's control, but that's why we fear and we stay inbad relationships or we get into bad relationships, because we fear that wedon't deserve anything better. A lot of people out of here got subconsciously in their mind. Theydon't believe they deserve anybody better, and you can see that a lot withwomen more than you can see it would mean because men, we all believe that wesupposed to get pussy regardless of whether it's good pussy, a good pussyperson or bad pussy person is just a they got pussy. I should be getting it,but women y'all tend to end up in relationships with men and now women inrelationship with women, with people who seriously don't love you the wayyou love them and they'll mistreat. You they'll lie to you, they'll cheat onyou, they'll abuse you emotionally mentally and then some of them, youknow, will get to the point where they all abuse you physically all in thematter of control, because they fear you leaving them. They fear you notgiving them what they claim they want, because, most of the time when you getpeople who cheating on you and fucking around on, you are lying to you anddeceiving you it's because they don't know what it is. They truly want or owhat they need.

They believe this is what they want,but they never set down and actually figured out what it is they need. Sothey tend to be abusive, neglectful spiteful. You know they cheat on you.They lie to you, they do all kind of ignorant things and that's mainlybecause they have a sense of fear. Subconscious fear that either they notliving up to the expectations they put forth because they might have lied andsaid. Oh I'm this, and I'm that and I'll do this and I'll do that now theygot to prove that shit and live up to it. So the fear is that they won't liveup to it, so they sabotage the situation subconsciously by saying youknow what it ain't going to work, I'm a fuck it up or it's fucked up or thisperson ain't. The way I thought they was- or I ain't the way this- thatanother so they're going to fucking around with somebody else and so sabotage fear will cause you toself sabotage yourself and that's what a lot of shit is happening. People aresabotage in themselves because they have never took the time to reallyacknowledge their fear. They so busy trying to play like they not scared,and they not fearful that they don't pay attention to what they do and inthat fear manifests itself subconsciously. And then you findyourself doing certain behaviors actions and movements and did normallyyou wouldn't do, but that's just fear, manipulating you to do something andthen masking itself by making. You believe that this is something that youwanted, that you just angry. You upset you disappointed. You know one of those fake emotions, demask emotions to maskyour fear and then you go out and you do shit and then, when you reallyrealize what you just did and it's like crap it's too late, then I din't fuckedup now fear got control and fuck me up and now I'm fucked up. That is fear. People that is the realfear that fucks you up till. I hope that you take this in thestride and I hope you listen and I hope you think a little bit about your fears.You know that's what I want everybody to do, to sit down and really thinkabout what you fearful of and then how you react it to them. Fearfulsituations. Look just think back in the past to all the things that had youfearful or had you angry or had you mad or had you disappointed had you said Ithink about all this shit that led to that and then try to actually identifywhere the fear factor fit in when you can do that, then you can startidentifying your fear before it makes you do bad actions or something justyou know not productive to your daily life. Take that time, try it out seewhat happens get back with me. You can always contact me on my website, O g,good gamecock and from there you can...

...either send me a voice message or youcan click on the contact button at the top in the menu, and you can just sendme an email directly from the site, and I would love to hear people's responseto this one. Let me know what fears did you have that you overcame, or maybeyou got a fear and you trying to figure out how to overcome it. Hit me up. Wecan sit or discuss it. We might even come up with a plan to help you out andget through. Your fear took me a long time to get through a lot of fears thatI've been through and it was a struggle. It was a battle all of that stuff. Youknow it took a while and it you know it would have. Wouldn't it took so long ifI'd have had outside assistance. If I'd had somebody to understood what I wasgoing through and what I was dealing with and could maybe give me adifferent point of view or perspective that I could have put everything inperspective and made a better decision and better choices, but, like everybodyelse, I'm just human. I make mistakes, make bad decisions we all do. The trickis to forgive yourself for your bad actions and your bad mistakes and yourbad decisions, because, if you're waiting for the people who consideredthat what you did was offensive or harmful to them, to forgive you, youmay never forget that forgiveness always remember forgiveness is for theperson, that's given it not for the person. That's asking when you forgivesomebody that is you letting go with a pain, anger animosity, whatever youhave towards that person, so the forgiveness is more for you than it isthe person that asking for forgiveness and that's the same thing applies toyou personally for the things that you have done, that you feel bad or remorse.Well regretful, for forgive yourself first before you can expect to otherpeople to forgive you because you can spend the next thirty years of yourlife asking this person to forgive you and they may never. Forgive you. Sowhat you going to do you going to stop living your life to spend the rest ofyour life, trying to atone to somebody who just will not forgive you for whatyou did or will you forgive yourself and try to do better in life and makesure that other people don't get screwed over or fucked up or Bamboos,Lo, the bullshit it by somebody else that might trying to do the same thingthat you did. That's all I'm saying so I'M A in this episode right now, and Ithank you all for listening and hanging out while I'm talking some shit andhopefully some of this shit will penetrate your ears and go in to yourcerebral, cortex and spark up some neural pathways and have you thinkingabout some other shit and moving on to doing some, bigger and better shit. Ireally do, and once again I want to thank everybody for they like sharescomments, the reviews all of it. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it,and I hope that I can get more in the future and I do appreciate everybodylistening who listens, and I appreciate everybody who listen and don't listen,any more. Thank you for listening as long as you did and for those a stilllistening to me. Thank you for listening. I do appreciate it in thefuture. I'M gonna give up some. You...

...know, gifts! Thank you! Gifts for allthose who listen is just taking a little bit to get set up with this ovidthing is put a lot of delay on things happening and moving, because therearen't the people available or the places and situations that I need touse or utilize or just either not open or open it at a limited time, or theyjust don't, have a staff to do what needs to be done in a timely matter. Sowe working on it. Leave me I'm working on. It is going to get there and I'mgoing show much love to everybody who listens to the Og of good game and wegoin to end that now, and I want to say thank you once again and please go tothe website, O g, good gamecock and like share comment. You can go to ourfacebook page original Gourel, good game and you can leave a comment or youcan join the group or you can post photos, videos pictures you know, putit on up there. We love to have it up there and we go in this. The way Ialways in this and that's love, peace and hair grease in a mouth. I.

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