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If your Sexiness is showing People are Looking


Tonight we talking about what you wear may get you attention from the one's you don't want it from !!!

Thank you for joining the Og of goodgame on to night's episode. I would like to pre apologize for thebackground noise throughout this episode. Unfortunately, it wassomething that was unavoidable. We are having a lot of emergencies in theneighborhood, so it will pick up some background noise of sirens driving past and my dog is kind ofnoisy and he made a little bit of noise to night. So you may hear that too. Ijust want to prey apologize ahead of time and thank you for listening hello and welcome once again to anotherexciting episode of the original Guru of good game with your host. Theoriginal Guru himself, O g zero game, but you can just call me O G C or youcan call me Os or you gonna be Geez or just s. It doesn't make me anydifference just long as you call me. I appreciate it anyway. Once again, Iwant to give a shout out to every single person that has downloaded likelisten and shared or commented on the show. Thank you. So much really doappreciate it. Thanks for all of love, hope you stick with me and for thosethat decided you didn't want to stick around well appreciate you for stickingaround as long as you did, and I hope that you come back and hang out with meagain some time in the future, but for right now I just want to get alove out for those and stick around. Thank you. Thank you. So much from thebottom of my heart. I really do appreciate you all sticking around tolisten to this whole fool, talkie shit and today we goin to talk some or shit.So let's get into that right now. Now this is kind of unusual story thathappened to me a few days ago, and I just wanted to share it with you,because it brings up a question about a certain situation in our society thatneeds to be addressed and it's kind of getting some some kind of addressmentstowards it by the the you know the peoples, but then again it is kind of adouble edged sword, because you get caught up in two different ways, butanyway, let me get to this story first and then that'll. Give you a betterexplanation, is the what am I what I'm talking about and we can get deeper alittle bit deeper into it all right now I have a dog. He is a three year old,blue nose, pit bull he's a charcoal, gray and white, really cute,just really all around good. Looking Dog, at least that's what everybody todrive past tells me about how good the dog looking just beautiful, beautifuland I got to keep telling them- don't say it too loud, because he alreadythink he fine. So we don't want to gas his head up too much, but anyway, I'mnot walking a dog me and him we doing our usual stroll, and you know there isat the corner from where my house is there's this big tree and once you getto the corners, you know maybe seven eight feet off to the left and everyday my dog, he goes there. He sniffed the tree and you know he lift his leghe to his business and he sniffed the tree a little bit more. Now thisparticular day, I'm standing on the side walk he's doing his usual. I gotthe sniff damn near the entire bottom of the tree. Before I can handle mybusiness yeah, I got to wear a dog, go figure that one out anyway. I happen tojust looking around seeing what's happening in the neighborhood. You knowtrying to make sure ain't, no other dogs running up on me and him, and sowe can get into some kind of confrontation, because I'm not tryingto have that happen with my dog at all. I kind of see these two figures comingtowards me from way up the street. Now... you can clearly see was a mail andvery robust brother. I will say I'm not going to disparage his weight, but hewas very rope. Bross brother and I can see what seemed to be either was a young girl or a realskinny lady. I couldn't really tell- and I didn't put that much effort intrying to tell so we standing there. He still doing his little sniffing search,trying to identify what that smell is, and I'm standing here, I'm looking down parallel to the street, I'm lookingdown the other street, I'm trying to see what the hell is going on downthere because it look like I see police cars. Look like an ambulance.Look like a fire truck look like would appear to be some kind of constructioncompany than and that's why I was like what the hell are they doing down there,maybe pipeline bust or something I don't know. It just seemed weird thatyou had all of those concentrated at that one location and they were alljust scrambling around back and forth and an out the cars and cars moving. SoI'm you know kind of intransitory what's going on down the street, butnow, let's be clear here, I have a martial artbackground. My peripheral vision is damn near Psychic. I can damn near seebehind me looking straight it's weird, but anyway, I'm standing there. Now Ican see her in my periphrasing walking up and it was just something weirdabout her. When I saw her at a distance, the way she was walking. What whichthrew me off is to not knowing if this was a young girl or a skinny lady. Well,it turns out that it was a young lady. You know I mean sheprobably early Tis, twenty twenty one, twenty two somewhere around there and,like I said when I saw her walking up, it was just something weird, the wayshe was walking and what I've noticed that the way she was walking is thatshe slapped her feet on the ground as she walked. But she kept moving her armaround like something wasn't quite right about her outfit. Like I said, Ididn't pay that much attention till she started getting just a little bitcloser in to where I could see through my peripheral vision. What was going onand what I know this was now. This was a very lovely young, ladycantelope size, boobs Nice little round, Mellon booty. You know, like watermelon size, not too big, not too small, but you know she had enough nice legseverything. You know I mean she was very lovely young lady. I don't knowtoo many men or women that would kick her out of bed and as she's walking. You know, like I said her way. She'swalking her feet are slapping the ground and she's constantly tugging onher skirt of the dress, to keep it from riding up. So this is what I observedjust out of corner of my eye, one. She had on some Sandal shoes that look likethey were two sizes too big, because she had extra room in the front wherethe tolls was at and the hill had looked like almost a inch of extraspace back there. So that was the first thing. I noticed that you wearingsomebody else's footwear and that's why your feet slapping on the ground,because they not fitting correctly and it's causing awkwardness when you stepin the shoot- and I know that- because I used to sell shoes for like about tenyears- you know I work in retail, almost twenty five years in retail, soI do have some idea what happens in the retail industry, especially withfootwear. Since I used to sell footware and that's the first thing, I noticedthat you know them. Shoes were too big. Now she kept pulling on the dress,which indicated the dress was too damn...

...small least for her frame. It wasliterally, it was too small if she would have bent over or it was likeevery four steps she had to tug dress down one two, three four steps: Tuck,it back down one two: Three four steps: Tuck it back now one two three foursteps: Tug it back down and that went on for a minute. You know till she gotclose to where he and the dog was so, and it was you know one of thelittle halter top. You know, strapless dresses, you know one piece and youknow- and I can see it was too small, because if you know, if that suckerwould have popped up, she would have been wearing a halted top that's howsmall it was that it was barely covering the booty. So thatautomatically made me think: okay, who's little sister dress. You got onthat. You thought you was going to look cute in now. Let's get one thingstraight, y'all know me. If you listen to me long enough, you know that I am astaunch advocate for women's rights and equality. I do not believe that a woman should be ridiculed. put down or madeto feel less like a human being because of what they wear, what you wear shouldnot reflect, who you are it? Your actions always reflect who you are so,regardless of what you wear, that shouldn't make any damn differenceabout the person that you are on the inside so far as I'm concerned, wherewhich you want, and you know, we should not be picking with them or fuckingwith them about what they wear. Where would you like what if this feelscomfortable- and this is what the way you like to dress and be styled up, gofor it Mon power to you lead these people awrong. Now we got that out theway. Let's get back to girlfriend now, she's walking, she's steadily tugging.Now she get to about right to where the me and the dog was now. I have to keepmy eye on my dog, because most people do not know that I probably got thefriendliest dog in my neighborhood. There is not a malicious or vicious bone in his body.He is just the friendliest dog. You will ever see like a big kid loves tobe rubbed and pet and loves to play and loves. Kids, you bring your kids around,forget it. They might not want to come back home unless they get to bring thedog with them as a friendly. My dog is everybody finds that out when they meethim he's really friendly. But when you look at him, he don't look that way,because why he's a pit bull now the dog, my dog, he's nosy soon, as he see her,he cocks his head over runs to the curb and he looking at it. Now she walkingdown the middle of the street. Mind you so he standing on the curve he'sstaring at her. Now, I'm looking at him to make sure that you know he don't donothing stupid just to be on the safe side. You know I just want to make sureI mean. I know he won't, but still I monitor my dog to make sure no bullshitkick off okay, so she walking along she's steadily tugging on that damnskirt and then look over and go what you looking at now. In my mind, I'mthinking I don't know if she's talking to me or the dog I know I'm taking. Itis okay. You talking to the dog because see now I could have saidsomething in response to what she said and I could have been hostile. I couldhave been negative. I could have put her down about wearing something sheshouldn't be wearing, or you know all that dumb shit, that people do, butthat's not who I am I'm not going to jump on you for what you wear this thatanother you know, but I like I said it was in my head as to where the fuckthat come from and what started kicking around in my brain was. Okay. Here issomebody she wanted attention plain and simple, because let's be one hundred ladies right, let's get one hundred here andstop all the fake shit and all of the bullshit. Let's get one hundred, wegonna learn some truth. We Gon speak some truth, so we can all live thetruth, but let's get one hundred right... The only reason why you wear that shitis because you are looking for attention. You want attention. Theproblem is that you get attention from the one. You don't want attention fromsee if it was from the person that you wanted that attention from Oh, you waswearing you, you was on point. He was on a fleck. You know your ship wastight. It was fire it. You was a hot girl, but when it's attention fromsomebody you don't want, then you get a attitude and you get negative and thensome cases you'll get Dan right hostile and the thing that really bothers meabout that is. I don't give a fuck what you wear, but if you wearing somethingin your ass is showing and your boobies is showing and all your sexiness is allout of display in public what the fuck you expect me to do. I'm going look,I'm a heterosexual male who, like Pretty Pussy, and if I see a prettypussy, I'm going to look at it just like any other man. Oh Hell, let's be a woman for thatmatter, should have a lesbian woman, see a pretty pussy walking down thetree. You think she ain't going to look at it. I mean come on. Let's get real here. Ifthat was the person that you wanted to look at you, it had been cool, you'dhave been smiles, giggling everything, but because it's not the person youwant. Looking at you, you cop an attitude and get hostile and all I'msaying is you don't have to copy attitude and get hostile plain andsimple? We know you dressing like that, because you trying to attract attention,but that's the double as sor you going to track attention positively andnegatively some people going to give you a positive response to how youdress some people going to give a negative response. How you trust mything is: If you have thin skin and can't take the criticism, don't dressthat way. But if you, you know tough person and believingyourself and who you are a fuck, what they got to say: Where would you wantto wear dress how you want to dress, be? Who you choose to be because that's theonly truth you should be living is your own. Who is the person that you trulywant to be? That's who you should be working on and fuck with anybody got tosay about how you dress, how you look, how you style your hair? What make upyou wear with clothes, you wear that's fuck new! I don't like it Dan got towear. So what the fuck do they care? How you dress in this that and otherlead them people along, so they can leave you to fucking on and you canmove on and do you that's all I'm saying. More importantly, is I'm justtrying to get to this point about you can't keep on dogging us out for being attracted toyou, you dressing in an attractive way that will attract a male. That's someshit wired into us. You know, that's God, Shit! You know. Why are that Shitinto ORSO? The species would continue. You know that's the way it is, but you can't dump on us for lookingnow granted. There's some ignorant ass men out here. Hell is a Ignat as womenout here for that matter, and I understand your plate when you got todeal with them ignorant mal fuck is because there is just the thing that itseems like some of fuckers just don't seem to get. You are not attractive toeverybody, so that means you can't be up in every woman's face. Thinking thatshe going to give you some play just because you walked up and said hi yourbreath could be stink. Your ass could be state shit. She might have smelt youbefore you got up to say hi and some of Ya don't seem to realize that you allshould be kicking. Your ass, be staking like a Ol fucking smell you from downthe street, and then you want to get up in a woman's face. Talking about heybaby was up shoddy. Why? Why are you acting that way? How can you Nigga you smell like feet? An Ass?That's why I'm acting this way? You...

...offensive to my nostrils back the fuckup, see now when you say it to him likethat all fuck, you bitch, Jist, that you ain't shit, you ain't that I'm justan you lucky. I even want to bother with you funny what didn't mother fuck,if that's the case, move the fuck on and vice versa. When you know you, lady,some of you forget, you need to wash your ass to coming along smelling likeold tuna, an ass hole and then wondering why the pretty boy ain'ttrying to give you no play when you trying to give him some pussy, becauseyou pussy smell, like a old fish sandwich, they've been left out in thesun too long your feet smell like corn chips and your underarm smell likesomebody's, but crack you sitting up here. Musters and mother fucking an gotall this fly shit on and the make up and flapping your hair around it likegirl, you stink. Why shall I ask all that perfume and body you spray itain't, helping it's just fucking up to smell, even more so get that in your head, that it justain't men that be musty and Funky this summer. You, ladies, be out here andYo'll, be musty and funky like a mud, fuckin Yo'll, be burning up, nose,hairs, left and right, your girl, friends and the due sitting next to her,and vice versa, because some of you fellows man your feet, stain so bad,you smelling through the shoes and that's a crime as shame that your footodor is that strong that we can smell it through the shoot ain't took them ofor off, and you already stank up the room. And then you got to ask the match.You people need to know what soap and water is and stop trying to use bodyspray and Cologne and perfume to try to mask up your funkiness, I'm just saying, but to each his own. Some people out here like the smell offunkiness, and it turns them on I'm not one. The judge, I'm just saying therest of us. You got a guy giving right to stint. Wegot a guy given right, not to smell your stink. It's all, I'm saying, andI'm just trying to get to you, ladies to keep it one hunted you wearing thatsexy ass out of it, because you trying to get attention, don't get upset and get and fuck upyour day with a hostile argument or confrontation with some one for goingto try and to hill at you, and you don't want them to all at you is that'sjust the way it is you gon you if you a beautiful woman,you know you just a beautiful woman. If you are a handsome man, you just ahandsom it and you going to track positive and negative attention, you'regoing to attract attention that you want, and then you going to attract alot of attention that you don't want. So, on roll into that on anotherepisode where we gon come out with a Segnen call pretty people problems,because pretty people having problems just as much as US ugly, my fuckinghaving problems but because we ugly, we think pretty people don't have problemsas bad as ours, because you know we invisible. You know we don't get muchlove and appreciation, and you know people don't look as take a second lookat us other than to say God, Damn that motherfucker ugly, I had to look twiceto make sure I saw correctly that amount of ugly. That does happen justsaying, but it does happen anyway. I'm going in this to little short episodeto day. I just wanted to touch on that because there is just so much animosity is flowing up and down inthese streets that you know you got ladies walking around copying attitude,but what you expect your a beautiful young lady you dressed in a very sexyway and you don't expect Motherfuckin a looking. You go with you. Looking atwhat go, I ask that ll, you think I'm looking at I'm looking at your prettyass walking down the street with some shoes. This are too big and addressedis too small and you wondering what I'm looking at shut. I could be looking atjust a fucked up way. You wearing that outfit. I can forget all about thelooks, the booty, the boobs and the beauty and just be looking at dawn.Looking on big ass shoes on the on tiny as feet, I tinies dress on that littlebig asbooty and if she sneezed that Mo...

...fuel be a halter top, so don't be mad because you can'tattent, you just realize that you going to get attention that you want and youGonta get attention that you don't want. You know I mean I'm a supporter to meto movement, but I think some of you, ladies have you know, went a little bittoo far with the Shit and unfortunately it looks like that when the economygets back up and things start rolling again, if you pretty it's going to be adiscrimination against pretty that sounds stupid, but it really isit's going to get to the point where employers, if they see that you looktoo good or you too fine, are you too attractive? Are you two handsome? Wecan't hire you because we don't want to sexual harassment suit that we know wegont get because Molefur is going to try to kick it to you, they're Goin, totry to hit on you they going to try to go out with you, they're going to tryto get it and that's going to put them in aposition of a possible lawsuit. So they may just say you know what we going tostart hiring ugly people from now and that way we ain't got to worry about asexual harassment lawsuit because you pretty, Ladies Hell, all you got to dois just say: Mowe pressed up on me or he wouldn't stop asking me out and boneharassment. Then we got to go through all of this legal shit and the nextthing you know company paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars tosettle out of court and all of this shit and all because one month, Ugo,walked over and said, Dall. You look really good in that dress to day I besexually harassed, I mean some of you'll, just you know, jump the gun andused it as a way to get get what you want, instead of what it was for for people who are realvictims of sexual harassment, y'all, making it tough for them toactually get people to believe that case, I like say I respect yourmovement, but let's get real here. If we flip that SCRIP- and that would say Chris Hans Worth Mister Mighty Thorhimself, you don't think he don't get his ass grabbed every time he walk intoa crowd and everybody want to run up and take a picture with his fine sexybig blond, blue eyed, muscular ass. You don't think ain't, none of them livingout there grabbing his ass, reaching trying to grab his crotch. How manywomen try to force a kiss someone to him hell his brother Limb same thing? You don't think I mean Shit. Look atMichael Jackson! If you pay attention when he was just a pre team. Twelvethirteen years old girls was grabbing him, so much that itliterally literally, if he didn't have security them wildinfatuated. Girls would have ripped him to pieces grabbing and pulling andscreaming and crying. We Love you Michael and rip on out his hair andtear his clothes off and snatching, and let him rip off his clothes and in themighty Mike Dangle pops out how many of them going to reach to grab it they'd rip his dicking balls off allbecause they so infatuated and they just that and other. But now would theyget arrested for some sexual harassment. Would they lose their job and career? That's a tossup! That's all! I'm saying anyway. That is where I want to leavethe SAT. I just want to throw that out there and I wanted to show the otherend to that spectrum that there's some very handsome sexy men out there that getgrowth and fondled and touched and force kiss just as much as women is,but it's just not reported the same way because most men hate shit and Igrabbing my ass. They grabbing my Crotch, I'm a sexy more buck. I likethat Shit. We we take it and strive, but I can understand women's point. Ireally do I understand it. That's unwanted contact waiting, your personalspace touching and rubbing. I understand all of that shit. I don'tlike my lunges rubbing and grabbing and...

...feeling all on me either, especially ifI don't know you that well and even if I do know you that well I mean unless we have an intimate sexualrelationship, there's no need for you to be rubbing and feeling all on mewhen we see each other that just now I ain't doing all of that. I don't needyou trying to kiss all on the neck and play with my nipples and cup of ButtCheek and trying to pat me in to Crotch and say Lo, look like somebody awake!No, don't do none of that Shit keep your hands to yourself. Now we can do ahand shape. We can even do a friend hug. That's enough with all that extra shit.Now, that's just too much, especially if we ain't fucking there, ain't noneed for you to be doing all that rubbing and up story playing and simple. So now that I didn't got that out- andI said that- and I wanted to tell you that story, because you know girlfriendshe just tripped me out popping the attitude about what you looking at. Isaid I could have got indignant said some stupid shit. I just let it go, butthat's the way it is in the world today. Anyway, we are going to sign off on this topic and we goin t get back onto some new topics coming up and the next one we going to talk on love andfear. The difference between love and hate fear breathes hate, not the otherway around, and we going to get deep into that because that's some sere broShit and we going to help you understand that difference in how loveand fear or vibrations of the opposite ends of the spectrum and how everythingelse is in between them, two ends of the spectrum or we don't get deep. I'Mgonna get deep on your ass on that one anyway, we are about to end thisepisode tonight and I do appreciate everybody who's stuck around to the end.To listen and hearing me talks most shit and I hope that you come back nextweek, so we can get into that next episode on that fear, topic, love andfear. That's going to be the next topic! Next week, next Thursday, seven P M O Y,a good game, and if you get a chance, please go to the website O g, goodgamecock and from there you can leave me a voice message or if you want tolisten to the show and don't want to burn up your data. Go to my website, Og, good Gamecock D, You will see a symbol for the bullhorn. Well, it looklike a megaphone, but click on that, and it will allow you to dial into theshow from your phone and you can listen to the episodes through your phone. Soyou don't burn up your data. Since you know you have the unlimited, dialingand nationwide calling you can just go in that way and save your data andlisten to the show as much as you like and I'm about to end this tonight,because it is time for me to go. Do something that I didn't really want todo, but I have to do it and that is to sign off. You know. Ilove talking with you I'll, probably stay on this damn thing all night, if Icould, but I don't know if anybody want to sit on listening that long to my ass.Listen everybody stay safe where you mass wash your hands, and hopefully wewill get through this crisis together, and I want to send out my prayers and condolences tothe people who lost their life in this pandemic, and my prayers are out to allthose who contracted it and going through a rough time dealing with thecoved nineteen infection in the hospitals and minelayers, and I hopethat you survive and a get a speedy recovery. Soyou'll stay safe and this is to everybody in the world is passed awayfrom Covin nineteen. My prayers and my thoughts are with youand your family. So that's the way I'm going to end this tonight and I'm goingto end here with my usual saying: y'All know what it is. I don't know whyyou're tripping, like I ain't, gonna, say it because you know I'm going tosay it and I'm gonna end it every time, love peace and hear Grease and I'm out.

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