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If your Sexiness is showing People are Looking


Tonight we talking about what you wear may get you attention from the one's you don't want it from !!!

Thank you for joining the Og ofgood game on tonight's episode. I would like to pre apologize for the backgroundnoise throughout this episode. Unfortunately, it was something that was unavoidable. Weare having a lot of emergencies in the neighborhood, so it will pick upsome background noise of sirens driving pass and my dog is kind of noisy andhe made a little bit of noise tonight, so you may hear that too.I just want to pre apologize ahead of time and thank you for listening. Hello and welcome once again to another exciting episode of the original Guru ofgood game with your host, the original Guru himself, og zero game.But you can just call me Oh Geez, or you can call me O Z, or you can going to be Ge Zge or just Ze. Itdoesn't make me any difference, just long as you call me, I appreciateit anyway. Once again, I want to give a shout out to everysingle person that has downloaded, like listen and shared or commented on the show. Thank you so much. Really do appreciate it. Thanks for all oflove. Hope you stick with me and for those that decided you didn't wantto stick around, well, I appreciate you for sticking around as long asyou did and I hope that you come back and hang out with me againsome time in the future, but for right now I just want to geta love off of oose to stick around. Thank you. Thank you so muchfrom the bottom of my heart. I really do appreciate Y'all sticking aroundto listen to this whole food talk some shit, and today we going totalk some more shit, so let's get into that right now. Now,this is kind of an unusual story that happened to me a few days agoand I just wanted to share it with you because it brings up a questionabout a certain situation in our society that needs to be addressed and it's kindof getting some some kind of addressment towards it by the the you know,the people's but then again, it is kind of a double edged sword becauseyou get caught up in two different ways. But Anyway, let me get tothis story first and then that'll give you a better explanation. Is theworld I'm I'm what I'm talking about, and we can get deeper, alittle bit deeper into it. All right. Now, I have a dog.He is a three year old blue nose pit bull. He's a charcoalgray and white, really cute, just really all around good looking dog.least that's what everybody to drive past tells me about how good the dog looking. Just beautiful, beautiful, and I got to keep telling them don't sayit too loud because he already think you fine. So we don't want togasp his head up too much. Put Anyway, I'm out walking the dog, me and him, we doing our usual stroll and you know there isat the corner from where my house is, there's this big tree and once youget to the corners, you know maybe seven eight feet off to theleft. And every day my dog, he goes there. He sniffed thetree and you know, he lift his leg, he do his business andhe sniffed the tree a little bit more. Now this particular day I'm standing onthe sidewalk, he's doing his usual. I got the sniff damn near theentire bottom of the tree before I can handle my business. Yeah,I got to wear dog go figure that one out. Anyway, I happenedto just looking around seeing what's happening in the neighborhood, you know, tryingto make sure ain't no other dogs running up on me and him and sowe can get into some kind of confrontation, because I'm not trying to have thathappen with my dog at all. I kind of see these two figurescoming towards me from way up the street.

Now. One you can clearly seewas a male and very robust brother. I will say I'm not going todisperge his weight, but he was very robe rust brother, and Icould see what seemed to be either was a young girl or a real skinnylady. I couldn't really tell and I didn't put that much effort in tryingto tell. So we standing there, he still doing his little sniffing search, trying to identify with that smell is, and I'm standing there. I'm lookingdown parallel to the street. I'm looking down the other street. I'mtrying to see what the hell is going on down there, because it looklike I see police cars, look like an ambulance, like a firetruck,look like what appear to be some kind of construction company van, and that'swhy I was like, what the hell are they doing down there? Maybepipeline bustered, something. I don't know, it just seemed weird that you hadall of those concentrated at that one location and they were all just scramblingaround, back and forth and in and out the cars and cars moving.So I'm, you know, kind of in transit to what's going on downthe street. But now, let's be clear here. I have a martialarts background. My peripheral vision is damn near Psychic. I can damn nearsee behind me looking straight. It's weird. But Anyway, I'm standing there now. I can see her in my peripheral vision walking up and it wasjust something weird about her when I saw her at a distance, the wayshe was walking. What which threw me off is to not knowing if thiswas a young girl or skinny lady. Well, it turns out that itwas a young lady, you know. I mean she probably early s twothousand and twenty one, any two, somewhere around there. Now, likeI said, when I saw her walking up, it was just something weirdthe way she was walking. And what I've noticed that the way she waswalking is that she slapped her feet on the ground as she walked, butshe kept moving her arm around like something wasn't quite right about her outfit.Like I said, I didn't pay that much attention till she started getting justa little bit closer in to where I could see through my peripheral vision whatwas going on and what I know this was. Now. This was avery lovely young lady, candleope size boobs, nice little round melon booty, youknow, like watermelon size, not too big, not too small,but you know, she had enough nice legs everything. You know. Imean she was very lovely young lady. I don't know too many men orwomen that would kick her out of bed. And as she's walking, you know, like I said, her way she's walking, her feet are slappingthe ground and she's constantly tugging on her skirt of a dress to keep itfrom riding up. So this is what I observe just out of corner ofmy eye. One she had on some sandal shoes that look like they weretwo sizes too big, because she had extra room in the front where thetoes was at. In the heel had looked like almost the inch of extraspace back there. So that was first thing I noticed that you wearing somebodyof the else's footwear and that's why your feet slapping on the ground because theynot fitting correctly and it's causing awkwardness when you step and the shoe. AndI know that because I used to sell shoes for like about ten years.You know, I worked in retail, almost twenty five years in retail,so I do have some idea what happens in the retail industry, especially withfootwear, since I used to sell footwhere. And that's the first thing I noticedthat, you know, them shoes were too big. Now she keptpulling on the dress, which indicated the dress was too damn small, leastfor her frame. It was it literally... was too small. If shewould have bent over or it was like every four steps she had to tugdress down. One, two, three, four steps, tug it back down. One, two, three, four steps, tug it back down. One, two, three, four steps, tug it back down.And that went off for a minute, you know, till she got closeto where me and the dog was. So and it was, you know, when the little halter top, you know, straplers dresses, you know, one piece, and you know, and I can see, it wastoo small because, if you know, if that sucker would have popped up, she would have been wearing a halter top. That's how small it was, that it was barely covering the booty. So that automatically made me think,okay, who's little sister dress you got on that you thought you wasgoing to look cute in? Now let's get one thing straight. Y'All knowme, if you listen to me long enough, you know that I ama staunch advocate for women's rights and equality. I do not believe that a womanshould be ridicule, put down or made to feel less like a humanbeing because of what they wear. What you were should not reflect who youare it your actions always reflect who you are, so, regardless of whatyou wearing, that shouldn't make any damn difference about the person that you areon the inside. So far as I'm concerned, where what you one andyou know we should not be picking with him, a fucking with him aboutwhat they wear. Where would you like with if this feels comfortable and thisis what you the way you like to dress and be styled up, gofor it. More power to you. Lead these people along. Now wegot that out the way, let's get back to girlfriend. Now she's walking, she steadily tugging now she get to about right to where to me andthe dog was. Now I have to keep my eye on my dog becausemost people do not know that. I probably got the friendliest dog in myneighborhood here. There is not a malicious or vicious bone in his body.He is just the friendliest dog you will ever see. Like a big kid. LOVES TO BE RUBBED AND PET and loves to play and loves kids.You bring your kids around, forget it. They might not want to come backhome unless they get to bring the dog with him. Ass All friendlymy dog is. Everybody finds that out when they meet him. He's reallyfriendly, but when you look at him, he don't look that way because,why, he's a pit bull. Now the dog, my dog,he's nosy. Soon as you see her, he cocks his head over, runsto the curb and he looking at it. Now she walking down themiddle of the street, mind you. So he standing on the curb,he staring at her. Now I'm looking at him to make sure that,you know, he don't do nothing stupid, just to be on the safe side, you know, I just want to make sure. I mean,I know he won't, but still I monitor my dog to make sure nobullshit kick off. Okay. So she walking along, she steadily tugging onthat damn skirt and then look over and go what you looking at? Nowin my mind I'm thinking, I don't know if she talking to me orthe dog, and I'm taking it as okay, you talking to the dog, because see now, I could have said something in response to what shesaid and I could have been hostile, I could have been negative, Icould have put her down about wearing something she shouldn't be wearing or, youknow, all that dumb shit that people do. But that's not who Iam. I'm not going to jump on you for what you where it isthat another you know, but it, like I said, it was inmy head. is to where the fuck that come from? And what startedkicking around in my brain was, okay, here is somebody. She wanted atension plane and simple, because let's be one hundred, ladies, allright, let's get one hundred here and stop all the fake shit and allof the bullshit. Let's get one hundred. We going to learn some truth,we going to speak some truth so...

...we can all live the truth.But let's get one hundred right here. The only reason why you wear thatshit is because you are looking for attention. You want attention. The problem isis that you get attention from the one you don't want attention from.See if it was from the person that you wanted that attention from. Oh, you was wearing use on point, use on Fleck. You know,your shit was tight, it was fire it, you was hot girl.But when it's attention from somebody you don't want, then you get attitude andyou get negative and in some cases y'all get damn right hostile. and thething that really bothers me about that is I don't give a fuck what youwhere, but if you wearing something in your ass is showing and Yo boobiesis showing and all your sexiness is all out and display in public, whatthe fuck you expect me to do? I'M gonna look. I'm a heterosexualmale who like pretty pussy and if I see a pretty pussy, I'm goingto look at it, just like any other man. Oh Hell, let'sbe a woman. For that matter, should have a let's be a wantto see a pretty pussy walking out the three. You think she ain't goingto look at it? I mean, come on that. Let's get realhere. If that was the person that you wanted to look at you,it had been cool, you'd been smiles, giggling everything. But because it's notthe person you want looking at you, you copy the attitude and get hostile. And all I'm saying is you don't have to copy attitude and gethostile. Plain and simple, we know you dressing like that because you tryingto attract attension, but that's the double led sword. You going to attractattention positively and negatively. Some people going to get you a positive response tohow you dress, some people going to give a negative response how you dress. My thing is, if you have thin skin and can't take the criticism, don't dress that way. But if you you know tough person and believingyourself and who you are, fuck what they got to say. Where wouldyou want to wear? Dress how you want to dress, be who youchoose to be, because that's the only truth you should be living, isyour own. Who is the person that you truly want to be? That'swho you should be working on, and fuck when anybody got to say abouthow you dress, how you look, how you style your hair, withmake up, you wear, with clothes you where. That's fuck them.They don't like it, they ain't got to wear so what the fuck dothey care? How you dressing? This, that and other lead them people alone, so they can leave you to fuck alone and you can move onto do you. That's all I'm saying. More importantly, is I'm just tryingto get to this point about you can't keep on dogging us out forbeing attracted to you. You dressing in an attractive way that will attract amale. That's some shit wired into us. You know that's God shit. Youknow why? That shit into a so the species will continue. Youknow that's the way it is. But you can't dump on us for lookingnow. Granted, there's some ignorant ass men out here. Hell, there'ssome making it ass women out here for that matter, and I understand yourplate when you got to deal with them. Ignorant motherfucker is because there is justthe thing that it seems like some motherfuckers just don't seem to get.You are not attractive to everybody. So that means you can't be up inevery woman's face thinking, is she gonna give you some play just because youwalked up and said hi, your breath could be stink, your ass couldbe stink shit. She might have smelt you before you got up to sayhi, and some of y'all don't seem to realize that. Y'All shit bekicking, your ass be stinking like a motherfucking smell you from down the streetand you want to get up in a woman's face talking about hey, lady, was up shaddy like. Why you acting that way? How can you, Nigga? You smell like feet in ass. That's why I'm acting thisway. You offensive to my nostrils.

Back the fuck up. See now, when you say it to him like that, all fuck you, bitch, this that you ain't shit, you ain't that. I'm just done.You lucky. I even want to bother with your funny. Look, whatdid motherfucker? If that's the case, move to fuck on and the viceversa. When you know you ladies, some of Y'all forget you need towash your ass too, coming along smelling like old tuna and asshole and thenwondering why the pretty boy ain't trying to get you no play when you tryingto give him some pussy, because your pussy smell like an old fish sandwich. They've been left out in the sun too long. Your feet smell likecorn chips in your under arms smell like somebody's butt crack. You sitting uphere musty as a motherfucking then got all this fly shit on and the makeupand flapping your hair around it like girl. You Stink. Wash your ass allthat perfume and body spray. It ain't help it. It's just fuckingup the smell even more. So get that in your head. Did it? Just ain't men that be musty and Funky. Did something? You ladiesbe out here and y'all be musty and funky like a motherfucker. Y'All beburning up nose hairs left and right, your girlfriends and the dude sitting nextto it, and vice versus, because some of you fell as man.Your feet stink so bad you smell them through the shoes, and that's acrying ass shame that your footoder is that strong that we can smell it throughthe shoe. You Ain't took them otherfuck off and you already stak up theroom. And then you got to ask that match. Y'All. People needto know what soap and water is and stop trying to use body spray andCologne and perfume to try to mask up your funkiness. I'm just saying,but to each his own. Some people out here like the smell of funkinessand it turns them on. I'm not one to judge. I'm you're saying. The rest of us. You got a guy given right to stink.We got a guy given right not to smell your stink. It's all I'msaying, and I'm just trying to get to you, ladies, to keepit one hundred. You wearing that sexy ass outfit because you trying to getattention. Don't get upset and get in fuck up your day with a hostileargument of confrontation with some motherfucker is trying to holl at you and you don'twant them to Holl at you. It's that's just the way it is.You going to you if you a beautiful woman, you know, you justa beautiful woman. If you are handsome man, you just a handsome manand you going to tract positive and negative attention. You're going to attract attentionthat you want and then you're going to attract a lot of attention that youdon't want. So I'm going to roll into that on another episode where wegonna come out with a segment called pretty people problems, because pretty people havingproblems just as much as US ugly motherfuckers having problems. But because we ugly, we think pretty people don't have problems as bad as ours because you know, we invisible, you know we don't get much love and appreciation and youknow people don't look as take a second look at us other than to say, Goddamn, that motherfucker ugly. I had to look twice to make sureI saw correctly that amount of ugly. That does happen. I'm just saying, but it does happen. Anyway, I'm going in this too little shortepisode to day. I just wanted to touch on that because there is justso much animal city, this flowing up and down in these streets that youknow you got ladies walking around coping attitude. But what you expect? You Abeautiful young lady, you dressed in a very sexy way and you don'texpect motherfucker a looking you go what you looking at? What Yo ass?They'll you think I'm looking at I'm looking at your pretty ass. Walking downthe street with some shoes does are too big and address this too small,and you wondering what I'm looking at. Shit, I could be looking atjust the fucked up where you wear in that outfit. I can forget allabout the looks, the booty, Theo booze and the beauty and just belooking at down looking big ass shoes on a little tiny ass feet, thattiny ass dress on that little big ass booty, and if she sneeze,that motherfucker be a hall to top.

So don't be mad, because youget in attention. Just realized that you're going to get attention that you wantand you're going to get attention that you don't want. You know, Imean I'm a supporter to me, to movement, but I think some ofyou, ladies help you know, went a little bit too far with thisshit and unfortunately it looks like that, when the economy gets back up andthings start rolling again, if you pretty, it's going to be a discrimination againstpretty. That sounds stupid, but it really is. It's going toget to the point where employers, if they see that you look too goodor you too fine, are you too attractive or you too handsome, wecan't hire you because we don't want the sexual harassment suit that we know wegonna get, because motherfucker is going to try to kick it to you.They going to try to hit on you, they going to try to go outwith you, they going to try to get it and that's going toput them in the position of a possible lawsuit. So they may just say, you know what, we're gonna start hiring ugly people from now on.That way, we got to worry about a sexual harassment lawsuit because you PrettyLadies Hell, all you got to do is just say when we pressed upon me or he wouldn't stop asking me out, and boom, harassment.Then we got to go through all of this legal shit and the next thingyou know, company paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle out ofcourt and all of this shit, and all because one motherfucker walked over andsit. Damn, you look really good in that dressed today. Huh,I being sexually harassed. I mean some of Y'all just, you know,jump the gun and used it as a way to get get with you oneinstead of what it was for. For people who are real victims of sexualharassment, y'all making it tough for them to actually get people to believe theycase. I, like I said, I respect You'all Movement, but let'sget real here. If we flip that script, and that was say ChrisHainsworth, Mr Mighty Thor himself, you don't think he don't get his assgrabbed every time he walk into a crowd and everybody want to run up andtake a picture with his fine, sexy, big blond, blue eyed, muscularass? You don't think? Ain't none of them limited out there grabbinghis ass, reaching trying to grab his crotch? How many women try toforce a kiss on to him? Hell, his brother Limb same thing. Youdon't think I mean Shit. Look at Michael Jackson. If you payattention, when he was just a preteen, twelve, thirteen years old, girlswas grabbing him so much that if, literally literally, if he didn't havesecurity, them wild infatuated girls would have ripped him to pieces, grabbingand pulling and screaming and crying, we love you, Michael, and rippingout his hair and tar his clothes off and snatching and let him rip offhis clothes and in the mighty mic dangle pops out, how many of themgoing to reach to grab it? They'd rip his dicking balls off, allbecause they so infatuated. They just that another. But now what? Theyget arrested for some sexual harassment with they lose a job and career. That'sa toss up. That's all I'm saying. Anyway. That is where I wantto leave this at. I just want to throw that out there andI wanted to show the other into that spectrum that there's some very handsome,sexy men out there that get groped and fondled and touched and force kiss justas much as women is, but is just not reported the same way becausemost men, Hey, shit and grabbing my ass. They've grabbed my crotch. I'm a sexy, more worker. I like that Shit we we takingin stride. But I can understand women's point, I really do. Iunderstand it. That's unwanted contact, waiting your personal space, touching and rubbing. I understand all of that shit. I don't like my wig is rubbingand grabbing and feel it all on me...

...either, especially if I don't knowyou that well, and even if I do know you that well, Imean, unless we have an intimate sexual relationship, there is no need foryou to be rubbing and feeling all on me when we see each other.That just now. I ain't doing all of that. I don't need youtrying to kiss all on the neck and play with my nipples and cuple ButtCheek and trying to pat me in the crotch and say, who look likesomebody awake. NOPE, don't do none of that Shit. Keep your handsto you. So now we can do a handshake, we can even doa friend hug. That's enough. But all that extra shit, it's justtoo much. Specially if we ain't fucking, then ain't no need for you tobe doing all that rubbing. End Up story, playing and simple.So now that I didn't got that out and I said that I wanted totell you that story because you know girlfriend, she just tripped me out popping theattitude about what you looking at. I said, I could have gotindignant. Says I'm stupid shit. I just let it go, but that'sthe way it is in the world today. Anyway, we are going to signoff on this topic and we don't get back onto some new topics comingup and the next one we going to talk on love and fear, thedifference between love and hate. Fear breathe hate, not the other way around, and we don't get deep into that because that's some Sereebro Shit, andwe going to help you understand that difference in how love and fear are vibrationsof the opposite ends of the spectrum and how everything else is in between themtwo ends of the spectrum. Or we don't get deep. I'M gonna getdeep on your ass on that one. Anyway. We are about to endthis episode tonight and I do appreciate everybody who's stuck around to the end tolisten and hear me talks Mo Shit, and I hope that you come backnext week so we can get into that next episode on that fear topic.Love and fear. That's going to be the next topic next week, nextThursday, seven PM. Oh G A good game and if you get achance, please go to the website og good Gamecom and from there you canleave me a voice message. Or if you want to listen to the showand don't want to burn up your data, go to my website, og goodGamecom, and you will see a symbol for the bullhorn. Well,it look like a megaphone, but click on that and it will allow youto dial into the show from your phone and you can listen to the episodesthrough your phone so you don't burn up your data, since you know youhave to unlimited dolling and nationwide calling. You can just go in that wayand save your data and listen to the show as much as you like.And I'm about to end this tonight because it's time for me to go dosomething that I didn't really want to do, but I have to do it.And that is the sign off. You know, love talking with y'all. Probably stay on this damn thing all night if I could, but Idon't know if anybody want to sit listening that long to my ass. Listen, everybody, stay safe, where your mass, wash your hands and hopefullywe will get through this crisis together. And I want to send out myprayers and condolences to the people who lost a life in this pandemic and myprayers are out to all those who contracted it and going through a rough timedealing with the covid nineteen infection and in the hospitals and ventilators and I hopethat you survive and then get us speedy recovery. So y'all stay safe,and this is to everybody in the world. Just passed away from covid nineteen.My prayers and my thoughts are with you and your family. So that'sthe way I'm going to end this tonight and I'm going to end it withmy usual saying. Y'All know what it is. I don't know why you'retripping like I ain't gonna say it, because you know I'm gonna say itand I'm going to end it every time. Love, peace and here Greece,and I'm out.

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