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Hook Up Site Review and The Sh*t Show Report.


Today I Review these "Hook Up Sites" that seem to pop-up like crazy over the last year. Most are a scam to drain your Bank account. And some are "Real Hook-Up Site" But you have to know how to spot the legit one's. Check out today's episode for what to look for in a "Scam Hook-Up Site"Also today on "The Shit Show Report" Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of GA. She is our Shit Show of the Week !!!! Google her to find out more of this Crazy Heffer !!! Let me know what you think of her. Call In: 716-562-6975Email : OGZerogame@Gmail.comWebsite : .... Make sure to Sign up to our Mailing List !!!

Today, on the original guru of goodgame, we are going to do the hook up site review are the scam. Are theylegitimate, keep listening and find out how we don't get into that right now. Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, awelcome back to another exciting episode of the original Guru of goodgame, and I am your host. The O G M Sol zero game, and I want to give a shoutout and much love to all those who are listening. I have a very special placein more for you. Thank you so much your family to me and I do appreciate yourlistening and for those that listen and not listening any more. I appreciateyou listening it as long as you did, and I hope that you find what you'relistening for. But if you don't, if you can't find it, please come on back, bemore than happy to have you listening again, everybody how are Y' doing today,how's everybody feeling how is life treating you right now. I know it'sbeen kind of hectic over the last four years and it's been kind of just mind. Boggling on some of the thingsthat we had to endure in the last few weeks have not been any better. It's been just really hectic and crazyis chaotic right now, so I just want make sure everybody that is not caughtup in the chaos to just take a in it. Take a breath,relax and calm down. It's going to get better, not a Witan said that, let's get intothis episode for today, it is about the hook up site now I know a lot of you.I've seen these joints pop up because they all over the place. Now I mean Iknow tender was the great grandfather, the forerunner ofthe hook up APP, but now it is just got insanely crazy did now. These just sitspopping up out of nowhere. You know I mean it's just all over the place and Ipretty much believe that is due to the pandemic, a Solan opportunity to take advantageof people, that's going through a difficult time and they came up withthis crap and most of these joints, I'm gonna tell you right now is strictly tosuck up your money and of story: Ain't, none of the stuff you seeing on there,Israel ain't, none of the stuff you looking to happen on there is evergoing to happen. Now, I'm no saying all of them fake. No, I'm not saying that at all. I haveno idea of all them, fakis thousands of them out there. I could not reviewevery one of them. I couldn't. I tried to review as many as I could, but itjust got to a point where they just it was just one after the other. I'm likeman are you serious and it was just way too many of themand most of them that I see are scam jobs. They are strictly designed totake your money and to make you think it's a good ideato give them your money, because that's about all you're gonna be doing isgiving them your money, because you ain't Goin to get nothing you expectingto get out of him, and that's for you to Ladies Youtube: Don't think they n'tscamming y'all to you know that one they look like they step right off thecover of a men's fitness magazine all cut got the sex he draws on with thethe very very obvious bulge showing through you know. What I'm saying gotyou all excited thinking who look who...

...hit me up big in Yato, don't feel left out equalopportunity on the scam job because they sucking up money and they gettingpaid. They plan on a lot of people's emotions and mentalities right now, whogoing through some series ship with this stay at home order, but it isnecessary, so we can try to get back to normal. Unfortunately, if we would havedid the lockdown sooner and allowed it to actually have an effect on societyinstead of trying to rush back out there, then more than likely, weprobably could have prevented this virus from going into his mutativestage because now starting to mutate- and that was because people just didnot want to sit their ass down and keep passing the virus around his mixing inwith you, Chemical Yo Daid, and it jump from Bumi. With this person's chemic onhis dand is alterative changing, and you know you know some environmentalfactors on therewith some pollutants and shit they breathing in prescription medication. They might betaken over the counter medication they might be taken. You never know younever know anyway. Back to the issue at hand, the hook up site the scam job ofthe century, and it is a good scam job an I mean, honestly, honestly. I wishedI have thought of it first, to be honest with you, because they makingsome millions. I wish I'd have thought of it. I'm just not really good atscamming people, but just to be scamming, and it ain't that I don't know how Ihave the skill to do it. It's just it's a it's a moral thing with me. That'sabout it. You know I just I just don't believe people who don't deserve to getscrewed over. She get screwed over, not of people that deserve to get screwedover a while fuck them over every time. In some ways the Dan seen coming in bythe time they figure out what happened. They still won't know. It was me theyjust know they got screwed over. They just don't know how it happened and whodid it and by the time they figure out how it happened. They'll, never figureout who did it and with these hook up sites o you never know who you fucking,what you will get scammed on them joins now. First, all, if you want to know ifyou dealing with a scam site, always check the terms and condition and readall read as much of it as you can but read the section there. It's alwaysgoing to say it's not exactly sure where they going to have it loaded upon there. So it might take you a minute to read it but keep reading when youfind a section that claims that they use fictitious profiles in order tohelp stimulate engagement amongst members. In other words, you can see a bunch offake profiles this going to send you a whole bunch of Freaky Shit, saying a whole bunch of Freaky Shit toget you to buy credits, tokens coins or whatever the fuck they using that youhave to use and here's another fact that you need to pay attention to them.Coins is going to be expensive as shit you're gonna be paying like five tenfifteen dollars. You get three for five coins. So look out for that too, becausethat's also scam and make sure you if anyone o I'm not telling you not to go,enjoy them sites, because it's for entertainment purposes only and ifthat's what you into sitting behind the screen texting of whatever it is on theother side, and it gets you off for that's what you want to do. Fine, Iain't got no problem with that, but for the people, who actually think theytalking to a real person and spending your money and you steadily spendingbuying these damn tokens credit coins. Whatever it is you getting ripped off and I recommend you lead them fuckersalone, but always check that terms and conditions where it will say that weuse fictitious profiles to help stimulateconversations and engagement on the... or the apple whatever it is.That means they use in box they using ai they using company employees to sitthere and say all kind of freaky nasty shit to you know where they getting thepictures from that's a whole another issue, I'm not sure if they swipingsome of them off people's Facebook, instagram and snap chat and twitterpages, which they might be doing. But I'm not exactly sure on that one youmight want to. You know, check around and see if you ain't popping up on someof these sites, because you just might be- and you don't even know it's so.Ladies, if you walking down the street, You keep getting these strange duessaying stupid shit to you out of the blue and sexual things to you. Yourphoto might be used on a fake profile and that's why he thought he can comeup and say that shit to you so just a side. Note you'll need to go check thatout Fellos same thing. You got some crazy girls or you some crazy dues.Coming up to you talking some really highly sexualized conversation andwondering what the fuck is going on and who is this person you wet and we hadthis and I thought we was and you sitting there confused like I'm of forgoing what the hell are you talking about, you might need to check Bro yourphoto might be used in a fake profile. I'm just saying check around: Do theInternet research make sure they ain't clowning you on the neck, butpersonally myself, considering that I used to be in the adult, entertainmentindustry, they might be buying adult photo sets,and you know that's where you know you, ladies, should know this, and some ofyou fellows. You notice to when you trying to get into the adult modelingindustry. You know nude modeling, you know you take a little photo set about.Three hundred photos send them in for them to do evaluation if they like them,they might call you in do a quick set with you, which usually consists aboutthree hundred photos. You know, pay you a nice little tiping and then they turnaround and then they'll sell them is photo sets for website users to use onthe website. That's why you sign that release on, but that's only those whoin the industry would know that. So they expect that kind of people coming up and talking to him andsaying things they they expected it. But for the rest of you who ain't inthat industry and an just have some strange or person to wear it over nutbag. Just saying all kind of Freaky Shit to you might even be with your mom,your dad, the pastor, your kids, your grandkids, also some nut bad come upand start talking about how you supposed to been sucking this andlicking that, and we were supposed to been doing this and doing that- and Idon't know you hell away from me. So I'm just saying another thing to lookout when you dealing with these fake ass hook up sites- and here is how Ilearned a lot of them were fake. Okay, when I was doing the research.Basically, what I did was I just a simple, because they all offer you afree profile, so just signed up for the free profile.Most of them just went you email and you know, come up with a past word. They don'task for a lot of information because, like I said they just looking to suckup your money, they really give a damn who you is and if you actually have theability to actually attract somebody on these joints, that's irrelevant to themall they need you to do is sign up and start paying for these tokens coins andcredits or whatever the hell it is. They use anyway, sign up put a little free profile, no picture no defining informationother than I'm male and age and ethnicity and height, and weight justthe normal shit. They could identify pretty much a billion people on thisplanet. That's all I had...

...not putting up no pop photos, I'm notspending any money on any upgrade. None of that Shit. It was just strictly. Iwanted to see how this shit works and it's a scam job, because now I put upthere no picture no pitture, I'm gonna keep saying that, because I want you tounderstand how these sites will try to scam job. Your ask no picture yet. Twenty minutes after I put up theprofile- and you know, did the verification for the email I get almostthirty different, damn messages and most of them talking about how oh Iwas looking for a guy like you, a you're, so sexy. Oh, I just couldn'thelp myself. Oh Yourself, how to hell! You know all this. You Ain't no pictureon me up there for you to evaluate what the Hell I look like and then all of the sexual parts onthere I mean I ave, been getting three some offers. Sticking here offers dothis offer and all of want you to come in and no kind of they all ask im to goraw dog and they want this field. They want this stuff. They want to share youwith the girlfriend a man I was getting so much crazy shit. It was justridiculous and I'm sitting there and I'm looking at this, I'm like how thehell all of this going to come in on one profile with no photo very limitedand basic information. Just like I said, height, wait, age, Athenic ty. That wasit that was literally it and all of a sudden. Now every freak in the city isjust can't live without got to have me just that in a see that scam, jobplaying on your emotions and playing on you know, like I said, a lot ofbrothers, men, women sitting at home, we alone we in the lockdown thing. Youknow, I'm saying you can't go out to the bar of the club and snatch you up aone nighter or a quick hook up or something like that. Just it ain'thappening right now, O things is on the lock down for a minute. Once again,like I said we would have, did the right thing in the very beginning, then we would actually be out of this,and the Shit wouldn't be mutating and going as bad as it is now all over thedawn world. But Hey. What do I know? Common sense just do not seem to takeplace in the United States government lately, and that is a sad sad situationand for some reason it seems like common sense. I started to slip awayfrom a certain portion of the American public, I'm just saying: I'm a leavethat alone anyway, back to they's a hook up sites, not a reason why I'm notnaming any of these sites because, like I said I don't know if they legitimate,I don't know. If any of you know, some of them could be legitimate. Some of them could I haven't found them,but some of them could n and maybe some of the ones that I'm saying a fakemight actually have a little legitimacy to it. You might have one or twoprofiles that actually hit you up to might actually be a real person. Idon't know because I know that they using company employees, to write someof that freaky shit to you and hit you back and say all kind of things to youto make. You think you speaking to a real person, yeah, you is speaking to areal person, just not the one in that photo. I cannot be one hundred percentsure if all of them like that and I'm not going to say that a ain't gonnagive up no names or what site is what, because y'all my fucus is not going tosuit my ass, I hadn't been hit with a season desist aughter of a few othertimes, and I was just doing research, so I'm not saying any names. So, okay,nobody say I was on there saying this a bad mouth and they sit or this thatanother and they want to try some defamation. But if any of y'all decidey'all want to send me a damn season desist or a law suit. Trying to sue me-and I have not mentioned your name of...

...your sight or your apt or your company-then you must know this applies to you, so I'm Goin to take that as admissionof guilt that you guilty of a scam site. That's why you hitting me up talk about.We Gon sue you and season to his daughter. When I ain't mentioned yourname, your website address or anything about, but I will tell people how theycan determine. If you sight is a scam, that's the best way you can find out ofthe scan when you signed up, you start getting a bunch of dog on messagestalking about all this that and the other. They want to see you and theywant to hook up. They want to get with you and they just so horny and thisthat and the other that's a scam site. It's to rip you off, because there's nothink about it. If you saw a blank site, no picture, no, nothing! You going toend up sending new pictures of yourself to that person, and you have no ideawho the hell you said it anything to come on now: People Common Sense,common sense, but yet for some reason they making a killing they making agood grip off of people's loneliness and being in this situation right now. Wein with the pandemic and the coved and all this other craziness, and I meanit's a little light at the tunnel with the current administration, because heain't fucking around he got in there and he started doing his damn job and he ain't been bullshitting abouthis job, been trying to make shit up e, been straight up about how fucked up itis and what we need to do to get it UN fucked up as best as we can. So Iappreciate that, of course, I think all of them are crooks, but that's myopinion anyway. Leave them hook up sites alongkeep your money in your pocket and have a nice and happy life. Now, the onlyone that I will speak on that I know is a legitimate hook up site only becauseI had got some ass off that Marfutkin myself a few times, but the only ones.I know that a legitimate that I legitimately a hook up site, not adating sight or social. You know like social mediadating site, but actual hook up site is online booty call o bcomes online bootyCalleco, that's a legitimate hook up site. There are real profiles of realpeople that you can hook up with little price, but you will actually be able tomeet somebody and actually hook up and actually be kicking it with somebodythat is real and not made up. Now. If you still in it and trust to trying todo this, then I would re recommend a few others. Excuse me had a little bitto sip on before I got started so y'allgot to bear with me. Sometimes you the buzz, kicks in every now andthen a right just letting you know, so you don't think I'm losing myfacilities, I'm not I'm just a little bit on the bus side anyway. The other place that I would recommendwould probably be Moco space, which not too many messing around with on thatone anymore, I used to be hot back in the day, but it is what it is now everybody jumpedon facebook and with ape shit, but hey that's a different conversation and theother one that I do know what the other couple I know of would be plenty offish, and by do I don't the only ones that I canpersonally endorse, because I have gotten ass off all of, but that's me Ican't speak of what's going to happen when you tried but have to see anyway,that's it for the hook up site review report and, like Isaid, I told you I was going to do this. We was going to do the shit show report.So now it is time for the shit show report and who is on the shit. Showreport for the day today should show report. We would like to report onrepresentative Margerie Taylor Green.

She is our shit show of the day becauseshe is a straight up. Shit show of all levels of a shit show I mean that womanis just such a shit show. First of all, let me get you a little background onthis heffer. This lady believes that all of the school shootings were fakeif they were staged, they weren't real, and she also believes that the Vegasshooting yeah that that the country, little country music concept, that allof them people got killed. That was stage that didn't really happen. Justtill you see how crazy this heaper is. Now she got elected. That just means alot of crazy people she live around and that Jerry mandering thing is no joke.When you can use that to put the crazy people in one p area and getting nutbags like her elected to office, but anyway, one of the people did survive a school shooting. Now, I'mnot sure what his name is. I do remember him because he was in a lot ofmarches and a lot of rallies because he was speaking out about the gun,violence and something need to be done and this that and the other this lady was following him around.While filming it telling him that the shooting didn't happen, it was fake,you're, a fake, your coward, you're lying this that and the other youtrying to take away my second amendment rights and then told the boy she got agun on her right now, like tell me that Helfer ain't crazy, you tell mesomething seriously ain't wrong with that lady. She need help seriousprofessional help. She really think all him shooting wasfake. This is one of them. Trump supporters got that rally folks allround up yeah she's one of those she's one of those promoters. So she is ourshit show of the week, and I want you all to go. Google, her margery Taylor,Green. I forgot what state she from, but just Google a name and read aboutthis: Nut Bag. Psycho, crazy, broad and people remember when they had a recallelection for Scott Walker and Wisconsin, because he started trying to break upthe unions, even though he still managed to stay on what is stopping usfrom having recall elections for crazy peppers like this one or any one ofthese Republicans or Democrats. For that matter, I don't care who it is. Ifyou ain't doing your fucking job, we need to start implementing more recallelections, and if you ain't doing your job in a lot of time, you've beengiving to do your job, then we need to start having a recall election andremove your ass from office. Put somebody in there is going to do thework and start getting these violent mother fuckers, and these racist motherfuckers out of our government. Let them stay in a local government. Ifyou want to be a racist, MOM fucking on the city council, fine, I ain't got tolive in your city, but for the rest of the fucking country. where I do have tolive, I don't need no racism. My fucking, like you, making policydecisions for me because I'm always going to get the shit end of the stick. So we gonna bring that to a close,because that's the shit show report and I hope you'll go take another look atonce again and her name is margery. Tyler Green check. Her out go googleher find out who she is and call up. Yo Representative in thehouse, or the Senate, or wherever the fuck, they tend to be call him up andtell him you want her ass remove from office once you read how crazy thisheifer is and watch the video check out the video and see if you want this,this crazy, helfer and making policies for the nation in the United Statesgovernment just go. Take a peek, that's... today for the shit show report.Once again, I appreciate everybody listening and give me your thoughts and youropinions and your comments on this episode and of the Shit Show report andif you know of any hook up sites that you feel like might be a scam and younot really sure. Let me know what that site is and I'll get my people on it todo in death review and we will find out ifit's a legit scam or if it's a hook up, scamp and we'll. Let you know, go towww o g good gamecock for our newsletter, and we will definitely keepyou informed or you can leave us a voice message at www, dot, og, goodgamecock. You can also leave us one on the phone at his seven hundred and sixfive, six, two six, nine seven five give us a call and once again, thatseven hundred six five six, two six nine seven five andleave us a voicemessage- tell us about what you think of the shit show report and what youfind out about her and what you feel about it. We want to hear what you gotto say about. Some of these shit show people this in our government and letus know about any shit, show in your local areas and what's happening withthese people and what Shit shows going on. Don't necessarily have to bepolitics. We just want to find out what the shit show is going on. So, let'shelp keep the shit show report a live report. What you know I appreciate itvery much and that's going to do it for me today. I hope you all enjoyed theshow- and I hope you had a good time, but please go to the website. Og GoodGamecock d leave me a voice message and you can also call in. Let me know howyou feel at seven hundred and six, five, six, two six, nine seven, five, onceagain: seven und six, five, six, two, six, nine seven, five and I appreciateeverybody listening and you know it is time that in the episode the way Ialways in my episode, you know I'm in this love: Peace and hair grease in themouth, a.

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