Original Guru of Good Game
Original Guru of Good Game

Episode · 7 months ago

Hook Up Site Review and The Sh*t Show Report.


Today I Review these "Hook Up Sites" that seem to pop-up like crazy over the last year. Most are a scam to drain your Bank account. And some are "Real Hook-Up Site" But you have to know how to spot the legit one's. Check out today's episode for what to look for in a "Scam Hook-Up Site"Also today on "The Shit Show Report" Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of GA. She is our Shit Show of the Week !!!! Google her to find out more of this Crazy Heffer !!! Let me know what you think of her. Call In: 716-562-6975Email : OGZerogame@Gmail.comWebsite : www.OGGoodGame.com .... Make sure to Sign up to our Mailing List !!!

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