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Energy Backed Currency /The 1st Big Booty woman on TV?


Community based currency backed by Renewable energy can end poverty in America ! This would be the People's money, controlled by the people for the community. We can end the income gap without using the US dollar. The other side of the Happy coin is.... Who was the first Big Booty woman on a National TV show? Come back next week to hear the Answer !!! Only on the O.G. of Good Game Podcast !!!

A waatin episode, original Boro of goodgame and I'm your host, the original Goru zero game, or you can just call mezero g or you can call me zero or you can call me G, Z, G, Z or just gdoesn't make any difference. I respond to them all and, like every episode, I will startoff by giving a shout out to all those who listened all those who, like sharedcomment, really do appreciate all of the love and support. You show me, andI hope that I can keep on producing, shows that will keep you giving me loveand support. So with that being said, let's get onwith today's hot topic. Now we've been paying attention to allthis crazy stuff, that's been going on with the economy and basically becausewe have a man child in charge, and this is pretty much the result of thatManchild because he is, he has delusions of grandeur. He is really a delusional individualand his delusions are starting to not mesh with reality and I think that'sstarting to kick in. So that might be. Why he's seeming like he's kind ofgoing a little bit off the Rocker, but you know most entitled privileged? Youknow silver spoon and the mouth born people and they tend to get delusionsof grandeur and when it all crashes down around them, they tend to kind of lose grip on reality. With that being said, let's move on nowwhat I was talking about as far as this craziness with the economy. There is a lot of people who aresuffering really big time on this shit, and I don't think that ouradministration, whether it be the Federal State County City, I don'treally think they give a shit. I think they're more concerned about theirbottom line. I think they're more in line to push us to do things, this not beneficialfor us in order to increase their profit base or to make their lifebetter or whatever the fuck it is they trying to do, but they, it really looks like they trying to putthe screw over on the average citizen at the same time trying to increasetheir own benefits and prosperity through our pain and suffering. Becausethere's a lot of pain and suffering going on is a lot of people dying andthere's a lot of people who are alive when these people pass away, who arestill suffering now, don't think I'm trying to takeanything lightly about the person who lost their life. I'm really not in really want to emphasize that that thisis just as much of a serious matter for those that live as those who die, because we tend to forget that whensomebody passes away, there are people left over who has to live with on,knowing that that person is gone and they're gone because of something thatcould have been prevented, or at least at the very least controlled. And unfortunately, our administration didn't consider any of that shit. Theyjust went on did their own. Damn thing worried about trying to get paid,worried about trying to keep their...

...position of power and in the process oftrying to keep their position of power. Thousands and thousands and tens ofthousands of people are dying and then there's even thousands and tens of thousands of thefamily members who are left who have to live on with that pain inthat sorrow that they got to suffer through, knowing that they could stillbe alive if our government would have got off the ass and did the job that weelected them to do, and more importantly and people don't forgetthis, we are paying them, don't let them fuckers fool, you likethey not getting paid, they getting paid, we paid them to do their job andapparently nobody seems to know how to do their fucking job and that's the problem we going throughright now. So because of all of the turmoil just takinga place in thisadministration, it is putting a lot more people in perilous situations that four months ago, five months ago, theywere not in, and for something to put you in thatsituation, so quickly just shows that there is so much of a disconnect as towhat's happening in the real world and was happening in their political spin.Make believe world that they trying to you know makeus all think that this shit is supposed to be the reality, when it's just afantasy that they're trying to portray to us while we live in the reality,because we are dying that that's can't get no more real than that. You knowwhat I'm saying can't get, no more real than that and in this situation now I know it is dark times right nowit looks bad and it is bad and it is dark times don't ever make light of anyof this shit that we going through is real is serious and people are really suffering fromthis shit, but we still have to look forward towhat happens when we come out of this shit, and that's where I want to pick up alittle bit today on and what I want to pick up on is the creation of acommunity base currency, and I bring that up simply because alot of people will not be able to return to the job they had before thisshit started them. Jobs are gone. The small and medium size business thatthese people were working at the you know, that's where their livelihood wascoming from they're going and the current administration has nopolicy, no plan, no idea how to fix that nothing. They completely lost. Ofcourse far as they concerned. We don't give a shit about the small to mediumsize business. We only care about the big business in the big corporations,because the mother fuckers is putting millions of dollars and in my campaigncoffers, so I can run for re election and get back here and fuck over thepeople. Some more because that's pretty much about all they doing is trying tofigure out a better way to fuck you over, and we are sitting up here in ouroffice and we're going to figure it out and we're going to fuck you over.Because that's what do we do? We have fucked the people over. We take themoney and then we tell them to go. Fuck yourself deal with it and that'sbasically how they play in us and then they give us this little bitof money and you got mother fuckers already up and there crying aboutgiving up this little bit of money like Shit Man. If my rent is fivehundred a month and I've been off work for four months. That means I owe twosand dollars in rent. You gave me twelve hundred bucks where the fuck amI supposed to come up with the other...

...eight hundred to satisfy the landlord.So he don't have me a fucking eviction notice and kick my ass to the curve. Nobody in Washington is thinking aboutthat part. All they thinking about is yeah you'll, get this money and yougonna go out and you're going to shop and you going to spin and it's going tospur the economy. Now the fuck, I'm not I'm trying to find someone I maintainsomewhere to lay my fucking head. I need lights. I need gas. I need fucking food more than I need togo. Shake my ass or at a club or go spend my money in a fucking restaurantor go to the store to go, buy some damn shoes and shirts and shit. I bettermaintain the Shit I got instead of worrying about going out to shop, spurty economy, man fuck the economy,kindom ant go men, Shita ain't, nobody alive. I hope they recognize that none of these businesses that you askin the open back up to spurty economy won't mean Shit. If everybody dead,nobody can go to the fucker. You Ain't going to stay in business with nocustomers end up story. Now, let's get back to what I wastalking about. Was this community base currency and my idea behind it is basically this. It is perfectly legal- and I googlethis please Google it for yourself to make sure, because maybe I was lookingat some old information- I don't know I assumed it was up to date, but if I'mincorrect, please comment at the website. Www t o g goodgamecock and leave a voice message to correct me. I will appreciate it, butfor my information, as far as I know, it is perfectly legal for any communityto create their own currency as long as they're, not doing it to avoid payingtaxes. Of course, you know can't never get away from that, but hey whatever, but my idea as far as acommunity based currency is a currency that will stay basically within thatcommunity. Now we cannot back it by gold and I do not recommend backing itby any of these fossil fuss or any of this other bullshit gyms and preciousmetal, and all of that, because all that Shit is limited when I'm talkingabout is an infinite value currency. We back that currency with renewableenergy, a energy based currency. Now this isnot my fucking idea. I just want to make that clear. I did not come up withthe idea for energy based currency. I actually found a few websites thatdid come up with this idea in a few really smart people who broke it down,how it can work, how to apply it, how to set it up. Everything- and I lefttwo links on my website directly for that purpose, so that you can click onthe links. Go, read the material for yourself andmake your own determination and judgment. Don't let me do it for you,I'm just talking Shit, but if you want to find this shit outfor yourself, please go to my website. WWW dot, O g, good game com scroll to the bottom, and you will seethe link section and you will see two links there for energy back currencyclick on those read about it, learn about it, contemplated and see if it ain't a good fucking idea,because I think it is. I just think that, instead of using regular energy,we use renewable energy and instead of trying to do because you know everypolitician, I'm really getting tired of hearing that we need to do stuff. Bigand bold, big and bold biggin ball...

...ain't going to fucking work, begging,bold ain't, nothing but trickled down economics with a new name on in becausethat's basically what you's saying do something beg at the top and it'lltrickle down to the bottom, fuck that and I'm in say that one more time forthat fuck. It fuck that the hell with that bullshit, what we need is trickleup. Economics start from the bottom, put the financial ability and power atthe bottom, and it's guaranteed to go up becausethe more you build. What is it going to do? As the young folks say, stackingthe bands? We got a stack that cash. We got a stacking, I'M STACKING MONEY YEAH!Well there you go the more money it this develop at the bottom, thestronger the foundation for the pyramid, so that it builds up to the point. So whoever sitting at the top shit theylooking pretty but the best part about it- is that nobody at the bottom istruly at the bottom. You got to look at the bottom as the foundation, theconcrete slab that holds the house up. Can't build a house without a goodfoundation. I don't give a fuck what you say it. Just ain't happening nofoundation, good wind, come your house on the ground or blown the fuck apart,so you need a solid foundation and I believe that a community based currency back byrenewable energy would be that foundation needed to help, but actuallyto eliminate the income. Inequality in this country, stabilize the entireeconomic system. Nation wide, create prosperity for all involved, not just afew, not just a privilege and eliminate poverty in this country.For Ever, let me repeat that eliminate poverty inthis country for ever. This is something we can export around the world and put us back in theposition of leader of the free world because hey we came up with a way tocreate currency in your community and leave the c currency right there inyour community and then distribute it amongst those in the community. How can you go wrong with that? If you can, please somebody go to thewebsite. WWW, O g good game COM, SCUSCO L, down into your right side, you willsee a link to leave a voice message. Click on that button leave your message:Click sent if I am incorrect, or if this can bewrongi. Just let me know I want to know like I said: I'm not an expert on this, but I do pick up a lot of things and Ido kind of have a clear mentality when it comes to trying tolearn certain things. You know I keep an open mind and I learned to askintelligent questions in order to get an intelligent answer, because you aska stupid question: You're going to get a stupid answer, you ask an intelligentquestion. You will always get an intelligent answer, simple as that. So how do we back this currency with renewableenergy? I believe that if we create community energy projects in the communities that we're going todevelop the currency in then there is are. Basically there is that's where thecurrency going to get. Is You know real world? You know value because energy issomething that we all use... something that can be sold forfinancial trade. You know you can give up money for it and it's something that can be created by individuals. People groups,communities if we work together in a community based energy project, wouldwork as far as producing the energy that we would back our money by and in that way we keep the currency inthe community so that it doesn't have to sneak allout and everywhere else and make it hard for people to survive. And if thelandlords are willing to accept the community based currency and Leu of youknow, federal currency, you could actually pay them a year inadvance, because what community base currency, this back by energy is stablecurrency. In other words, you can lock in theenergy price for a year and that currency will not go up ordown it'll stay stable for that year and that stabilizes our economy, thatstabilizes our community and, more importantly, that stabilizes arecitizens the US citizen that stabilizes them that keeps them from going inthese up and down financial ebb. In flow bubbles and shitthat we keep going through and it gives them a sense of, I can plan for myfuture, or I can at least plan a year in advance. Wuti have to worry about issomething going to happen and then all of a sudden I ain't got no fuckingincome and I'm sitting here ass out- and I know they tired of being ass out.I've been to ask out myself on more than one occasion and if the waitthings going now, I'm probably going to be asked out again now. I don't knowabout you depending on your ass, but I don't like my ass all out. That'sjust me because when you got yourself ass out, somebody tend to stick it orkick it, and I ain't with either one you ain't sticking and you ain'tkicking, but it tends to happen when you ass out. So, let's not make people ass out anymore so once again go to www, O g, good game com, Scroll Down to the winksection and Click on the links that I have there for the energy backedcurrency. Read about it, learn about it see. If this shit can work for you, Ibelieve it can work for everybody. I believe if we put this in the poorestcommunities to start off with, we will have a upward mobility momentumto eliminate poverty in that entire city. Because remember you already gotareas that are not in poverty and then you got the poverty areas. So if youcome in with this program that we going to start a community based energyproject in this community and supply to energy directly to the power companies or directly to the grid, and let thempay us for it either in real world cash or they can pay it to us an energycredits in which term we can then sell those energy credits to bigcorporations who want to offset their carbon footprint by buying these. Youknow energy credits. Well, these grain energy credits is what they call themand they can be trading on the open market too. You know so whole marketset up for renewable energy credits. Just learned about that myself, but Iwould say, Google that check that out too and see how our community basedcurrency, this back by energy, will have real world financial value equalto that of the American dollar. We're not trying to eliminate the dollar,we're not trying to replace the dollar. Basically, what we doing is we allow ina community to utilize the fnancial power thatalready exists in that community...

...and put it in control of those in thatcommunity to stabilize them so that we don't have to totally rely on theAmerican dollar or the federal government, and these harsh anduncertain Financial Times that we sitting there right now. That's just myopinion. I hope it's a good one and I hope everybody take the time to listento it and think about it. Contemplated, like I said, go to the website: www, Og, good game com, scroll to the bottom, to the link section, and you will seethe links there for the energy back currency check it out, read about it,Google it if you need to to find out more about it, because this turns outit's a lot more people talking about this, I'm not the only one and the factthat I'm not the one who came up with the concept in the first place, butsitting here right now telling you about it should show you. This shit isbig and it has some real world value that it can finally put poor people on a path to income equality instead ofany quality. We just have to be willing to accept that currency in ourcommunity and use it the same way. We use the regular dollar we get to a community retailers and businesses inthe community to accept the currency or join in, accept the currency, and theycan be currency exchange. You come in there. You can give up, say a hundreddollars in US and get back. Ninety five and community currency, it was five togo for processing and you know shop on and everything, but you got ninety fiveL, a real community based curency that can stay in a community. You can spendit in a community and it doesn't have to go out of the community. Now say you ready to leave out of thecommunity. Well, you take your money. What you got left you go to a retail location and youexchange it back over the US based currency and you take your Americandollars and you go to hell on to the next community and do the same process.But I believe that if we start this can go by community by community thateventually we will end up in a position to where the community currencies willbe traded or interact amongst one another. The bigger the communities get the moreopportunity for that currency to cross communities to where we will startinter connecting our communities, and we won't look at communities as beingseparate this community over here that community over there it'll be one greatbig gigantic intertwine interactive, interworking community. This going tobenefit everybody in the community and everybody is going to benefit from it.So everybody puts in a little and gets out ten fold. You can't lose on that scenario. In my opinion, you can't lose on thatscenario, but people have difference of opinionand I would like to hear him so if you got an opinion or you feel like I'mfull of Shit or you don't like this idea or if you think this is thegreatest idea, you ever heard go to my website, www, O g, good Gamo and leave a voice message, and I would love to hear from you. SoI'm going to end this episode on that. But before I end this episode, I'mgoing to give you a briefing of what's going to be on the next episode- and Ihope you all ready for this, because I've been asking this question a lotand I even posted on facebook and so far nobody seems to eitheranswer or have the answer. But I'm going to put this out here and I'm insee which one you can figure it out leave a voice message. If you can www to g good gamecock, this is a highlight...

...from next week's episode, because I'mgonna Gee to answer next week, but I'm going to hit you with the questiontonight and what is the question that you ask, and this is the question now lately I say in the past ten years the woman with the big booty craze has been a new F phenomenon just takingthe world by storm everybody out here trying to show off a nice ass everybody trying to get a nice ass.Everybody want a big fat round, as I ain't mad at you, I'm a batter fact.I'm proud of you. Thank you very much. It's about time that the black womenwho started the big booty trend got a little recognition for what they gotnaturally compared to which are here paying. For now. I won't name any names, but weknow who they are they on TV all the time and my question to all of you bigbooty lovers, just like me and, ladies to you, all like bigbooties to I ain't discriminating, go ahead. Do you things Macapa, ass I'll,smack one with you, you get the love cheek I'll, get the right and we smackthat mother fucker all night, I'm being goofy right now, yeah, but Ihope you'll like that one anyway. The question I have is for the big booty craze is taken.America by storm will take it a world by storm who was the first big booty nicely shaped ass femaletelevision star that was syndicated across the United States. Now I'm n wait for the answer for thatone, and I hope you all can get it and if you got the answer to it once again,go to www, O g, good, Gamo scroll down, look on the right hand,side of the screen, click on the leave, O Voice Message and leave your answeras Tel who, you think was the first woman with the big booty on TV that started the entire big booty. Lovecraze is going on right. Now. That's what I that's the question, I'm piningto your. I hope somebody can answer it. If not, I will give you the answer onthe next episode, but that's just the highlight of what's coming up on thenext episode, so I will drop that incident and once again I thank you butlistening and taking time out your busy day just sitting around. Listen to metalk shit and I really do love you for it and once again, if you get a chancelike share and comment on the website, www that o g good gameover voicemessage and you can also send a email to wetmaster at o g good Gamecock. The end of today's episode appreciate youlistening and everybody please stay safe where you mass wash your hands andtry to you know, do social distancing as best as you can. I know it'sdifficult, but try to do it as best as you can and get through this crisis. Sowe can get back to join our lives. All right and you'll all have a goodevening, love peace and her grease and I'm not a.

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