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Crazy people who not crazy and The Art of Kissing.


The second Info-tainment episode, with two hot topics. This weeks episode "why people should stop saying their CRAZY" and "the Art of Kissing is it still practiced ?"

Thank you and welcome to anotherexciting episode of the original Guru of good game. I am your host O g zerogame, also known as zero G, and today we going to have a very exciting topicfor you today now on want to listen in on this one, because this is some goodinformation, that's going to be coming out to you and you want to payattention. So our topic for today is how do you know if you're dealing witha crazy person? Well, let's get one thing straight: first right off theback because see: There's a lot of peoplerunning around howling about I'm crazy or she crazy, or he crazy or they crazyor you don't want to mess with me. I'm crazy boy, I'll, go crazy, see that's aperson that needs attention. That's not truly a crazy person! That's justsomebody that wants to show off in front of a bunch of people andhopefully make you know a scene to where nobody or bother themor go o look at them. They crazy! You Ain't gonna one mess with that personthis that and the other, but you know that's all ball shit just to you know, put up a persona in public, but a real, crazy person, the people that are truly mentallyailed. It need serious psychological help and the reason why Ican speak on those is because I have crazy people in my family, and I mean crazy people both by bloodand married into my family. And I ain't talking. You know crazy type, where youknow they just tend to do stupid things, and you say: Oh, that's! A crazy Morokeep doing that stupid ship. No, I'm talking about on medication need to seea therapist thos psychiatrist, psycho analyst three four times a week,emergency numbers when they have in issues and shit like that them type ofpeople, and the reason why I this is you know such a touchy subject for me-is because there are truly people out there who have really severepsychological issues that they need help with, or they at least need to berecognized that they have these issues, and the problem is, is that we got somany people running around howling about I'm crazy. You don't want to messwith me, I'm crazy! YOU AIN'T CRAZY! You just want fucking attention and youtaking attention away from people who really do have mental issues and needsome kind of help, or at least be acknowledged that they suffer in mentalissues and maybe the something that can be done to help them out or you know,get them some kind of therapy or treatment or something that you knowthey can have a something that resembles a normal lifebut see they can't get that. Why? Because you got all you dumb, mother,fuckers running around howling about you crazy. So when you got people whowork in that profession and trying to look out for people who do have mentalissues, they wasting their time on your...

...ass, pretending to be crazy. So why you pretending to be crazy,somebody who actually needs that attention in that treatment and care.They can't get it. Why? Because everybody wasting they fucking time onyour trifling ass and there's too many trifling people running around howlingabout they crazy and the reason why I bring this subjectup like I was watching a old episode of Jerry Springer Yeah. I know it's Jerry, Jerry JerryYeah. I know that's all crazy shit, but it was just that I was watching theepisode and this girl was on there howlingabout how she crazy she crazy the dude that she so crazy overconstantly telling her. I don't want to be with your ass, get the fuck awayfrom me. Leave me alone. I found somebody else I want to be with her. Idon't want to be with you this little nutty betch is steadilyhowling about. Oh you going be with me: you ain't going nowhere, I'm crazy!When I tell you we going to be together, then that's it. I love you this thatand the other. That's not love! That's obsession! You don't really love that person youjust obsess with having control or having that person in your life, butthat's not love and anybody to tell you is love. They need to be smacked in thehead with a hammer right, along with your simple ass, because that was justsome simple shit that you fighting and arguing you hiding in bushes in the fucking bushes, just to see ifdude is in a house with a check or if he coming outside or what is he doingyou creeping and looking through windows, you digging in the man'sgarbage garbage for what? What are you looking fortrying to see if you see something with some woman's lipstick on and some shitlike that? That's a obsessive behavior. That is nothing to do with being crazy because see. Here's the thing aboutcrazy people- and please take this to heart, becausethis is so true when it comes to dealing with as we like to call themcrazy people, crazy people do not say they crazy, crazy people think everybody else isfucking crazy and they're. The only one saying so, the next time that you wantto run around a Hallybury. I'm great you better pay attention that you ain't,really crazy and crazy people, don't tell you they crazy, crazy people.Think everybody else in the world is crazy and they're. The only one saying. Hence that's why they crazy people,because they think they're not crazy. So if you going to play that role ofbeing the crazy person make sure you actually got some serious psychologicalissues to deal with other than that, you just fucking it up for the peoplewho really do have severe psychological issues thatthey need to address to get treatment for get some help, but they can't getit. Why? Because they sitting in that long as fucking line with a bunch ofignorant mother fuckers like you trying to play crazy. So you can get a crazycheck every month and that's basically what it is a lot of y'are playing crazybecause you all trying to get a crazy check and thinking that if I go inthere and I played a mental issue and I'm fucked up in the head and I'm crazyboy, they're going to break me off something nice every month, this thatin the other, but then you got to stay crazy and here's the Mesu part aboutcollecting the crazy check. Once you get approved to get that crazycheck, you don't get the check. You got todesignate somebody who ain't crazy to get the check and then give you themoney as they see fit, that they can give it to you, which will probably lead to that person.Spending up your damn money, y'all having a falling out, then a argumentin the fight and whatever else goes on, then you going to get exposed for notbeing crazy and get your check cut off.

Not only options you got is to reapplyand try to come in even crazier than you was before, which probably going tolead to them, recommending that you be held for seventy two hour: mentalevaluation, to make sure your ass ain't a danger to the public and yourself. Soguess what that Shit is not going to work them days, is over a collecting,crazy check going in there and saying some stupid shit and blinking anddigging in your nose and eating the buggers and scratching your ass andtalking like you, got Tret Syndrome and Shit and saying all kind of just wildgoofy as shit out your mouth and think that was going to work to get you acrazy check. Now they peep that Shit. They recognize that crazy people thinkeverybody else is crazy and their sane and they're not giving out that crazycheck as easily as they used to say ten fifteen twenty years ago. So if youtrying to get a crazy check, give it up it ain't happening. No more crazychecks is being given out any more unless you so damn crazy that you mightactually need to be locked up in a psychological facility, so you can getsome help now. I just wanted to touch on thatbecause we needed to and it's important- and you know I just want to make surethat you people realize that you know crazy people, don't think they're crazy.They think everybody else is crazy. So, while you play in the crazy roll, justremember is really some crazy people out here and you going to fuck aroundand run into one of them and you going to try to play crazy and themotherfuckin going to really be crazy and then they goin to come on at yourass, crazy and then that's when you going to realize the old shit. I needto stop playing the crazy road, because Ye mo fuck is out here ain't playing.They ain't fucking around this Molokan really sick and I need to get the fuckaway from them. So I just wanted to lay that on yard. You know give you alittle something something to look forward to in the future, anyway weegoin to come back with another topic very shortly. Okay, we got a new topic for you today,and this topic is the art of Kissing Yeah. I'm talking about this moochinglip locking the Tong Tango. Whatever you want to callit, you know what in the hell happened to it, I mean seriously. Does anybodykiss anymore today I mean so far. You know if you try to go toadult films and get an idea of kissing and stuff like that, you're going to bevery disappointed, because, unfortunately, in most adult films, manI mean them, people can't kiss work, shit least the men can't I mean I can'tspeak for the women because they look good as hell kissing each other, butmost of their inter action with one another is kissing or kissing something,but the way they do it with the men. Now I mean it's just weak. It's like acouple of pecks, then on the sliming on some titties,then pushing her head down the slab on you, Johnson and then after that is straight up intothe fucking, and then it might be a peck here and there in the process ofall the sex. But the majority of the time is just you know, just fucking: that's it just bang, Bang,Bang, Bang, Bang, nothing else to it. You know, and I'm just kind of curious,because you know I actually met a woman grown ass woman. Now not a young girl,and no I mean I can understand. If you you know in your early ties, twenty one,twenty three twenty five and you haven't had much experience kissingbecause you just didn't have a willing partner, but seriously by the time youhit thirty thirty five you'll ask you know how to Slib a mother fucking down, and if you don't know how to slapsomebody down, then you need to reevaluate your skillsbecause you ain't got none and that is...

...kind of fucked up. I mean seriously who doesn't know howto kiss these days, but I guess I got to ask the question: Do People StillKiss is kissing a lost art? I mean. Do People do it, you know for the pleasureof it or do they do it, because it's expected of them. You know I'd ratherdo it out of the pleasure than just because you expect me to kiss you oryou expect a kiss for me now. If I'M gonna kiss you I'm gonna Kiss You,because I want to kiss you and I enjoy the feel of your lips and the taste ofyour tongue, and you know the breathing and the touching, and you know the theheavy Pettina all of that good shit that come with it. I mean I kind of feel sorry for some of your outhere, because y'all missing out big time, the intimacy, The Passion, the the lust it did, this built up fromkissing. Nobody seemed to do that any more now. I can understand that youknow nowadays a lot of mother fuckers out here, don't believe in fresh breath. You know kind of hard to want to getdown and kiss them well fucking when they smellin like a forty or liquor.Unless you smelling like a forty and a Lika, you damn self and you know, and if you are smoker, ohit's even worse. You know, I mean I'm a smoker, so you know I try to you know prep up before I you know for our pucker up. You know breath menstick, tax, mouse spray. You know, make sure I brush every day Gargle at leasttwice a day. You know anything to keep your shit smelling, nice and fresh, andyou know inviting because the last thing you want is an uninviting breathcoming at your ass talking about kiss me, so I can see why that might deterpeople from kissing as much as they used to because, like se, nowadays, theonly time you see any real kissing is in the movies and even that you know they kind of youknow you can see who really kissing and who just doing it becausethey act and that's you know I mean, but that'sHollywood. You know you got to expect it. You know, not. Everybody that appears in themovie together is going to actually be kissing oneanother. You know I mean that's just reality. You know I mean I might workwith you on the film, but that on me an I want to kiss your ass. I mean Shit.Our breath might be bad. Your attitude might be stank. You know many ofreasons why you don't want to put your lips on that person's lips. You know,teeth might be, riding might have ginger vitus. I mean it's host ofreasons that you can come up with. Why you don't want to kiss a person. I'm just trying to figure out is o.What happened is to why it is not as popular as it used to be. I meangrowing up shit, that's that was you know how you got your first. Sexualexperience was your in the back room or the basement, or back hallway or at the park, orsomething and Yo'all Kissing like a mother, fucking, licking and slobbingeach other down. Nowadays, it seemed like we go straightfrom I like you to butt naked in the bed and fucking like we in a porn movie,and I'm starting to wonder is that where a lot of the younger generationis getting their sexual techniques and skills from is becausethey sitting around watching pouring on their phone and thinking that's the way.A sexual relationship is supposed to look like between two people who are ina relationship, and I realize man this is porn porn is designed to look quick...

...and to the point you know. Firstly,myself. I think some of this pouring today is a little on the rape side. Youknow the way they you know portray women as these just docile little sluts,that all they got to do is whip out of Dick and all of a sudden she's bowingdown- and I mean I'm- you know now- some of this shit is just a little bitoff the chain. You know he put foot on the head and slapping the titties andslapping the you know, choking on them and shit and gaggingthem while they, you know trying to make him suck addick so hardthat she throwing up. I don't know about you, but anybody throwing up on my deck isnot a fucking turn on at least not for me. I can't speak for the rest of Y,all yea. I might like throw up on your deck, but that's Y'll go for it more power to you. Let'sjust hope. Some stomach asses don't come up on that throw up and burn upthe head of Your Dick, which is a possibility. So you all need toremember that the next time you're sitting there talking about you gag onit gag on I throw up on it, throw up on it. You get a little bit carried awaythere. You might fuck up your shit and far as I know of there is no repair fora burnt up Dick I mean a woman can go, buy some new titties, but I ain't heardof a man being able to buy a new Dick. Yet I guess they working on it, but youknow they ain't, putting out no advertisement to tell Mo fuckers tocome in and pay fifty sixty grand and get you a new Dick. Even though I knowyou know, there's plenty of Little Dick Mon fuckers out there to be more thanhappy to pay that money to get them few extra inches. Just so you know they canfeel like they hindling they been this in the bedroom. Don't blame them, but you got to do what you got to do anyway. Back to the subjecte hand, youknow is that why is kissing not a cherish art form anymore? I meankissing is an art. You don't just put your lips together and you kissthere's some technique to it. You got to move in slow and gentle you got tokiss off. You know I had this one girl. You know her French kissing was shithome girl didn't know what the fuck she was doing. I don't know who taught herhow to French kids, but she didn't know shit and it was just a bad experience everytime every single time it was just a badexperience. First of all way too much slob coming out your damnmouth. There should not be that much damn slob on a kiss period, so either you need to learn how toswallow before you kiss a Nigga or you need to figure out how to dry up yourdamn mouth before you start trying to ask my fucking kiss you, because allthat slide and all running down your Chin and yeah. That's fine! If yousucking a dick, but that ain't really Cocher when you kissing some lips atleast not for a woman to kiss a man's lips now for man, kissing a woman's lips, and I ain't talkingabout the lips on her head, I'm talking about that the other settle lips, thenman, you better, be drooling like a mother, Bucker slobbing all over thatjoint. Once again the art of kissing there's an art to it. Nobody seems to take pride in the skills or they talentany more. You know it ain't about you know doing it with some finest andtechnique and skilled that it's an enjoyable experience for both partiesinvolved. Nowadays, everything is whip, the Dick out suck on it suck the Pussyfor a few minutes now start fucking like we in a pouring movie and thensquirt all over each other and then go to fuck on about our business or moveon to the next person. I mean, if that's your thing, and thatyou think you know that ain't mine, you know I'm a little on the old school.That's why I'm a old G...

...and you not your young Jees, but y'all- can take a little bit ofthis old g wisdom. I mean it's. Some good Games, vibe Shit here, Jo, mightneed to work on incorporate N do game. You and another thing. You know whenyou kiss it do not try to lick my fucking tonsils. You don't have to stick your tongue inthat damn fire in my mouth I mean Damn, I'm a man. I ain't really crazy aboutshit touching the back of my throat. Now I can't speak for a woman. You knowI mean you like Sucking Dick. You like feeling the you know head of a Dick atthe back of your throat more power to you, but as a man, I don't find thatshit, comfortable or satisfying, and every time me andgirlfriend tried the French kiss she rammed her throat so far down myfucking throat and I'm damn there choking on her tongue like. Why is yourshit so far in my damn mouth then, when she tried to you know, dothe little playful thing like we in French kissing. You know you let yourlittle tongues play with each other and this that and other I don't know what the fuck she wasdoing. You know I'm soft and tender. You knowI like to you know let the tongue explore. You know: Licky Lips, you know,touch the tips, look along the side. You know I'm saying let our tongues init twine together, push them up together her, I don't what the fuck she wasgoing. She was looking my she rammer tongue down your throat and then enstart flipping it a around like it's a fucking bird wing. What the Hell Areyou doing? Why the hell is your tongue flapping all around in my Dan Mouth?That is not French kissing. I don't know what the fuck that is. That's almost like you trying to lickthe color off of a ice cream conor, something you licilialike like the hell slow down. You know you supposed to do itsensuously seductively, it's supposed to be an art is supposed to be. Youknow, erotic. That kind of kissing was just sloppyand nasty and she swears. She was doing somethingtoo, but you know that's in the past, because I damn showain't doing that shit again. If you don't know how to kiss than find, wewon't be kissing and we won't be doing much either. Youknow, because I mean Shit. If I ain't no kissing in the fucking, then for meit's kind of a lost cause. It really ain't going to amount to anything, I'ma a hurry up nut and get the fuck on about my business, because Yo shit isboring and lane, and unfortunately, a lot of these women out here believethat you know I'm a freak, I'm a freak. Why? Because you let somebody fuck youa lot that ain't, a freak? That's just you like! You know you an inflatable, fuck down, that'sabout all you are you know amounting to, but unless you got some kind of finessesome technique, some way that you like to have your intimate relationships,you can establish yourself for being more than just something that you knowwe want to come in bust, the nut and roll on, and, unfortunately that just seems tobe a way. A lot of this shit is going to date. You know, but really the art of kissing is a very valuablescale to have and Yalmar fuckers need to get your shit right before you start calling yourself anykind of I'm a great lover or I'm this or I'm Nat. You Ain't shit unless youknow how to kiss, because if you ain't inter becausekissing is intimacy, it produces a air of intimacy and our love making. If we ain't kissing, then this is justhey this. This just basically poring sex. I mean not even porins thisprostitute sex prostitutes don't kiss hurry up. Stick you dick in bust e nut,get the fuck out and give me my money.

So we have in sex like that. Then shitthat ain't on but prostitute sex, and I don't see how I mean it's good for aquick nut, but fire is something being satisfactory and high quality. Oh Ain't.None of that happened, so I'm gonna just leave that which to start improving your kissing techniques,practice on the pillow. If you have to find some a willing partner who likesthe kiss or somebody who, just like you, looking to improve their kissing skillsand y'all can practice together, you know kissing, won't end up withpregnancy, see that's a good thing about it. Youcan kiss and not end up pregnant. You can kiss and have a sexual intimate actwith one another that does not require you to get naked, so y'all can feel rubtouch. You know what I'm saying and get all into it. I and, at the same time,practice your kissing skills, because kissing is something that you know. Ifyou want to keep your relationship going, you bet learn how to kiss wet.You can end up like girlfriend who did not know how to kiss, and I ain'tfucking with her no more because that ended our relationship there. You knowit wasn't satisfying, at least on my end. I can't speak forher, but for my end I wasn't satisfied at all. So you know I wrote the fuck onand I would recommend anybody to do the same thing and roll the fuck on early.Don't try to sit around and hang around and try to see if you go, I'm Goin tomake it work or I'm going to change this person and he ain't nobodychanging shit, a person only change if they choose to allow themselves tochange. So I don't waste your time trying toturn somebody into something they ain't, and that goes same thing with kissing.If somebody ain't in the kissing, then don't try to turn them into somebody.That is that's got to be something that theywant to do and something that they enjoy doing. When you enjoy doing it,you do it very good when you don't enjoy it, you just do it just to get itto fuck over with so they'll leave you fuck alone about it. So don't put yourself in that position and prove your skills and think usethat brain other than keeping your hair rooted toyour scout. Use The brain think about what you're doing, how you do it. Howcan you improve doing it? Ask some questions afterwards or when you're just chilling,you know, hey you like the way I kiss it. Could I do better this that andother you, like the tongue, action, no tongue action. I mean shit find outwhat the person likes before you, even press them just bring. You know it's agood conversation piece to bring up. You know hey what do you think aboutkissing? You know you like it, you don't like it. I mean what do you likeabout it, which you don't like about it all that Shit helps so now I just wanted to get that inthere, and I hope you all enjoyed that topic, and you know, O g Goin alwayscome back with some more good topics for you so enjoy this one, and when wecome back we'll hit you with some new topics, all right. Okay, I like to thank you today forenjoying our show, and I hope you got a lot of information up out of it and Ihope you enjoyed everything you heard and also please like comment and shareon our facebook page, which is original guru of good game. You can go thefacebook and you can like share comment. Leave some feedback force, tell us howyou enjoyed the episode or enjoyed the show, and if you would like to possiblybecome a guest on our show, please make sure it a hit us up at O G, zero game at G, mailcoat's, O G,zero game at G Malcom, remember to like...

...share and comment on our facebook page,which is old, original guru of good game. So I enjoyed has conversation with youon this episode and I hope you enjoy the conversation we had on this episodeand I look forward to bringing you some more hot topics and don't forget ourside. Hustle Sundays will be coming up in two thousand and twenty also be sureif you want to be a guest and you want to Co host- are pretty people problemsegment. So thank you. I hope you enjoyed the show and once again thereain't nothing like it in life when your game is vieing right and that'll. Be Mesigning off that which your host O G, zero game, peace, happiness and love. I I.

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