Original Guru of Good Game
Original Guru of Good Game

Episode · 1 year ago

An O.G. of Good Game Update.


Come back On March 31 for the Second half of the Season ..... Until then Love, Peace, & HairGrease.... OZGwww.OGGoodGame.comOGZeroGame@Gmail.com716-562-6975

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, back to another episode of the original Guru of good game with your host, the original guru himself, zero game. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going on a midseason finale. We're going to go on high this for about three weeks. We will be back March thirty one, as we are getting the og of good game prepared for our spring and summer episodes. So we gonna come up with some cool, hot summer topics that we want y'all all to get in on and listening to. So we will see you back in three weeks, on March thirty one. Until then, love, peace and hair grease from the OGE himself, zero game.

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