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2020 Shit Show Review


A look back into Some of the Shit shows that took place in 2020 !!!If you have a "Shit Show" that you would like to share !!!Call - 716-562-6975 to leave a voice messageEmail - OGZeroGame@gmail.comGoto - OGGoodGame.Com to Leave a "Voice Message" and sign up for my email list for show updates and more Info.

Welcome back to season four of theoriginal guru of good game with your host, the original guru himself, zero game. We are back with season four with all new hot topics, rawand unfiltered as always. On the upcoming episodes of the original guru of goodgame, we got the good man guide series. We going to continue thaton and our next topic on that is what choices have you made to bea good man or a good woman? We want to know, we wantto hear about it. We got the one percent elite. They are thereal reason of all this conflict is going on. Forget what you believe aboutthe race and all that other stuff. That's just smoking mirrors. We goingto get into that and break it down for you. We also got preventivecare. Now we have a pandemic that's taking place in something needs to reallybe done about it. So we are going to break down a solution usingshipping containers, is mobile local checkup locations where people can come in for preventivecare and also use them to come in and get your immunization shots. That'salso coming up on season four. We got a hook up sight review wegoing to do and we going to tell you how you're getting scammed out yourmoney. Most of these so called look up sites scams. Save your money, player. It'll save you a whole lot of headache and trouble. Wealso going to have the evolution of society. Listen people, if we want tomove forward beyond the strife and this inequality, we are going to haveto evolve the way our society functions in order for us to move past this. Keep that in mind. We also looking forward to our podcast trailer shoutoutepisode. We going to do an entire episode of other podcasters trailers. So, if you are podcasting, you listening,...

...send your trailer in at og.Good Gamecom all right. We also got corporate crimes and all of thestuff that they are stealing from US yearly. They still in our wealth people.We going to break that down about them. Corporate crimes, no sexrelationships, how do you define it? We going to definitely need some callins and some emails and some voice mails on that one, because that's goingto be a really hot subject. Delusional people. Most of them is inour government. We definitely going to start pointing out those delusional people and wegoing to keep that in mind about who's delusional and why they run in ourgovernment. Creativity. We're happened to creativity? Is Creativity lost? Is that askill that we no longer have? We going to get deep into thatsubject. Is Try to see if we can come up with a solution toget created ativity back into our community. And this is one that's going tobe for the adults, but it's it's a hot topic that we going totouch on. It's kind of new. So it pretty much deals with dealingwith the pandemic and the lockdown and the social distancing and all of that,and we going to call it pussy traumatic stress disorder. Are you a victim? Let's find out for a play. Is anyone doing it anymore and,if so, how you doing it these days? We want to know aboutthat. And our final episode we going to have, well, it won'tbe our final episode, but one of our best episodes that we're going tohave coming up is our blueprint for trickle up economics. That's right, wegoing to explain how we going to build our wealth from the bottom up andlet it trickle up instead of trickling down. So we going to get into somemore exciting episodes, but for this...

...episode, for the beginning of seasonfour, episode one. Our topic is two thousand and Twenty Shit Show Review. Let's get into that, shall we? Yeah, welcome back to the originalguru of good game. I'm your host, zero game. Thank youfor returning back for season four episode one and for everybody that is listening,I want to thank you so much for listening and hanging with me as longas you did. I really do appreciate it. Much love to all ofyou. We going to have some giveaways coming up this year, so keeplistening and keep a lookout because when the giveaway start, we going to havesome really good gifts that we just give it away to anybody that wants them. Is Our way of saying thank you and I show our appreciation for hangingwith us as long as you did. And for all of those that listenand they're no longer listening, I want to thank you very much for listeningas long as you did and I hope you find what you listening for.But if you didn't, come on back, love to have you listen again andplease, even if you don't listen, enjoy the free giveaways that we goingto have coming up. So keep checking back with us and we goingto let you know when them giveaways coming out. Or go to og goodgamecom and just subscribe to the newsletter and soon as the giveaway get started,we will send you a link that you can go directly to, the linkto the site and access to give way gift right there, right then,and it's free to anybody that wants it. So keep that in mind and keepchecking back in. Now let's get...

...into this episode today. Today's episodeis the two thousand and twenty Shit Show Review. And come on, people, you know as well as I do two thousand and twenty was pretty mucha shit show. The administration was a shit show. I try to stayout of politics, I really do, but he makes it so, sohard, because I'm seriously starting to call him President Shit Show, the shitshow administration, because this was a shit show. I mean the his entireresponse to the pandemic has been one shit show after the other. And evennow they got this miracle vaccine that they wanted out and that he warp speededit through, and this dad another. Okay, you know, I'll takethat with a grain of salt. Y'All, go ahead and get you vaccine.Let me know how I worked out for you. I'll consider it.I've never took into the vaccine or medication and anything like that. Man hasn'thad a cold in twenty years. Yes, I have. Have not had acold in twenty years. Just want to put that out there. Butanyway, this president has been a shit show. People are literally dying inthe streets. Well, I'm I'm getting a little bit over exaggerate. Themactually starting to act like them foods ain't sorry about that. I do apologize. That was going a little bit overboard. People are literally dying in the hospitaland they dying body. Thousands that you know, and whether it's one, whether it's one Hundredzero, is irrelevant. Somebody's dying. This should not haveto die simply because the administration is a shit show. They whole rollout was a shit show. His response... the entire pandemic has been astraight shit show and now with the elections, we got a new shit show onthe table. President should show trying to turn the results in his favorbecause he lost. Really, I mean, come on, dude, I meanseriously, I mean like it's just one shit show after the other.This man is such a shit show and he pushing it so hard. Didit just makes it look even bad because I know the rest of the worldjust sitting there looking a medica. What a shit show, you know,and you want to have patriotism and be like yeah, fuck y'all, butwhen you look at him and you look at everything he's done in the wayhe's done it, you can't help us sit there and say the same thing. Man, this has been a shit show, just one shit show afterthe other. I mean, come on, how much shit do we going toput up with before you try to do something correct? It is justa shit show mentality. Now I'm in New York State. I ain't goingto tell you exactly where, but I'm in New York State. I've knownabout Donald Trump for over thirty years. I'm going to tell you right nowwhat I was trying to tell everybody when he was running for office, beforehe even became the nominee, when he announced his I kept telling everybody,if he becomes president, it's going to be a shit show because he isa con artist. Straight up in the story he's a bigot, he's he'sborderline racist. He tries to believe that he's not, but his actions arethat of a racist individual, but he doesn't see hisself as one. That'sthe delusion in his mind. That is... screwed up this this gentleman isin people in New York. We knew this. We knew this for decadesand we tried to who tell you, but y'all did not want to listen. So y'all got coined by one of the best kind of man in thegame. And that's all he really is. He a con man. He kindyou into believing that he gave a damn about you. So did youwould elect him as president. Then he keeps pushing issues of social unrest tomask all of the stuff that he said he was going to do for youhe ain't doing. Then what did they do? They give you some crumbs. Crumbs now, wh all you people who was, you know, trumpsupporters, you know. I mean, I don't blame you. You justgot caught up, but there is a certain element to your group that arenot caught up and know exactly what they doing and they manipulating you for theirown benefit. I just want to say that, no, you may notagree with that. You may think I'm, you know, trying to be alittle off when you whatever. It's nothing personal, is just that Ithink there is some elements in your support for trump, or I should sayPresident Shit show that is using you is the means to put themselves in power, to gain power and have control and most Lee over you. You knowhow he didn't want to help the blue states, but claim he wanted tohelp the red states, putting them people in power over you, because theynot in power over the blue states because they ain't there. So they goingto be in power over you and they're going to make laws, rules regulationsto keep them in power and oppress you.

I'm just saying. Now I knoweverybody. Oh that's conspiracy theory type crap. I put this challenge toyou for everybody to support trump. All the voters, anybody, did supporthim. Every one of you did. Were a group or organization. Youadd some type of rally or something, or protest to something, to defendtrump and his policies and to defend the administration and, you know, standagainst the others who were protesting in marching. You are you had your organizations right. Can I ask you one question, because I've seen y'all marching stuff likethat. I just want to point out one little simple thing, andmaybe you can answer this for me, or maybe you need to ask andget this answer for yourself. For All of the Liberals and Democrats and allthe socials that they claim that we are just that another, all them labelsthey put on them right, how come every time they had a march,their representative March with them? They are police officers and chiefs and lieutenants andsergeants marched along with them. Famous people, rich people, all came along tojoin the march. Current politicians, future want to be politicians, pastpoliticians came out join the march or the protest or whatever it is, thedemonstration, whatever they was doing. Can I ask you, where is anyof them fools that claim they support you, then politicians, and them so calledleaders and them business people? How come they don't come down there andMarch with you? How come they don't come stand out there with you whenyou're doing a demonstration or a protest?...

I'm just saying, can somebody answerthat question? Or maybe y'all need to ask those people them questions, becauseI think they just using you as a way to put themselves in power andmanipulate you. At the same time. I'm just saying it might be wrong, I might be right, I don't know. That's why I need you'llto answer that question. But anyway, let's get back to the shit show, because now the shit showed and took another phase. We got politicians,senators to well of them who are high or I have decided that they're goingto protest the election results and help trump out, or whatever it is theycall a self trying to do. Nobody seems to know because it makes nodamn sense, but they swear that when they do this, it's going tochange everything, it's going to make it all great. So that is whatthey believe, that when they stand there and they can test the election results, it's something magically is going to happen, even though, of according to alllaws that are written in the constitution, that you and them protesting, orwhatever the hell it is they objection or whatever they going to do,will not change the results of the election. Now be different if they was tryingto get a state where, if they got the this state to flipday election results, trump would win, but if they flip Georgia, trumpstill don't win. So it really is not like it's going to make abig difference. But you know what, I want to point these these senatorsout, because they going to get up there and make a damn fool thatthey sell on the Senate floor. But I want y'all people to know whoit is just telling you that your vote don't mean Shit, because we wantto be in power and we want to...

...control everything, including who sits tothe sea, to the presidency, and who gets the vote and who don'tget to vote, and your votes don't mean shit to us. It's onlywhat we want means anything. And here are the senators by name and ifyou know they are in your state, whatever, y'all might want to givea phone call and let them know what you think about their shit show thatthey currently engaging in, because this is all, this is a shit show. And let's talk about these twelve people. Okay, here we go. Firstone up is Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas. Then we gotRon Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, then we got James Lankford, Republican ofOklahoma, then we got Steve Danes, Republican of Montana, John Kennedy,Republican Louisiana, Marcia Blackburn, Republican Tennessee Mike Brown, Republican, and Ican't really see his stay. He is Indiana. And then we got CynthiaLoomis, Republican Wyoming, Roger Marshall, Republican Kansas, Bill Haggardy, RepublicanTennessee Tommy Tuberville, Republican Alabama, and lie lasts, and certainly not least, Josh Howy, Republican Missouri. Now, even though they know constitutionally and legally, there is nothing they could do to change the results of the selection. Nothing, all they can do is get up there and make a damnfool it they self, put on a shit show, delay it from earlierin the day to later at night, and that's about it. That's allthey knowing. Is Putting on a shit..., ain't this is the reasonwhy we need to talk about these people, because they putting on a serious shitshow. I'm actually thinking about branching a new podcast called another shit show, and I want everybody to participate. Go to og good Gamecom, subscribeto the website or leave me a voice message, because if you go tothe website, og good Gamecom, look up in the right hand corner,up and right end corner you'll see a blue tab that says send a voicemessage. Send me a voice message and kick it about the shit show thatyou see going on in your neck in the woods. It doesn't have tobe politics. It could just be a shit show in any way, shapeor form, whether it's the community, whether it's the businesses, whether it'sa club or way people are acting. But let's get the let's get theseshit shows out in the public opening and maybe we can get some hey,we can get some of these shit shows shut down for a change. Doesn'tseem like there is a lot of shit shows taking place in America, andAmerica look like just one big ass shit show. And this administration is ashit show from beginning to end. And let's hope his end come soon,really soon. So now, if you want to kick it and call inand leave and, you know, leave a voicemail about what you feel onthe current shit show. You know about it, you going through or youheard about you can call in at seven one six five, six, twosix nine seven five. That's seven one, six five, six, two sixnine seven five, and that's the official phone number of the original guruof good game. You can call in,... can leave voice message and whenwe'll do some live interviews in the future, you can call into theshow and speak your piece live on the air. We working on that.We getting here, we getting close. Now I'm going to end this episodeand I thank you for sticking around and listen to me talk about the shitshow. But I want to keep this shit show topic going. So please, people, I'm gonna need some interaction on this one. Help me figureout some of these shit shows, because they going on and I can't figureout all this shit and some of it is, you know, just alittle bit mind nummy to how much shit they putting on the show. Sohit me back at the og good gamecom website, that is og good Gamecom, and subscribe to the email list, leave a voice message, check outany past episodes from seasons one through three and make sure you check in everyday for updates and new features. We going to keep adding in two thousandand twenty one because we looking to make two thousand and twenty one a stellaryear. So I'm going to get ready to end my episodes and I'm goingto end my episodes the way I always in myself, and so episode youknow how I'm going to end this love, peace and Hair Grease.

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